Hsin Huang Precision – Prime Stainless Steel Ball Supplier

Hsin Huang Precision Technology Co., Ltd., a professional steel ball manufacturer, which has specialized in producing stainless steel ball, carbon steel ball, valve accessory, stem steel balls, three degree stem ball valves, machine components and double slotted T type steel balls since year 1997.

Be an outstanding steel ball manufacturer, we have well-trained and innovative engineers that could try to meet every clients’unique requirements. Furthermore, we purchase precise machinery, apply the latest technology and through the computerized system to manufacture our stainless steel ball products, and provide the high-quality products to clients. Our goal is that providing our customers with the best quality, reasonable price and best service in this industry. Based on those beliefs, we have become an extraordinary steel ball manufacturer step by step.

If you are interested in our steel ball products, please visit our website and contact us with through phones or Internet.

Hsin Huang Precision – Brochure

Hsin Huang Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
TEL: +886-921-726138
FAX: +886-4-733-2280
ADDRESS: 1st Fl., No. 5, Lane 206, Tungfa Rd., Hsinchuang Borough, Homei Town, Changhua Hsien, Taiwan 50852
E-MAIL: jeff.boysss@msa.hinet.net