The Benefits of Using CNC Knee Milling Machine for Machining Tasks

Manufacturers, engineers, machinists, and the like are sure to realize huge benefits from using a revolutionary machining tool called CNC knee milling machine. Perfect for all types of users, from beginners to experienced ones, this tool can guarantee smooth and easy usage and, at the same time, increase the efficiency and productivity of workers. Unlike other types of milling machines, the x-y table of the knee milling machine rides up and down the column of a vertical knee that is adjustable.


One of the biggest advantages of using this type of equipment is the fact that machinists get to produce accurate machined surfaces, with excellent bolt patterns and edges, over and over again. The CNC technology or computer numerical code makes it all possible. Users simply have to input and save their tool path programs, which they can use as many times as they want. This innovative technology helps machinists save time and effort on the same process of creating the same products.


CNC knee milling machines also make users more efficient and productive, two important characteristics that are beneficial not just to the machinists themselves but to their customers as well. Certainly, customers would go back to providers who give them top-quality products in a timely manner.


Many machining companies as well as hobbyists have since started to use a CNC knee milling machine in order to accomplish their tasks more efficiently. This machining tool is also becoming a more popular alternative to the more rigid bed mill, and is now available in hundreds of local stores and online.


JIUH-YEH is a professional manufacturer specializes in manufacturing knee type milling machine and various types of milling machine and machining centers. If you need furthermore details about knee milling machine series or other milling machines, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Jiuh Yeh for more information!



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Uses of Soap Dispenser Pump and What it is?

To start with what is a soap dispenser pump? The answer is it is a machine mostly used in bathrooms to spray liquid soap on the dirty hands of people to wash them and make them clean and hygienic. These pumps generally have two components; one is a pump and the other is a storage area where the liquid soap is stored.


These dispenser pumps are generally present in nearly every public bathroom nowadays and as well in most of the homes. Now the question arises why? The answer is, simply because we all live in an age where good sanitary measures seem to be growing increasingly important day by day due to the growing outbreaks of different types of viruses.


These different types of germs, dirt, and other bacteria’s can cause harm to our bodies, and any preventive measures that people can take will go a long way toward curbing the potential damage.


As it is a well-known fact that Liquid and foam soaps are more effective at cleaning than bar soaps and the idea of using soap that hasn’t been used by any other person is far more sanitary in people’s mind. The soaps with pleasant smell provide a soothing satisfaction on the users mind.


It is also possible that a person could be looking for a kitchen soap dispenser which can make the job of washing dishes easier, and can also help the ladies of the house to smile for a right reason.


A chrome dispenser pump gives off a luminous shine that has the sleek and ultra-modern feel that may complement the room where as a stainless steel soap pump will do the same thing, and looks great in kitchens with modern sinks and a ceramic soap dispenser will perfectly complement the rustic look.


Regardless of what a person is looking for, one can find it with a little effort, as a soap dispenser is far nicer than the ordinary plastic container that a bottle of soap may come in.


This is also very cost effective also as soap refills cost considerably less than soap straight out of the bottle and when bought in bulk, these refills can save a considerable chunk of change over the long haul. This gives a person yet another reason to buy a soap dispenser pump.


So it is recommended to visit websites which offer all types of required assistance to find the best available soap dispenser pumps in the market.


Aeco-Pack Corp. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of lotion pump, dispenser pumps, PET preform, PET bottles/containers/jars, trigger sprayers, and so on. If you need further details about dispenser pumps and other Aecopack’s containers, welcome to contact us!


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Overview of NC Rotary Indexing Tables

NC rotary indexing tables are used to index parts and components in defined, angular increments so that they can be machined, worked, or assembled in multiple operations. Tables consist of a circular steel plate, one or more spindles, a drive system, and pins that hold parts and components in place. Rotary indexing tables have either fixed or adjustable indexing angles. During each revolution, the table stops for a specified period of time so that an operation can be performed at each station. The bearings that support rotary indexing tables determine both the load capacity and accuracy. Angular contact bearings are more expensive than recirculating ball bearings, but provide better load capacity and axial stiffness. Cross-roller bearings are also commonly available.


NC rotary indexing tables are powered by pneumatic and electric motors, hydraulic drives, and manual actuation. Drive mechanisms can be located above, below, behind, or to the side of the table surface. Pneumatic rotary indexing tables are suitable for small and medium loads. They are powered by one of more pneumatic cylinders, each of which represents an index. During the return stroke, a pawl locks the table in place. With some devices, the pawl can be adjusted to change the number of indexes. Electrically-powered tables are generally faster than pneumatic devices and can handle heavier loads. Tables that are powered by hydraulic drives use a pressurized fluid that transfers rotational kinetic energy. Manually-actuated rotary indexing tables often include a hand crank or are loosened, turned, and adjusted by hand.


Selecting NC Rotary Indexing Tables


Selecting NC rotary indexing table requires an analysis of specifications and features. Specifications include maximum indexing increment, work table diameter, maximum axial load, and maximum radial load. A variety of features are available. Some table surfaces can be raised or lowered at a controlled angle. Others have more than one rotating work surface. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) devices provide greater accuracy and repeatability. Position encoders are often used to relay the position of the table surface. Both four axis tables and five axis tables provide variable X, Y, and Z axis motion. Four-axis table also provide part rotation along the X axis. Five-axis tables provide part rotation along both the X axis and the Y axis.




Applications for NC rotary indexing tables include assembly and equipment positioning, as well as various automation, inspection and machining applications. Most devices work well with machines that perform fast and simple vertical operations. Examples include industrial presses, screwdrivers, riveters, dispensers, pick-and-place units, and ultrasonic or resistance welders. Parts can be loaded and unloaded manually or automatically.


Established in 1996, Topsdisk is a professional NC rotary table manufacturer in Taiwan. We specialize in manufacturing NC rotary table, NC rotary tilting table, NC rotary indexing table, hydraulic / pneumatic index table, center tailstock, faceplate tailstock and so on. If you need more details about NC rotary indexing tables or other machine tools, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Topsdisk!



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Choosing the Best Framing Nailer – Pneumatic Air Nail Guns

A pneumatic framing nailer gun can do a great range of jobs, from stud work to joists. You can nail down sub-flooring and even build trusses. You can fasten sheathing, nail decking, construct fences, and more. With a framing nail gun you can do all the rough wood work and more on just about any residential building. It’s a very important part of constructing a wood structure.


There are many different framing nailers on the market, from popular brands like Hitachi, Senco, Max, Bostitch, Paslode, Porter Cable, and Dewalt. How are you going to choose the best one for your needs? Since you’re not intending to buy all the pneumatic framing nailers out there, you need to educate yourself on what each nail gun has to offer.


I put this short guide together to help you do just that: choose the right nailer for your needs.


Some questions before you buy:


Weight – Are you concerned about the weight of the nail gun? Some builders look for the lightest framing nailer because they can work longer with less arm fatigue. That’s the benefit of a light-weight nailer.


Size – Size is also an important factor to some contractors and DIYers. A more compact sized framing nail gun can fit into tighter spaces to shoot the nails in the right spot. Some framing nailers can fit between studs and joists as narrow as 12 inches. Others are more bulky and you’ll have a hard time with tight areas.


Power – Pneumatic frame nailers range quite a bit in the power to drive nails. Some nail guns can shoot nails up to 3-1/4 inches long. Others can easily drive the larger 3-1/2 inch nails. Many framers don’t need to shoot nails any larger than 3-1/4 inches long. Others, on the other hand, prefer to have the extra power to drive larger nails when the need arises.


Features – What feature do you need in a nail gun? The modern guns have a vast array of features available. Some have selective triggers, where you can switch between contact nailing and sequential actuation nailing with the push of a button. Tool-free nail depth adjustment is also available on some framing nailers. A few are approved for use with specialty nails. It all depends on what you need (or want).


Our brand of Apach Frame Nailer is the right tool for nailing large pieces of material together quickly and accurately. Frame Nailer is ideal used for roofing, carpentry, joiner, framing, door, window, building components and other applications. Apach Frame Nailers can eliminate the need to hammer, save your hours of project time and save your muscles some undue soreness. Welcome to contact us for more information about our products.



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High Quality and Safety at Air Chucks Manufacturer – Autogrip Machinery

Among all the clamp tools, the pneumatic chuck is one of the common type, it can hold the object tight via the force generate from compressed air. Since the power source is the air, the risk of leakage would be less dangerous than the other gas; it is a great solution in both operation and safety concern.


Compared with other equipment, the performance of pneumatic tool is more stable and easy to make adjustment according to the situation. For the better efficiency or the safer working environment, it would be a great solution for industrial applications.


Pneumatic Chucks are for use in machines without hydraulic cylinders. They can easily replace manual chucks, and are widely used in turning machines, rotary tables, handling equipment, welding machines and more.


Features of Pneumatic Chuck:

  • Power chuck with built in pneumatic cylinder.
  • Force transmission via wedge hook.
  • Mounting of the distributor ring on the headstock or with the centering ring on the chuck with an anti-rotation bracket.
  • Open and close only when spindle is stopped.
  • Easy installation with no additional adapters required.


Introduction of Autogrip’s Pneumatic Chuck

Special Purpose Power Chuck Series

AP Large Thru-Hole Air Chuck

  • Large through-hole 3-jaw power chuck with build in air cylinder.
  • With build-in “pressure detection” device in chuck which can check the pressure is lowered rapidly within the chuck, guarantee to the security of operating.
  • The supply air system of the patent, it is easy to install fast, and without abrasion by traditional sealed ring, that could able reduce maintenance and installation.


Established in 1989, Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product lines include power chucks, special purpose power chucks, collet chucks, stationary chucks, synchronous clamps, facing heads, rotary cylinders, rotary valve/rotary joint and parts/accessories.


For special purpose power chuck, the quick jaw-change, four-jaw two-motion, pull lock, pull lock expansion, inclined master jaw, finger type, long stroke and power indexing power chuck are in the category. Autogrip is always your best partner of the workholding solutions. We also provide customized solutions, if you need customized products, please feel free to contact AUTOGRIP.


More details of pneumatic chucks and Autogrip…




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Power Tool Care – Cutting Fluids

Cutting Oil

The Industrial Revolution brought with it many changes. One of those changes was the way that metals are worked. Instead of relying on a man’s strength to shape metal, there were now machines that were able to cut and shape the metal for you. But with the new technology came new problems, like how to cool and lubricate the cutting tool, extend its life and improve surface finish. The answer to this problem was, of course, to use cutting fluids including cutting oils.


What are Cutting Fluids?

Cutting Fluids serve as a combination of coolant and lubricant and were created specifically to be used for machine work and metalworking. Cutting fluids usually fall into one of the following categories: oils, pastes, gels, oil-water emulsions and mist and are made out of plant oils, animal fats or petroleum derivatives.


The process of cutting and working metal by machine produces a great deal of heat; metal on metal, and one of a cutting fluid’s main objectives is to keep the piece being worked on at a consistent temperature. Besides serving as coolants they also prolong the life of the cutting tool by reducing friction and help to reduce any safety risks to the person handling the machine and material and reducing rust on the machine parts.


The History of Cutting Fluids

When cutting fluids first started being used water was the most logical choice, for with the heat and friction caused by metalworking the first instinct was to cool it off with water. It was quickly found, however, that water made the metal machine parts rust fairly quickly. Soda water was the next step, and helped with the rust problem though it didn’t do much for lubrication. When someone actually figured that putting grease on the machine parts would help, lard became the lubricant of choice. There are references as well to red and white lead being mixed into lard oil to make it more malleable, but that practice was discontinued due to the discovered toxicity of lead.


Today cutting oils fall into four basic categories:


  1. Straight oils, which are used for machines that run at a slower speed and need more lubrication than cooling.


  1. Soluble oils, which have additives that allow them to be mixed with water. These not only provide lubrication but some cooling.


  1. Semi-synthetic oils, which are similar to soluble oils but contain less petroleum, making them cleaner and more effective as coolants


  1. Synthetic oils, which contain no petroleum based oils and are the best for performance, cooling and rust prevention.


Application and Safety

All four of these categories are applied in any number of ways, including dripping; spraying, misting, brushing, whatever suits the purpose at hand, though direct contact with any cutting oil should be avoided due to the fact that many have been linked to skin rashes, esophagitis, lung disease and even cancer.


Min June Hong was established in 1993, and we are a professional oil and lubricants manufacturer in the oil industry. We provide motorcycle lubricants, agricultural oil, automotive oil, truck oil, universal oil and so on. If you need more details about cutting coolant or other oil and lubricants, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Min June Hong!



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Overview of CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder

A tool and cutter grinder is used to sharpen milling cutters and tool bits along with a host of other cutting tools.


It is an extremely versatile machine used to perform a variety of grinding operations: surface, cylindrical, or complex shapes. The image shows a manually operated setup, however highly automated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are becoming increasingly common due to the complexities involved in the process.


The operation of this machine (in particular, the manually operated variety) requires a high level of skill. The two main skills needed understand of the relationship between the grinding wheel and the metal being cut and knowledge of tool geometry. The illustrated set-up is only one of many combinations available. The huge variety in shapes and types of machining cutters requires flexibility in usage. A variety of dedicated fixtures are included that allow cylindrical grinding operations or complex angles to be ground. The vise shown can swivel in three planes.


The table moves longitudinally and laterally, the head can swivel as well as being adjustable in the horizontal plane, as visible in the first image. This flexibility in the head allows the critical clearance angles required by the various cutters to be achieved.


CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder


Today’s tool and cutter grinder is typically a CNC machine tool, usually 5 axes, which produces end mills, drills, step tools, etc. which are widely used in the metal cutting and woodworking industries.


Modern CNC tool and cutter grinders enhance productivity by typically offering features such as automatic tool loading as well as the ability to support multiple grinding wheels. High levels of automation, as well as automatic in-machine tool measurement and compensation, allow extended periods of unmanned production. With careful process configuration and appropriate tool support, tolerances less than 5 micrometers (0.0002″) can be consistently achieved even on the most complex parts.


Apart from manufacturing, in-machine tool measurement using touch-probe or laser technology allows cutting tools to be reconditioned. During normal use, cutting edges either wear and/or chip. The geometric features of cutting tools can be automatically measured within the CNC tool grinder and the tool ground to return cutting surfaces to optimal condition.


Significant software advancements have allowed CNC tool and cutter grinders to be utilized in a wide range of industries. Advanced CNC grinders feature sophisticated software that allows geometrically complex parts to be designed either parametrically or by using third party CAD/CAM software. 3D simulation of the entire grinding process and the finished part is possible as well as detection of any potential mechanical collisions and calculation of production time. Such features allow parts to be designed and verified, as well as the production process optimized, entirely within the software environment.


Tool and cutter grinders can be adapted to manufacturing precision machine components. The machine, when used for these purposes more likely would be called a CNC Grinding System.


CNC Grinding Systems are widely used to produce parts for aerospace, medical, automotive, and other industries. Extremely hard and exotic materials are generally no problem for today’s grinding systems and the multi-axis machines are capable of generating quite complex geometries.


Interested in CNC Tool Grinder? TOP WORK Industry Co., Ltd is a professional and experienced tool cutter manufacturer in the industry. Top Work is specializing in manufacturing CNC Tool Grinder, Manual Tool Grinder, HOB Sharpening Machine, and so on products. If you need more details about CNC tool and cutter grinders, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact TOP WORK!



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DC Micro Motors for Surgical Optical Magnification

Medical application solutions have been incorporating miniaturization in order to provide more tools for surgical and medical use that can perform high precision operations with an extremely small margin of error. Miniaturized tools and DC micro motors have been developed for another surgical aspect – that of a surgeon’s vision.


It is a common sight to see a surgeon wearing a pair of magnifying glasses when performing a procedure. However, these spectacles are really inadequate in an era where medical procedures are becoming increasingly precise and quickly shrinking in scale. Fixed magnifying glasses limit the field of vision and a very small range where the lens are in focus.


This problem has set the framework for a medical application solution that incorporates auto-focus features with a full range of motion.


Head Mounted Vision System


A solution for enhanced vision for a surgeon has a hefty lift of specifications. The vision system must be hands free and light weight in order to be comfortably worn over long periods of time. In order to perform better than fixed lens, a wide range of magnification factors and an automatic focus are needed in order to compensate as a surgeon moves his head and operates in a different location. For extended functionality, the vision system needs to incorporate integrated lighting to handle shadows and an optional output to video camera provides a precise record everything a surgeon sees.


Clearly, these specifications are rather vigorous when coupled with the need to have all of this equipment fit comfortably in a doctor’s field of vision.


How DC Micro Motors Provide the Technical Solution


The system specified above will have a number of moving parts that have to respond quickly and accurately to a surgeon’s vision. Precision movements are achieved with a system of DC micro motors and DC gear-motors. Each lens requires two DC micro motors in order to properly set the order of magnification and focus distance. In order to achieve a high level of precision for a 10 micrometer resolution, the DC micro motors are equipped with a high quality set of magnets and coils supplemented with specialty lubricants to lower initial torque requirements.


The lubrication and fine surfaces are responsible for minimizing friction for higher resolution operation without jolts or backlash. Within the casing, the coils and magnets can reach temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius in order to operate continuously for several days without any limitation on service life or effectiveness thanks to the minimal amount of friction.


DC micro motors and other miniaturized components continue to lead the way in paving new innovations for medical application solutions. The ultimate goal of any miniaturized system is to obtain a maximum precision in the minimum space. This head mounted vision system is ideal for demanding positioning tasks, ranging from optical filters and focusing units to distribution of medical samples, inner-tube valves, and other micro positioning systems. Surgical tools continue to evolve in step with the medical field to the benefit of patients everywhere.


Hsiang Neng DC Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1985, which is a professional manufacturer of precise DC motors and geared motors. So far, we are mainly in the line of geared motors, planetary geared motors, mini motors, large-sized motors as well as motors for treadmills, actuators and so on products. If you need more details about DC Micro Motor or other DC motors, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Hsiang Neng!


Hsiang Neng Dc Micro Motor Manufacturing Corporation

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CNC Engraving Machine Costs and Operations

In the process of manufacturing an item an embedded system plays a giant role in manufacturing. A CNC engraving machine is one such embedded system. The CNC machines can be involved in many projects including cutting, marking, or even photo-engraving a product. For example take in the Apple logo on the back of an iPod, or a logo on your Child’s toys. All are finished products of a CNC machine. Most CNC machines today feature a modern twist compared to the engraving machines of old, they use laser technology for their engraving. The CNC engraver cost will also depend on the type of project performed.


In CNC engraving machines the CNC is an anagram that stands for Computer Numerical Control. Since these machines are purely run off computer software a special type of worker is needed for these projects. The CNC engraving machine will need to be programmed first to perform any task that is asked of them to perform. The CNC engraving cost depends on the complexity of your design and how operator works.


A manufacturing company will hire a special operator for the handling a programming of a CNC machine, and its software. The directions of the motions are totally dependent on the program set into these CNC machines. There isn’t any difference in the program written in CNC machines, it’s just the set of instructions which are going to be executed step by step by the machine according to what was set into their programming. These can include straight lines, circular lines, or even complex drawings. Computer aided manufacturing system is used for the development of the program. Because it gives you space for a programmer to see the result of their program in a virtual world. After developing the program, next step is to assign that to CNC control. Now to fit this program into this type of machine, distributive numerical control system is used. We can attach more than one CNC machines using this CNC system.


There are many uses for these types of machines and they can include the manufacturing business, the advertising business, and many more. CNC engraving machines cost will depend on the size of the job that is performed, and how many you need of that one product. But CNC engraving machines are programmed to help you achieve the perfect look.


Established in 1994, ARES-SEIKI specializing in CNC Engraving Machine with years of experiences, and also had well reputation from our clients. We provide full series of CNC tapping centers – the A-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing, and the R-series has a simple structure which is designed to maximize product quality, as for the S-series feature dual work stations, rotary worktables, and moving column structure allows operator to effectively reduce idle time needed to change workpieces during machining. Browse the CNC Engraving Machine category below for more specification and feel free to contact us!



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About Wire Straightening Cutting Machine

Now days, there are wide verity of wire products like welding electrode, weld mesh, heat treated kitchen baskets, automobile spark plugs and exhaust valves etc. For manufacturing all above products, wire is used as primary element and is to be straightening from coil form. Now straighten wire is to be cut into wire rod as per required length. For these sequential operations, wire straightening cutting machine is used. Now days, conventional type wire straightening cutting machine are being used in which wire is cut by stopper cutter head which is limited by its length as well as feeding speed.



Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines (WSCM) are widely used to extend wires from a roll or coil in order to straight and to cut. These machines are offered with extensive features requiring diverse applications. Some machines are configured for straightening and cutting all kinds of cold drawing wires and other nonferrous metal wires. They may cut the wire as per requirements in the required dimension and thereafter, work continuously.  These machines are complied with three different processes such as feeding, straightening and cutting off. These machines are available with various features such as different diameter size wires for straightening, different cutting lengths and standard multi-power motor for both straightening and cutting of wires.


Units of WSCM

As shown in layout of WSCM, it has basic parts like Paying off, Feeding, Straightening and Cutting Head with cutting off unit.


Working of WSCM

Wire coil is mounted on the paying off unit. At time of start, wire is fed between the spring operated rollers of feeding unit, they pull the wire from paying off unit and push in to rotating spinner. The rotating spinner straightens the wire and again the roller of feeding unit pull the wire from spinner and push it in to cutter nozzle and then Guide bar where an adjustable spring loaded stopper which can be adjusted -depending on the rod length required, blocks movement of wire. The blocking of movement of wire results in an increase pressure on the spring and the resulting pressure actuates the cutter nozzle under the reciprocating cutting tool resulting in a complete cutting stroke. A tapered support arrangement at the cutting end aids in aligning the scaling unit incorporating the stopper mechanism in line with machine axis.


Chung Yu is a leading specialist of varies of wire cutting machine including standard type wire straightening cutting machine, A Type wire straightening cutting machine, B Type wire straightening cutting machine, special different specification wire machine and special machine accessory. Any detailed wire straightening cutting machine information, please take a close look at product images, welcome to contact us for more machine information.


Chung Yu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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