Permanent Makeup Machines – More Beautiful for You

Are you a working mom, a college student, a teenager, a doctor, a lawyer, a secretary, a housewife, a politician, a somebody or a nobody? Well, you can be the next client for the permanent makeup machines.


Due to the fast pace of life, many people do not have the luxury of spending time making themselves pretty and presentable to the public. But there is always the pressure that one must be nice looking when going out and seeing other people. There are even those people who wish to be beautiful from the very moment that they wake up even if they still do not have company. However, making yourself beautiful is more often than not can be very tiring and time consuming. Why not consider undergoing change through a permanent makeup?


Undergoing a permanent makeup has plenty of advantages. You do not have to wake up an hour or two earlier to put on your make up and make it perfect because with permanent makeup you are always on the go. Another thing, it would actually allow you to save a lot of money on the cosmetics that you are buying. Also, it gives you a chance to always look your best in whatever situation like when you wake up in the morning and you have to attend to an early visitor. You also need not worry anymore if you forgot to wear your waterproof mascara because whether you are in the mood for crying, your makeup will not ruin your beauty. Finally, you can entrust to a professional artist the chance to enhance and to make you more beautiful than you are already.


Are you convinced finally that permanent makeup machine is to your advantage? Now, the next question is, how is it done? Permanent makeup can either be done through a Manual Method where there is no need to use an electrical machine. It can also be done through a Reciprocating Machine (Coil). This machine has a tube and needle bar and it requires the presence of electromagnetic pulses to allow the needle to penetrate the dermis for the distribution of the color. Finally, it can also be done through the Rotary Machine (Pen Machine). This kind of procedure is more moderate than the Reciprocating Machine.


In using a machine for permanent makeup instead of the manual method, there is lesser discomfort on the part of the client. The time that it will take to finish the service one may want would require a shorter period of time. Also by using a machine the demands of the client are more responded to with precision without sacrificing the safety and hygiene of the procedure. Also by using a machine to conduct a permanent makeup, the client is guaranteed of the quality of the service. Meaning, the end result is what the client has expected if not better. Finally, in using a machine changes and adjustments can be made easily on the design or on the service without having to suffer long periods of time just to have it changed.


At the end of the day, the kind of method one may choose is solely dependent upon the discretion of the client. So release your worries and see the change a permanent makeup machine can do for you.


Founded in the 1983, BELLA is now of the leading manufacturer of permanent makeup machines, eyelash perm and accessories. Over the years we have grown rapidly into global market. BELLA products have been sold all over the world. BELLA will be continue to provide the latest technology and products to our partners and dedicated to lead the trend of market. BELLA will remain to be efficient, responsive, reliable, friendly and professional. Welcome to contact us to obtain more information about permanent makeup machine and more products.


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Earth-Chain: Magnetic Workholding Equipment Producing Specialist

Established in 1988, Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. has manufactured magnetic workholding equipment for years, and won the 16th Taiwan Excellence Award. With the development of industrial magnetic application, we have researched on designing a high-performance magnetic workholding machine for many years. Now our magnetic workholding systems have been proved to be able to reduce setup times and provide flexible workholding solutions.


Earth-Chain’s MagVise magnetic workholding holds all ferrous materials for general milling or other types of machine operations. It helps company to build an efficiency process. And we have several typical series here, including electro-permanent magnetic chuck, and electro-permanent magnetic index table. These magnetic workholding machines are suitable for big size of workpiece, CNC horizontal, horizontal milling & boring, etc. And we have “Special Made EEPM Chucks” for special custom needs, which is suitable for all size of workpiece.


You can visit the website of Earth-Chain to obtain more details about magnetic workholding. Just click which picture appeals to you, and welcome to contact us if you still need further information. We are glad for having the chance to provide you solutions.


Here’s a wonderful Magnetic Workholding that would hold firmly our double-win business relationship.



Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd.

No.551, Sec. 1 Gangbu Rd., Wu-Chi, Taichung 43546, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Tel: 886-4-2630-3737

Fax: 886-4-2630-3636




The Importance of Using the Best Oil in Agriculture Machinery

Agriculture is an industry where quality definitely matters. Responsible for growing the crops and raising many of the animals we eat, it is important that the agriculture industry maintains high standards at all times and utilizes only the very best, most appropriate equipment. Agricultural machinery oils are one of the things we definitely need to be aware of, and for those who work in the field, using oils that have been specifically developed and approved for agricultural use definitely makes sense.


Agricultural machinery oil can be used for quite a few different purposes. One of the most obvious examples is engine oil; farm machinery such as tractors and harvesters need to be properly lubricated to keep the parts in good working order while still being appropriate for use in the circumstances. Hydraulic and transmission oils are also frequently used for agricultural purposes. If you are using agricultural oils, one of the most crucial things to consider is how they oil will be stored before use; there are various regulations that need to be followed for safety reasons – especially if you are making use of fuel oil – and so it’s worth being aware of them. For instance, if you are utilizing fuel oil in your agricultural work, it needs to be stored in a container that is impermeable to oil, and if you are using it in large quantities, the container often needs to be kept in a second, significantly larger container.


One of the main reasons to use agricultural machinery oils rather than standard grade oils for lubricating farm machinery is that the oils have been especially selected for the job. This means that those who use them can typically enjoy enhanced performance from their oils as a result. Ideally, you should be looking for engine and related oils that are fluid at low temperatures but that are still able to give excellent protection when machinery is operating at high temperatures, as can often be the case in the industry.


Since the cleanliness of agricultural machinery is also very important, it’s worth looking for specific agricultural machinery oils as they should have been developed with this in mind, as well as working to reduce general wear and tear on the machinery. It is important that you choose high quality oils that have been treated so there is no risk of them causing corrosion or oxidation, or of them foaming after they have been applied.


You also need to make sure your agricultural oils are suitable to be used in situations where heavy loads and a significant amount of stress needs to be taken care of, as well as in a range of temperatures. Oils that have good anti-wear properties can help to extend the life of the agricultural machinery and help to keep it in good working order.


When you consider how much of agriculture is about getting the timing of events right and how important the machinery is to the smooth running of the industry, it certainly helps us to understand just how important the role that agricultural machinery oils have to play.


The selection of the correct oils and lubrication fluids is a vital part of the safe ownership of any mechanical equipment, be it an automotive or industrial plant. Min June Hong is the professional manufacturer of high performance motor oil and lubricants. If you need more information about agricultural machinery oil or other lubricant series, welcome to visit the website of Min June Hong and feel free to send inquiry to us.


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What is The Different ‘Types’ of Forklift Truck?

Whether you have considered what are the different types of forklift truck, and what do they do? If you don’t quite understand the differences between forklift trucks, read on below as we talk you through the major forklift truck types, along with their primary uses.


Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most common type of forklift truck, and the type most people instinctively think of when thinking of forklifts.


On counterbalance trucks, the forks protrude from the front of the machine, with no outrigger legs or arms, meaning the truck can be driven up to the exact location of the load or racking. This means that no reach facility is required, and lends itself to straightforward operation.


Counterbalance machines are available as electric, gas or diesel powered. Many have sideshifts, a mast tilt facility, and often driver cabs.


As the name suggests, counterbalance trucks operate a counterbalance weight design, with a weight at the rear of the truck off-setting the load to be lifted at the front. Electric counterbalance trucks are able to operate with a smaller counterweight as the battery serves as ballast as well as a source of power.


3 Wheel Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

3 wheel counterbalance forklifts work to the same premise as regular counterbalance machines however the inclusion of a single drive wheel in the centre of the rear of the machine ensures maximum manoeuvrability.


3 wheel counterbalance trucks are perfect for use in applications where space is limited due to their tight turning circles and excellent manoeuvrability. They are also ideally suited to applications that require inside and outside use and racking loading. The combination of counterbalance under-clearance and tight manoeuvrability ensures maximum productivity.


Powered Pallet Trucks

Powered pallet trucks operate to a very similar principle as hand pallet trucks. The operator slides the forks into the pallet to allow for load bearing. On a powered pallet truck however, the lifting of the load, and truck movement, is powered by the electric motor within the machine.


Typically, there is a ‘paddle’ control to select forward or reverse direction, and button control to raise or lower the forks.


As with all electric powered trucks, the batteries contained within need to be charged. Often, with a powered pallet truck, the truck has an integral charger meaning that it can be plugged straight into the mains without the need for a stand-alone charger.


Powered pallet trucks operate best on flat and smooth surfaces.


Established in 1973, Tailift Forklift trucks are sold to more than 50 countries around the world, and enjoy the considerable success in several markets. Tailift manufactures full series of materials handling machines include ICE counterbalance trucks, electric counterbalance trucks, pallet trucks, electric stacker, reach truck, electric towing tractors and VNA trucks. If you are interested in counterbalance truck series or other forklifts, welcome to visit Tailift’s website to learn more details and feel free to contact with us.


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The Right Way to Get a Dust Collector

In almost every woodworking functions, wood dust or saw dust is really a possible trouble. These types of wood particles or wood debris will be risky since they will produce really serious health worries and pose as likely fire risks. For you to fight off this matter, employing a dust extractor is vital. Commercial or heavy duty dust extractors are made to assist take away any of these airborne contaminants at its very origin.


You can find 3 considerations you might want to make when choosing the right piece of equipment or designing the right one for the shop. One, you should find out the amount of cubic feet per minute of air activity is necessary inside the system to deal with the dust production. Two, consider the makeup and build of the dust collector so that it may supply the best demands that you’ll require. Three, identify whether you will need a single or dual stage collection unit.


Some individuals, however, implement inferior vacuums while some will not use dust extraction devices whatsoever. Generally, the common vacuums that are supposed to collect dust are the ones that harbor the hazardous dust debris. In order to be safe, it is advisable to basically employ a reliable dust extractor.


If you’d like a highly effective filtration product, you need to ensure that the dust bag or filter systems will be properly sifting through the dust particles. Filters possess diverse capabilities, so you will need to decide how little a filtration system can sort through. Many of the best filters will sort through debris at 1 to.03 microns.


Uncover whether you’ll require a pair of filters or a single one would probably do. You will find tinier particles leads to a lot more problems to your health. Moreover, look at how dust collector units generate electric charges in order to ground it using copper wire and ward off a spark from igniting.


With over 20 years of experience in the woodworking field, TRUPRO-TEC has developed a series of dust collectors and air filtration products available in different power capacities. The special designs of Industrial motor and blower impeller make our products achieve maximum performance.


Durability, reliability and high efficiency are the reasons why our products are hot sales. We are always committed to ongoing innovation and make us a leader in the field of wood dust collectors. You can count on us for the products and advice you need. Welcome to visit the website of TRUPRO-TEC and feel free to contact us for more info about dust collectors.


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The Differences between Horizontal Band Saws Machine and Vertical Band Saws Machine

A band saw machine is a power tool with a blade that has teeth on one edge to cut various materials. It is designed to cut curves, circles and irregular shapes on pieces of wood or metal although it can also cut straight lines. The band in the machine rides on two wheels that rotate on the same plane.


There are basically 2 important types of band saws depending on their use, Timber cutting band saws are used in timber mills to rip lumber. This type of band saw need to be serviced regularly by saw filers.


Metal cutting band saws are built for friction cutting of metal and they have brush wheels that prevent chips from being stuck between teeth. A metal cutting blade also has a metal cooling system to wash away chips and keep the blade lubricated and cool. This article is going to focus on band saws for cutting metal.


Types of Band Saw Machines Available for Metal Work


  • Horizontal band saw machines are used in holding the work piece stationary while the blades swing down via the cut. These are used to make cuts in large pieces such as bar stock or pipe to length. It is normally used in big manufacturing companies and metal fabrication stores because it’s able to cut materials from plastics, soft metal, titanium, graphite and even exotic metal. It is conveniently small in size and is able to hold the work piece in place so the blade can cut through. Vibration free and smooth functioning with lesser noise and reduced wastage are features of a modern horizontal band saw machine used in industrial applications.


  • Vertical band saws machine is also known as the contour saw because the blade is kept stationery and the work piece is moved periodically across it. This type of a band saw is usually found at home and local shops. They are small in size and require less power. It is used to cut pliable metal using its circular endless blade for complicated cuts. Vertical band saws have an inbuilt blade welder for repairing broken blades or allow the blade to be purposely cut in order to do interior cutting. It also has a blower for blade cooling and to blow away the chips from the work area.


Differences between Horizontal Band Saw Machine and Vertical Band Saw Machine


  • Horizontal band saw is used to cut large pieces of metal while vertical band saw can only cut small pieces.


  • Horizontal band saw can cut the hardest metals but a vertical band saw can only cut pliable soft metals.


  • The horizontal saws use a lot of power to cut hard metals while vertical saws only use less power.


  • A vertical band saw is used to cut curves and complicated shapes while the horizontal saw cannot cut curves because it applies gravity only.


  • In horizontal band saw machines, it is the blade that moves to cut the material but in vertical band saws machines the work piece is the one that is moved across the stationery band.


  • Vertical band saws are used in homes and small shops while horizontal band saws are used in big industries.


Established in 2006, Actual Power is the professional manufacturer of band saws machine in Taiwan. We provide fully automatic band saw, semi-automatic band saw, vertical band saws machine and more. If you want to purchase the reputable and durable vertical band saw machines or other band saws, Actual Power is your best choice. Feel free to contact with us.


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The Greatest Rigidity and Precision Vertical Grinding Center Provider – Falcon

High efficiency vertical grinders are among Chevalier’s impressive range of Falcon Machinery Tools. Like all of Chevalier’s products, every single one of our vertical grinder centers are intricately designed to totally accommodate the infinite demands that high mix production places on businesses of any size, no matter how big or small. Featuring high rigidity with PRO/E analytical physics design and endurable mechanical stability, the Chevalier vertical grinder range is certainly your best companion for high precision grinding jobs.


About Chevalier’s vertical grinding center information below:


Vertical Grinder (FVG)


FVG-4040DC Vertical Grinding Center


  • No overhang caused by chuck and workpiece, accuracy and surface finish is better than universal grinder.
  • Y-axis can swivel ±22o30′, head stock also can rotate ±22o30′, suitable for various grinding application.
  • Counter weight balance for elevation mechanism, providing smooth and high accuracy micro downfeed accuracy.
  • Linear way design for all slide ways, providing highest positioning accuracy and low vibration low chattering dynamic grinding. Great choice for high repeatability grinding accuracy.
  • Easy holding for irregular shape workpiece.


As the highest level quality vertical grinder manufacturer, Falcon is always offering superior quality machine tools and the best service to our customers. If you need further specification and information about vertical grinding center or other machine tool series, welcome to visit the website of Falcon and feel free to contact us.




TEL: +886-4-7991126

FAX: +886-4-7980011, 7977196



Introduction of TPU Coated Fabric – Jiunn Jang Textile Co., Ltd.

Nowadays, more and more people focus on the environmental issue. People use more products which are harmless than they did before. Also, due to the progress of technology, people try to do something that can be more efficient and more competitive. So, Jiunn Jang has developed a product, called TPU Coated Mesh.


Our product, TPU coated fabric, is used Polyester Yarn with TPU coating. TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) is a kind of environmental and harmless Thermoplastic Elastomers with many properties, including elasticity, rigidity, and wear resistance. Also, the polyester inside TPU is High Tenacity. So, the mesh made of TPU coated polyester is with good resilience, high abrasion resistance, and well shaping.


Also, TPU coated fabric is good material that can be used to automatically produce an integral plastic vamp. It makes production automated for manufacturing the light, breathable, and fit vamp. It will also replace the mass of manpower with machine and change the footwear industry from labor intensive to technical intensive level. That will increase the production efficiency, reduce the loss, and enhance the competitiveness.


TPU coated fabric is material that is good for the environment, and its well shaping property can let the production be economical and competitive.


TPU fabric is one of Jiunn Jang’s popular products, not only environmental but fashion on shoes. Many customers are asking about this material. If you are also interested in TPU coated fabrics, welcome to contact us for more information.



Jiunn Jang Textile Co., Ltd.

No.422 Sec.1Doou Chong RD. Tien Chung Chen Chang Hua Hsien Taiwan R.O.C.

TEL: 886-48762686, 8742082

FAX: 886-4-8742780


Features and Overview of Polygon Machines

Polygon machine is a unique machine tool designed to machine polygonal components or to enable multiple grooving by turning a cutter and a workpiece at the ratio of 2:1 based on the cutting principle of specific characteristics.


For hexagonal machining, for example, three cutters are mounted on the hexagonal machining cutter holder, a blank is chucked, and then the starting button is pressed. Afterwards, all procedures are performed automatically in one process, and the machine stops quickly in its original position.


Likewise, for polygon machining of one face, two faces, rectangles, octagons, etc., as well as multiple grooving are efficiently performed. Odd numbers of faces and clutch machining are also possible.


Features of Polygon Machines:


  1. Quick machining

No indexing is required. Compared with milling machines, polygon machines can process 3-5 times faster, while achieving a more accurate index angle.


  1. Beautiful finish

A beautiful surface finished with straight cutting lines can be achieved by cutter bits, thereby improving and the commercial value and quality of machined components.


  1. Accurate machining

A collet chuck is generally used, ensuring a high dividing accuracy.


  1. Simple operation

All you have to do is chuck a blank and press a button to start the machine, and then all operations are performed automatically.


  1. Speedy setup change

Easy and quick setup change. Also suitable for producing a wide variety of components in small quantities.


  1. Unmanned operation also possible

An automatic blank feeding system can be installed for mass production, and unmanned operation is also possible.


  1. A well-organized after-sales service system

Polygon machines have proved successful, have been favorable evaluated, and are relied upon by many users in Japan, and around the world including Europe, North America, South America, Taiwan, Korea, and other Asian countries.


Established in 1987, Chien Yih Machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of special purpose machinery and automatic polygon machines, including both ends simultaneous cutting CNC lathes (fastcut lathe), polygon CNC lathes, CNC polygon machine with turning function, twin spindle CNC lathes which attracting.


One of Chien Yih’s high quality machinery is CY-6501/6511 model polygon machine which is with rigid construction, high performance, and functions all in one. And its wide cutting range applies to even number polygon cutting, eccentric cutting, profiling cutting and 2 phase cutting etc.


If you need more information about our polygon machines or other cnc lathes, welcome to contact Chien Yih. We are very pleased to be of service to you at any time.


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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About the Best Water Purifiers for Home

The fact 70% of our body is made up of water is enough to make us realize that how important this element is for our health. Apart from carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals, water is that sixth essential nutrient which our body needs the most. That is why it is said that one must have eight glasses of water in a day. Since everything has gone impure these days, so it is imperative to consume clean water by any means and this is the reason why people want the best water purifier for home.


Today, there is no need to move from shop to shop in search of the best quality filters as now you can buy water purifiers online. Although web gives you complete product review, but even then people consider price over quality. They don’t know what they are leaving just for the sake of its high cost. Here are some of the incredible things that the best water purifier will offer you:


  1. Improved Digestive System: The biggest benefit of bringing home the best water purifier is that it protects you from those acute stomach problems and improves your digestive system. It makes it easier for the food to move through your intestine, in a way keeping your stomach light and soft.


  1. A Glowing Skin in Just Two Glasses: Water purifiers are designed to remove the unwanted impurities from polluted water and make it safe for drinking. Just two glasses of pure water will impart a gleaming look to your face, ending your entire acne and blemish problem in just few days.


  1. Bulkiness is Not an Issue Now: With the best quality water purifier in your home, there is no need to go to the gym for those strenuous physical exercises and now you can lose weight by just drinking purified water only. This zero calorie liquid will excellently curb your desire to eat more, thus reducing your appetite in an interesting way.


  1. A Strong Immune System: A clean drinking water not only makes you physically fit, but internally strong as well. It strengthens up your immune system by flushing out all the toxins and various body illnesses, starting from the common cold to kidney stones. Thus, filtered water is the best way by which you can purify the blood in your body, excreting out all the harmful wastes.


  1. Healthy Muscles: Intake of pure water will lend you healthy and happy muscles. As your muscles comprises of 75% water so these water purifiers are simply the blessings for all those who are in love with their body. So no more muscle cramps, sprains or other pains in the body, just a fit physique.


  1. The Right pH Balance: It is only the water, which can maintain the pH balance of your body. Drinking purified water can definitely make things better. Since any rise or fall in the pH levels can lead to serious consequences, so drinking water from the water purifier will protect your body from such pH imbalances.


  1. No Headaches! No Fatigue: Pure water is a sure shot solution to get relieved from those acute headaches and fatigue feelings. Therefore, switch to the best water purifiers and overcome this situation permanently.


  1. Heart Attacks and Cancer Risks are Reduced: Consuming clean, filtered water every time reduces the risk of heart attacks and cancer cells in your body. Research says that drinking water in large amounts not only decreases the risk levels of these fatal ailments, but also keeps the blood flow regulated.


So, if you are looking to buy a water purifier online and are leaving the one just because of its high price, then do consider its above listed benefits before taking any decision. One right choice can make your life heaven.


Established in 1984, Triwin accumulated years of experience in manufacturing water purifier and other water treatment equipment. If you need more information and specification about water purifier series, welcome to visit the website of Triwin and feel free to contact us.


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