Excellent Quality RS-466 Model Straight Line Rip Saw in TRUPRO-TEC

Whether wood cutting, milling, profiling and jointing technology, TRUPRO-TEC stands for pioneering solutions in Taiwan. We are committed to ongoing quality improvement and excellence in service delivery. In order to meet all clients’ expectations and needs, we supply a comprehensive range of rip saw series, such as straight line rip saws, single- and multi- blade rip saws, thin cutting frame saw, etc.


Now, I’ll have a simple TRUPRO-TEC’s product introduction – about straight line rip saw.



Straight Line Rip Saw

RS-466 Rip Saw

Rip Saw Features:


  • The extra-heavy fixed anti-kickback fingers eliminate the conventional problem of bumping between the fingers and chain, providing added safety.
  • Pressure rollers. Supported on both sides, hold stock stably and evenly.
  • The 150mm extra wide chain block provides a smooth feeding effect.
  • Variable feed speed permits the cutting of a variety of stock, hard or soft, thick or thin.
  • This improved design provides solid support when ripping large panels.


If you are interested in learning more information about RS-466 model straight line rip saw, visit TRUPRO-TEC’s website to check out its details. Any questions you have concerning our products, please contact with us!



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CNC Boring Machining Services For Cost Effective Parts

The CNC boring machine has revolutionized many jobs in the machine shop through its ability to economically create parts with a series of precise, perfectly-positioned holes or cuts. Available in table, planer, or floor models, the boring mill often is used to increase the accuracy and tolerances of holes and cuts.


How CNC Boring Mills Work


The most popular type of CNC boring mill, the table type, can handle pieces as large as 66 ft. The table supports the items being bored, while three axes drive the part toward the work spindle and create the holes. The machine, controlled by computerized systems, may do the rough part of process or the more precise cuts.


Boring is used to create holes of different depths, usually by making a series of multiple cuts and retractions. During the process, the axes spin at a high RPM, which produces intense heat that is dissipated by pumping coolant through a channel that runs the length of the boring bar. Many machines operate on fixed cycles based on preprogrammed subroutines called G-codes to ensure that the results will be uniform.


Applications for CNC Boring


CNC boring machines are useful for creating precision gears for equipment. A gear blank is cut, ground, and machined with accuracy. Given the sizes that a horizontal machine can handle, the gears meet the needs of industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and defense, which require large parts.


Cost Effectiveness of CNC Horizontal Boring


Due to increasing metal prices, CNC machining is considered a cost effective way to produce gears and other parts with intricate precision cuts. Often made by forging or casting in the past, the cost of these parts has increased by 200-400% over the last decade. Though the machining process removes costly metal, it produces a more accurate part that lasts longer. The cost savings realized by machining has made many companies rethink how they manufacture and finish their original and replacement parts.


Selecting A CNC Machining Vendor


While many machine shops offer CNC machining, the one to choose is the one that has the proper equipment to do the job. For large-scale production, you need a facility that can handle the part size on work table sufficient to support its weight. Given that you will be working with costly materials, you want a company that is ISO 9001 certified, experienced in working with large parts in your industry, and staffed with trained machinists whose skills are continuously advanced through continuing education and certifications.


SEHO Industry Co., Ltd. is the supplier of used CNC boring machines. They are the professional second hand machinery company in Taiwan. If you are looking for ideal used machines in hurry, you can try to visit the website of SEHO to find the machinery you need.


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Taiwan Professional PVC Coated Fabric Suppliers – Jiunn Jang Textile Co., Ltd.

Outdoor Mesh Fabric at Jiunn Jang

PVC Coated Polyester Mesh is used for outdoor chair. The PVC coating makes the material waterproof and gives the material added strength and durability. The mesh can be custom made with adding UV resistant, Mildew resistant and Flame resistant. The color and the width can also be custom made.


Outdoor furniture such as beach chair, leisure chair, lounge, sun bed, garden gravity sun lounger folding sun bed relaxing reclining chairs, beach chair and other fields, plus UV resistant and flame resistant can be left outside all year round. It is has strong coated frame which means that it is both robust and durable. Weatherproof mesh product that is ideal for use on garden furniture. Also dry quickly and can be easily wiped clean.


Advantages of Outdoor Polyester Fabric:

1) High strength

2) Waterproof, UV-proof, oil

3) Abrasive resistant

4) Bright color and others

5) Durable

6) Comfortable


As one of excellent PVC coated fabric suppliers, Jiunn Jang insists to offer the best quality mesh fabric and industrial fabric to clients. If you need more information about Jiunn Jang’s textiles, welcome to visit our website (www.jiunnjang.com) to see what we can offer you!


How to Choose a Backyard Golf Practice Net

There is no denying that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, perfecting the skills in this game requires some level of skill which only comes with practice.


If most golfers just make it a point to practice more, and then golf wouldn’t be as challenging as it seems to be. A simple solution would be to bring your practice home – to your backyard. This is where a backyard golf practice net comes in handy.


If you are looking forward to buying a backyard practice net, then here are three important things to consider when choosing one.


Set up time is one of the most important features to look out for when shopping for a backyard golf practice net. Time is of the essence in everything, and you wouldn’t want to spend a half an hour assembling and setting up your golf practice net just and then only have ten minutes to practice. As a rule of thumb, make sure that the practice net is not an old fashioned design that would take ages just to set up, otherwise you may only use it once and never again.


Luckily, most designers have made nets that ensure you spend only a few minutes setting up the net if you plan to practice for ten minutes in the morning or after work. This is widely known as the ‘pop up technology’. This type of net does not require set up using fiberglass poles that can easily break. On the contrary, a pop up practice net enables you to set up and fold your tent within seconds.


The other important feature to look out for when buying a backyard golf practice net is the durability of the item. You definitely do not want to invest in a net that will not last even a year in your backyard.


There are three important considerations when it comes to durability. First, you should consider the type of posts the golf net has. A durable backyard golf practice net should have poles that can withstand taking bad shots.


The other important quality to look for is the netting. The best practice nets are those made of high density polyester material. Besides being durable, they are also resistant to UV rays so they won’t fray and very flexible.


The manufacturing quality of the netting itself is also a good consideration when assessing durability. It’s a waste of money if the net is not made by a team of skilled textile experts. A good net should have at least double stitching to ensure that it will last several years.


As important as the above factors are, pricing is another important consideration when it comes to choosing perfect backyard golf net. Even though you want to invest in a quality item, that doesn’t mean that you should invest all your saving in buying a net.


Visit the website of Holyhoe Enterprise Co., Ltd. to see what excellent golf practice nets and other sport net series we can offer you.



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What Is a Proximity Reader?

If you are in the process of updating your home’s or business’s security system or if you never had such a system and you are planning to invest in one, there are probably a lot of industry terms you don’t understand very well. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about two important parts of any security access system, the proximity card and the proximity reader.


Proximity cards, also referred to as prox cards, are different than the magnetic stripe cards, because they do not need to be inserted into the reader device to grant access in the secured area. We say “grant access” because the majority of proximity cards and proximity readers are used as a part of home or business security system. Other uses include library cards, contactless payment systems or in public transit fare. Proximity cards are practical due to the fact that they can easily be read through a wallet or a purse.


There are two main types of proximity cards: passive and active. Passive prox cards have a limited range and are widely used to grant access in office buildings. Active cards, also called vicinity cards, have a greater range (150 meters), due to the fact that they use and internal lithium battery. They can be used to easily access courtyards from inside of a vehicle or from automated toll collection.


Now, in case you were wondering “What is a Proximity Reader?” they are devices that can store details about the identity of the cards holders, granting them access to otherwise restricted areas. This system is similar to the “chip and PIN” bank cards, with the difference that the proximity reader grants access using radio frequencies and does not need actual insertion of the card. Also, they offer more security to their holders, due to the fact that they are harder to copy. Another great advantage of these readers is the fact that they are quite sturdy and do not need any maintenance.


Another term you might encounter when browsing for this type of access system in “Contactless Smart Card”, which is basically the same thing, with the difference that they use advanced methods of data encryption and authentication, meaning that they offer a higher level of security. Besides this general information, there are various technologies that are used in the manufacture of proximity cards and readers.


If you are planning to invest in such a system, you must know that the prices are very different from one product to another. For example, the price for a single card ranges from $2 to $200, while for the proximity reader you can pay from $100 to $400.


Before making any purchase, we advise you to ask the advice of an experienced security technician, just to make sure that you choose the right system for your needs. The good news is that the majority of shops, even online ones, have an assistant which can help you make the right decision.


Pongee Industries Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of proximity reader. If you are looking for the best proximity reader, don’t miss Pongee’s website, we can offer clients kinds of high quality products. Contact with Pongee to obtain further product information!



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What is a Turret Type CNC Lathe?

Read this article to know more about a unique type of lathe machine which can be used for mass production either using modern CNC technology or older mechanical system controls.



We have been talking quite a lot about various types of machines used in industry in general as well as those used specifically in manufacturing technology including lathe machines. In this article we will focus on a particular type of lathe namely the turret type CNC lathe and learn about its working and uses it can be put to.


What is a Turret Type CNC Lathe?

As we learnt earlier, a lathe can be used for various purposes including woodcutting, metal-cutting, watch-making and what not. The basic purpose of all these machines is to minimize human labour involved in the process and make it as much automated and refined as possible. Lathes which are used for metal cutting in industrial processes are normally required to produce products on a mass scale.


A single product requires several machining operations which in turn would require several different kinds of tools to carry out these operations. If an operator were to manually adjust each tool after every single operation, this would certainly consume a lot of time and unnecessary efforts.


Keeping the above limitations in mind the engineers came up with the idea of a typical lathe machine where everything could be fitted and configured in one go literally speaking. Such a metal working lathe which has got a turret and can perform several functions in an automated fashion is known as a turret lathe.


How does it function?

It is all very well to say that the processes are automated but how do we go about achieving the same? Well the answer varies depending on the nature of lathe we are talking about. For example modern CNC lathes use servo-mechanisms to control and time all these processes while in the older versions mechanical arrangements such as stop limits etc. are used to achieve the same goal.


About the turret

If you are aware of gun related terminology you surely would know that a turret refers to a sort of arrangement which his used to hold several weapons which can fire the particular shot depending on exact requirement. The turret of the lathe is a similar platform in the form of a tool holder, which holds various tools which can be used by appropriate rotation depending on the requirement of the work piece in a specific order which is preset using whichever method is used to control the automation.


If you need more information about turret type CNC lathe, welcome to visit the website of JINN FA Machine Industrial Co., Ltd., the precision machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan. Please don’t hesitate to contact with Jinn Fa for further details about turret lathe.


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Plastic Badge Holders – How to Choose the Best Style for Your Needs

When considering the size, you want to make sure the holder is not too bulky for continuous wear. If a larger holder is needed for brochures, leaflets and things of that nature, consider partnering it with a lanyard so it can be worn around the neck preventing the holder from weighing down the event goers clothing. If the plastic badge holder is to be worn daily, you will likely not want to go any larger than 3″x4″ for ease of movement. Many business card size holders are available which is a great size for wearing on a daily basis.


Plastic Badge holders also come in a variety of thicknesses of vinyl. 10 gauges is a common thickness that you will find in most badge holder styles. This thickness is suitable for limited or occasional use. 10 gauge holders should hold up well for the duration of an event or meeting. If you are looking for a holder to be used daily or that will experience harsher wear and tear, consider a heavy duty style with a thickness of 30 gauge or higher. You may also consider acetate material or rigid holders for high use environments.


When choosing your fastener type, you will need to consider your employees and/or guests. Keep in mind what will be most comfortable and practical for the use of the holders. A standard pin is common and generally is the least expensive option. Pins are secure to the clothing, however, they can sometimes cause damage with pin holes or possible ripping if the holder is caught on something. Bulldog clips are another option. Clips are a great alternative to prevent damage to clothing, but you do need to ensure uniforms will have an appropriate place for attachment such as a pocket or collar.


You can also find badge holder styles referred to as “combo” which include both a clip and a pin. This gives your event goer an option to choose which fastener they prefer to wear. A most popular option is to attach the badge holders to the end of a lanyard. Lanyards are worn around the neck eliminating the attachment of the holder itself to the clothing. Lanyards are generally offered with key ring, bulldog clip, or swivel hook fasteners. Most badge holders come with either an oval slot and/ or a circle in the top for fastener attachment. Bulldog clips work perfectly with most oval slots while swivel hooks are a better option for circle holes. Key rings can be used for either style, however, they are a bit more time consuming to attach. You can also find badge holders that have an elastic style lanyard already attached to the lanyard on each end. These are an easy and convenient option because there is no need for assembly.


Many plastic badge holders are offered blank without customization which are great for a quick turnaround and are certainly more cost effective. Customization is often offered on a variety of sizes. You may want to consider customizing with text and color for easier identification at your trade show, meeting, or even your workplace. “Exhibitor” and “Attendee” are popular titles that are used for customization of your plastic badge holder. You may also choose to include your company name and/ or logo. Choosing to add customization adds a special touch and importance to your badge holders while also making your guests more easily recognizable.


Shuen Fuh is specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of plastic badge holders to protect and to display your ID cards. Plastic ID badge holders are ideal for advertising and promotional purposes, such as trade show, office, school and other events. For trade shows or conventions use, you can consider using ID badge holders with a pin or strap clip to save budget. If you need more information about plastic badge holder, welcome to check out Shuen Fuh’s website now!



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Plastic Recycling Process and Plastic Recycling Machinery

Thermal depolymerization, polymer plastic. The use of the plastic is increasing now a day like water is coming in the plastic bottle and the colas are also coming in the plastic bottles. Both of the different types of drink use in a huge amount by the people and it is not only using in some countries but the usage of the plastic bottle is in huge amount in each and every country. After drinking the material from the bottle most the people throw it in the bin as they consider the empty plastic bottle as the waste.


The recycling of every type of the plastic is necessary because the plastic which is empty and which has no use in the world and pollute the environment in one and the other way. If the empty plastic bottle will not recycled and it if burn then by the plastic the carbon will evolved in the air which pollute the environment and is also dangerous for the human being living near the area in which this type of activity is going on. The plastic recycling can save the environment and it also effect on the consumption and making the new plastics.


It is also not necessarily important that if the bottle of the plastic is recycled then after the process the recycled plastic will not use in making the same type of the commodity again. Once the plastic is recycled the is melted it can be used in making the different commodities like the plastic of the pet bottle is recycled then the chair of the plastic can be made through that re cycled plastic. Recycling is important because it also affect the cleanliness of the city. Especially the recycling of the pet plastic bottle is more important as the pet bottles after consumed is throw in the waste and is seen in the third world countries that the bottle made of the plastic can be found on the ground.


One of the challenge faced in recycling of the plastic is that as compare to the glass the recycling of the plastic need long process and so it require the time and the plastic recycling machinery rather that it is the fact that after the recycling of the plastic it is more useful than the glass or any other thing with which the same things can made. The structure of the plastic bottles are very intense type of the structure as it is made up of the polymer plastic so that the heating is not enough to melt the plastic it need more process than simple heating the bottle in the machine like one again the example of the glass is consider.


As there are many type of the plastic so that before the plastic goes in the recycling it should be categories. The plastic is categories on the level of the polymer used in making the plastic. The process in recycling is monomer recycling then thermal depolymerization and last step is heat compression.


Song Ming Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. is the pre-eminent plastic recycling machinery manufacturer and also provides waste plastic recycling plant, granulator, shredder, high speed mixer, vertical cooling blender, PVC compounding line, EVA, TPR, PVC, rubber & masterbatch pelletizing plant, PET bottles washing, crushing, & separating system and others.


In order to supply the best recycling machinery to the valuable customers, Song Ming strains every nerve to constantly upgrade the designs, products and knowledge of plastic recycling machine. They are proud of their superior standard of recycling machinery that keeps them being one of the leading companies in the recycling machine industry. Please feel free to ask them any further information or send your requirements to them.



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Band Sawing Machine: Evolution from Basic to Advance

A band sawing machine is one of the most powerful machines and tool comprising of metal teeth to cut through the work pieces like a wooden plank. However an industrial Bandsaw machine is used for industrial purposes.


Evolution from Beginning to the Advanced Form of Bandsaw Machine


In the beginning, the band sawing machine was used only for cutting through wood which was developed by Paul Prybil. Due to flexing of the bandsaw blade constantly, these machines were not used until Perin developed the first modern blade by using welding methods and steel alloys techniques.


But now these machines have advanced so much that one can use it for cutting meat, timber and metal which then seemed a Herculean task ranging with many types of bandsaw machines.


Types of Bandsaw Machines offered by Machine Tools Manufacturers


The various types of bandsaw machines are


  • Metal cutting bandsaw machines that cut the hardest metal efficiently from their manufactured ores. In order to cut metal, it is important to have the best quality of the blade and the position of the tooth must be precise. This can also be availed from a machine tool manufacturer.


  • Timber cutting bandsaw machines are one of the types of bandsaw machines which cut through logs of timber. Timber is a very strong wood which is apt for making strong wooden furniture.


  • Head saws are also one of the Bandsaws that is large enough to do the initial cutting on a wooden log with silver coated teeth.


  • Resaws have very wide blades which reduce large sections of timber into smaller sections; one can seek the help of a machine tools manufacturer for assistance.


  • Double cut bandsaws have two teeth to cut both sides. Hence they are very large.


Features & Applications of bandsaw machines


There are certain features and applications of band sawing machines as listed below-


  1. Double Column Semi-Automatic Bandsaw Machine


The feature includes hydraulic tension of the blade and hydraulic clamping which also has a sensor unit that is hydro-mechanical. It has an infinite band speed which is variable by AC frequency. Blade has high quality which ensures operations to be performed like clamping. The application of this bandsaw machine happens in various industries like the automobile industry.


  1. Double Column Fully Automatic Bandsaw Machine


The feature of the double column band saw includes speed in cutting, good blade tension, excellent motor capacity and a well-defined hydraulic reservoir and the application of this bandsaw machine take place in automobile and timber cutting industry.




If you are on a look out for efficient band sawing machines, it is important to buy these machines from vendors who are licensed and reliable. Most importantly, the quality of the blade and the teeth is one of the most important aspects when it comes to bandsaw machines. Bandsaw machines have made the process of cutting easier and have improved the lifestyle of the industries.


Actual Power is an expert of specializing in producing premium quality band sawing machines. A variety of band saw machine series all can be found on the website of Actual Power. If you are interested in learning further details about bandsaws, please feel free to contact with them.



Article Source: http://www.yashmachine.com/blog/bandsaw-machine-evolution-from-basic-to-advance/


DC Electrical Motors for Cars

Electric cars are rechargeable vehicles powered by electric motors. Electric motors for cars convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Controllers regulate and control power received from rechargeable batteries to run the motors. The motors could be AC or DC motors. DC motors for electric cars could be further classified as permanent magnet, brushless, and shunt, series and separately excited. The DC uses electricity and a magnetic field to produce torque, which rotates the motor. The simplest DC electrical motor comprises of two magnets of opposite polarity and an electric coil forming an electromagnet. The properties of attraction and repulsion are used by the DC electrical motor to convert electricity into motion — opposing electromagnetic forces of magnets generate torque causing the DC motor to turn. Characteristics desirable of electric motors for cars include peak power, ruggedness, high torque-to-inertia, high peak torque, high speed, low noise, minimal maintenance and ease of use. Current generation electric motors are combined with inverters and controllers for a wide range of torque.


The abundance of series DC motor has allowed it to be tested on a variety of vehicles. The Series DC are robust and long-lasting, and the power density provides the best value for money. The torque curve suits a variety of traction applications. However, it is not as efficient as the AC Induction motor. The commutator brushes wear out and maintenance activities are required periodically. It is also not suitable for regenerative braking, that allow vehicles capture kinetic energy to recharge batteries.


DC motors are simpler and cost less, and have been widely used in demonstration electric vehicles. Brushless DC has no commutators, and is more powerful and efficient than commutator motors. Such DC motors, however, require more sophisticated controllers. Brushless DC in electric cars can give efficiencies up to 90%, and no servicing is required for up to hundred thousand kilometers. Experts at Floyd Associates (2012) argue that electric cars with DC Brushless motors can achieve the highest speed but slowest acceleration; AC Induction can achieve the fastest acceleration with average top speed; Permanent Magnet motors can achieve top speed and average acceleration; and Switched Reluctance motors provide the most cost-effective solution.


Hsiang Neng is the professional manufacturer of DC electrical motors. Our DC electrical motor is designed and manufactured in high precision and superior quality. If you need further details about DC motors, welcome to check out Hsiang Neng’s website and feel free to contact with us.



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