What is Surgical Tape , and How Should Surgical Tape Be Used?

A standard component to wound dressings, a good quality Surgical Tape should be constructed with a hypo allergenic adhesive backing. These types of medical tapes are typically used to secure bandages in place. There are a select group of tape styles such as paper tape, clear porous tape, and a variety of cloth tapes. Also, surgical tape is available in a variety of widths and lengths from as small as 1/2 and inch to as large as 3inches. Typically between ten and twenty yards in length.


Surgical tapes can be constructed from a variety of raw materials which include certain types of paper, nylon, cloth, and foam. Regardless of what its made of, a good quality tape should include a mild adhesive which hypo-allergenic. This allows the medical tape to be used on anyone, even people with latex allergies.

Traditionally, the use of medical tape includes securing elastic bandages to make sure they protect and support the wound. Other types of wounds require a more flexible style of bandage so a surgical tape which is easy to cut and shape should be used. This method is for dressing wounds on fingers, toes, and other joints that.

Surgeons in the emergency room are also known to use certain types of specialized surgical tape to close gaping wounds shut. In many cases, the doctor will close a wound prior to applying sutures. This type of wound dressing is also used for surgical sites where excessive bleeding might occur with out surgical tape.

It is important to include medical tape in all types of first aid kits. They should also include a good amount of medical gauze pads and elastic compression bandages. In addition, it is good to keep a watchful eye on supply levels. This is aimed to ensure that medical tape is always available when needed.

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We manufacture high quality medical computer cart with feature of mouse support tray, three stop wheels, safe belt adjustment, comfortable design of tilting keyboard arm, two section pole and more. With strong team dedicated to research and development, the medical computer cart always brings surprises to the customers. It is a big encouragement and support for Modernsolid.



MODERNSOLID, founded in 1988, is the manufacturer of LCD monitor arm. It has established its factory in Taiwan for over 20 years. Since 1996, MODERNSOLID sensed that LCD monitor is a growing trend and it would be suitable for various applications in fields ranging from business, office, industry, schools to healthcare market. Since then, MODERNSOLID has started to design and manufacture all kinds of mounting solutions to accommodate most LCD displays for improving ergonomics. With the insistence on high quality, MODERNSOLID has grown to be a world-leading supplier in mounting solutions including LCD Monitor Arm, TV Wall Mount Bracket and Hospital Arm, etc.


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The TENS unit is widely used in medical treatment, beauty treatment, and home health care. In addition, the TENS EMS units are also effective as massagers and as electronically induced muscle exercisers. With years of experience in manufacturing electrotherapy products, we are capable of offering our customers excellent and reliable goods with fast professional service.

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The tens electrodes feature multiple applications, which include more reusable times, more convenient, non hot spots, more comfortable, more size make, low impedance and patent wire connector. The size of the pad has square, round, oval and dual polar. To extend the life of tens electrodes, please keep it away from oil and grease. The company holds the spirit of constant innovation, improvement, customer satisfaction and sustainable management. It has gone step by step to internationalization, and we continuously develop new products while maintaining quality, and meeting customer satisfaction.


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The Peak Flow Meter is designed to help children and adults monitor their peak flow rate in a convenient way. Users will be able to know beforehand if an attack is imminent, allowing them to take early action. It also helps manage medicine intake. It can save up to 90 test results and display them on its LCD screen. The unit enters a battery save mode when not in use for up to 30 secs.

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