Looking for The Best Archery Equipment Supplies

Archery equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and it is important for you to get the right kind for your needs. You can purchase a bow and arrows as well as all the other archery supplies and accessories online. This is a great way to shop because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Before you do that however, you have to make sure you are getting the right products to avoid wasting money.


One of the first things you need to think about before you buy archery supplies online is compatibility. Different manufactures make different archery related products that follow the industry rules without necessarily being exactly similar. As a result, you may end up purchasing a bow and arrows or any other supplies that cannot be used together properly if you purchase them from incompatible brands. You bear the responsibility of making sure that such a thing does not happen because you may fail to get a refund and thus have wasted your money.


Another way of ensuring that you get what you need is to compare the prices of the items you are interested in purchasing. Plenty of online stores offer different brands of archery supplies at different price rates. You have to ensure that you shop around and get the best deal there is in terms of prices and brands. You can get products well within your budget this way.


In order for you consider yourself as having gotten the best financial deal possible as far as buying supplies for your archery equipment is concerned, you also have to consider the quality of items you are getting. Buying a low quality supply set for your archery equipment at a low price is not as good a deal as getting a high quality archery supply set at competitive market prices. This because high quality supplies and accessories last longer and have less maintenance costs as compared to their low quality counterparts which may need to be repaired or replaced often. As a result, high quality supplies end up being lower in terms of general associated costs in the long term, which is a great deal for any perceptive buyer.


Client reviews and testimonials will come in handy in ensuring you get the right kind of information if you want to buy archery supplies online. This is because they are written from the perspective of people who have experience dealing with different brands of products of this kind. You will be able to access the best products that are well worth your money if you pay attention to this information.


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The Process of Getting Started With Your Archery Bow

If you are thinking about getting involved in archery, but you are not sure what you need, then you are in luck. One thing that I like about this sport is that there are only a few things that you need to get off and running. Obviously, the first thing that you would need to buy is one of the many archery bows that are on the market today. Next, you will need to get arrows to shoot. To make your life a bit easier, there are also some accessories that I would recommend.


When you first start you will need to make the decision on which of the many archery bows you would like to shoot. There are compounds, recurves, takedown bows, longbows, etc. out there so it is best that you do a bit of research on them before you commit buying your bow of choice. They all have their own unique set of attributes that are made to fit archers of all varieties. Once you figure out what type of shooting you want to do, then you need to figure out how much you are willing to spend. This will help you narrow down your focus and hone in on a decision.


You now need to get yourself something to shoot. The most popular arrows that you will find out there are wood, aluminum and carbon. I have personally transitioned from using the wood arrows in my childhood, to aluminum in my teens, and now the only thing that I use is carbon. Everything matters when you are shooting your archery bow, so you need to make sure that the arrows are consistent. Carbon is extremely consistent, but they will be the most expensive. Aluminum is a good starter arrow because they are relatively inexpensive, and are more consistent than wood. I would suggest staying away from wood arrows until you have developed an eye for purchasing arrows because it is much harder to find a quality wood version.


I would also suggest that you get an archery arm glove or an archery bow release-depending on the type of bow that you purchased. When I began shooting, I mainly liked to use recurve bows. When you start to move up in weight, your fingers get sore after 40-50 shots due to finger pinch — unless you are using a glove. Once I moved up to a compound bow, I knew that there would be no way that I would be able to draw a 55-70 pound compound bow with my fingers so I opted to use an archery bow release.


If you are anything like me, then you will probably also want to get an archery target so that you do not have to drive to your local archery range every time that you want to shoot. I purchased a Bulldog archery target as they offer a lifetime guarantee. This means that I can shoot off a couple of dozen arrows when I feel that I need a little bit extra practice. Again, the archery target is not a necessity like the arrows, and the archery bows are, but having one never hurts so that you can get as much practice as possible out of it.


Once you have your bow, arrows, target and accessories you can start the fun part. Shooting an archery bow is the next journey that you will embark on. Getting the equipment was the easiest part, now it is time to perfect your form. It is good to read up on tips and tricks when shooting your archery bow, but shooting is the best.


Man Kung archery bow series including recurve bows and compound bows, which are manufactured with different specification to satisfy various demand of the clients. And we also provide archery bow accessories for you to choose. Welcome to browse our archery bow products below to find the most suitable bow for you. We believe that Man Kung is the first choice of archery bow manufacturer to you!


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Which Material is Right for Batting Cage Nets?

Urethane treated nylon, polyethylene, polyester, and KVX200™ are common material used in batting cage nets. However, KVX200™ premium netting is a commercial polymer that is also used in bullet proof vests. This material is strong, lightweight, does not absorb water, and resists breakdown in direct sunlight. KVX200™ employs an integral UV inhibitor. This means that the UV inhibitor is one component that is already inside the polymeric blend that gets extruded into individual fibers. Those fibers are then twisted or braided into twine. Since the UV inhibitor is built right into KVX200™, the UV inhibitor doesn’t wear off, as it can with nylon. Since KVX200™ doesn’t absorb water as nylon can, it resists rotting better than nylon or other materials.




KVX200™ is more expensive than polyethylene, although it is less expensive than nylon. While KVX200™ may be stronger than polyethylene, it doesn’t have the break strength of Nylon. KVX200™ is priced between nylon and polyethylene netting. For outdoor use the performance is nearly on par with nylon. These cages may provide the best value for those concerned with both quality and price.




If you have an indoor cage, and durability and break strength is more important than budget, nylon netting is right for you. Nylon has the strongest break strength, and is by far the most durable netting for indoor use. Nylon has excellent resistance to abrasion, and outstanding overall durability. However, nylon is expensive.


Because nylon netting can absorb water, many manufacturers treat the nylon with some sort of bonding agent by either dipping or spraying the twine. Although treating nylon with a bonding agent will dramatically reduce nylon’s tendency to soak up water, it doesn’t stop it entirely. Eventually, nylon will likely shrink and rot.


When compared with polyethylene netting, nylon is initially stronger than polyethylene, but deteriorates faster. Nylon loses between 15% and 20% of its strength each year depending on conditions. For year one, a #36 nylon will have a greater break strength than a #36 polyethylene, but depending upon weather conditions, by the end of the third year polyethylene may be as strong, and KVX200™ may be stronger.


Although nylon netting has a high initial break strength, if left outside that strength can deteriorate rapidly. Nylon absorbs water and loses strength in direct sunlight. For indoor applications, nylon is an excellent choice. If your netting will be exposed to adverse weather, consider polyethylene or KVX200™.




Polyethylene batting cage net is inexpensive and does not deteriorate as quickly due to moisture. As the netting is exposed to moisture, polyethylene retains a higher percentage of its strength than nylon. Polyethylene does not absorb water, so the problem of rotting and shrinkage disappears.


Polyethylene netting has drawbacks as well. Most blends of polyethylene don’t hold up well to direct sunlight. Not all polyethylene cages incorporate UV inhibitors. Ours do. This works well for indoor application, but it may not be practical over extended periods of outdoor use, especially in warmer climates.


Holy Hoe Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the expert of producing sports netting. Holy Hoe’s batting cage nets are provided in a low cost and high quality for your baseball training facility. If you are interested in learning more details about these nets, welcome to contact with Holy Hoe right now!



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Best Duck Hunting Waders – How to Stay Warm and Dry on Your Next Big Hunt

For the amount of physical abuse that duck hunters take while out hunting it could be considered an extreme sport. Mud, wind, water and cold are usually experienced in spades on most occasions. Because of these extreme weather conditions it is important to keep yourself warm and comfortable. The most important piece of clothing when trying to stay comfortable and warm is a good pair of quality duck waders so why not get the best duck hunting waders you can?


Do I Need Chest Waders or Hip Waders?

First of all, if you will be hunting in all seasons I highly recommend that you purchase one of each. When I am hunting in cold weather or deeper water then I would definitely wear my chest waders to keep me warm and dry. If it is warm and sunny or I’m going to be hunting around shallow streams or creeks, then I would use my hip waders.


If I were to purchase just one pair of duck hunting waders I would choose a pair of chest waders. With a chest wader you can always drop the shoulder straps and tie them around your waist when the weather is too warm.


If you want the best of the best in waterfowl hunting waders look no further than Pacific Eagle’s. They have engaged in manufacturing of neoprene, hunting and fishing field products for over 25 years. Try to check out Pacific Eagle’s website to find ideal wader hunting you want!



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Selecting for The Best Road Cranksets

Cranks are the crucial levers that turn pedal pressure into propulsion and upgrading this transmission keystone is always a cosmetic and performance temptation. But what do you need to know to arm yourself with the right road crankset – cranks, axle, spider and chainrings – for your bike and riding?


Before you even start thinking about budget or clever design, you need to check which ones will fit your bike. Even though we tried to limit the axle types on test as much as possible, the sheer number of bikes we had to rope into our testing regime to find a home for all the different variants shows it’s no simple task. Even on same diameter axles, different details mean that different brands often need their own specific bearings to work. Adaptors and converters have made things easier recently but different bearing sizes and fitting standards are still a potential minefield so it’s still essential that you double check your chosen crankset will fit your frame before you part with any cash.


Don’t assume that bigger axled cranks are stiffer, either. Overall stiffness is governed by the entire structure, from the chainrings, through the spider and crank then across the axle to the offside crank. While they look fancy, don’t assume that carbon cranks are automatically stiffer than alloy ones either, as both materials use a range of manufacturing methods for a wide spread of results.


Don’t get hung up on weight either – cranksets sit in the most central, lowest point of your bike possible. This makes their weight the least obvious of any component in dynamic or handling terms, and it’s why most pro bikes use torque meters or even extra heavy axles to bulk their weight up to the minimum legal lever. Conversely, a lightweight crank that flexes so much it feels like your feet are bending under your bike is really demoralising when you’re trying to claw your way up a climb.


Key crankset components


Crank length: Cranks – the ‘arms’ – come in different lengths to match different length legs and leverage preferences. The average is 172.5mm but 170 and 175mm cranks are relatively common on complete smaller and larger bikes respectively, and you can get as short as 160mm or as long as 180mm.


Axle: Most road cranksets use an axle permanently fixed to the driveside crank and a left crank that bolts/clamps into place. Some brands still use a separate axle, while Campagnolo uses two half axles that join in the centre on its Ultra Torque designs. Most come with 24mm steel axles or 30mm alloy ones.


Spider: The four or five-arm piece that connects chainrings to axle. Some are moulded into the arms, some made separately but permanently attached, others are removable. Standard (53/39) chainrings generally have a 130mm bolt circle diameter (BCD – the fitting pattern for the rings), compact (50/34) 110mm.


Chainrings: Most chainrings are made from a single-piece reinforced disc with teeth cut into the edge. In many cases brands are interchangeable or replaceable with aftermarket options. Shimano’s ‘blended’ chainring/spider design demands specific replacements to keep aesthetic and functional form.


Material: Solid forged alloy cranks are the cheapest option but generally the heaviest. Drilled or hollow moulded alloy cranks then follow in the fashion (but not necessarily function) hierarchy. Carbon wraps on alloy armatures look good but don’t always perform well and even ‘full’ carbon cranks have to use alloy pedal and axle interfaces.


Bearings: As well as different axle diameters, different bearing shoulder dimensions mean most cranks will only run in bearings from the same brand or specific aftermarket options, though converters are reducing the number of ‘impossible’ combinations. None of our test cranks obviously lost spin smoothness during our test period.


G-MA Engineering Co., Ltd. is the professional road crankset manufacturer in the industry. If you need more information about these high quality bicycle parts, welcome to visit the website of G-MA to see what excellent bike components we can offer you!


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How to Choose a Backyard Golf Practice Net

There is no denying that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, perfecting the skills in this game requires some level of skill which only comes with practice.


If most golfers just make it a point to practice more, and then golf wouldn’t be as challenging as it seems to be. A simple solution would be to bring your practice home – to your backyard. This is where a backyard golf practice net comes in handy.


If you are looking forward to buying a backyard practice net, then here are three important things to consider when choosing one.


Set up time is one of the most important features to look out for when shopping for a backyard golf practice net. Time is of the essence in everything, and you wouldn’t want to spend a half an hour assembling and setting up your golf practice net just and then only have ten minutes to practice. As a rule of thumb, make sure that the practice net is not an old fashioned design that would take ages just to set up, otherwise you may only use it once and never again.


Luckily, most designers have made nets that ensure you spend only a few minutes setting up the net if you plan to practice for ten minutes in the morning or after work. This is widely known as the ‘pop up technology’. This type of net does not require set up using fiberglass poles that can easily break. On the contrary, a pop up practice net enables you to set up and fold your tent within seconds.


The other important feature to look out for when buying a backyard golf practice net is the durability of the item. You definitely do not want to invest in a net that will not last even a year in your backyard.


There are three important considerations when it comes to durability. First, you should consider the type of posts the golf net has. A durable backyard golf practice net should have poles that can withstand taking bad shots.


The other important quality to look for is the netting. The best practice nets are those made of high density polyester material. Besides being durable, they are also resistant to UV rays so they won’t fray and very flexible.


The manufacturing quality of the netting itself is also a good consideration when assessing durability. It’s a waste of money if the net is not made by a team of skilled textile experts. A good net should have at least double stitching to ensure that it will last several years.


As important as the above factors are, pricing is another important consideration when it comes to choosing perfect backyard golf net. Even though you want to invest in a quality item, that doesn’t mean that you should invest all your saving in buying a net.


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Something You Need to Know about Height of Volleyball Nets

The height of volleyball nets varies depending on the age group that is playing Volleyball. Logically, the net height is considerably lower for the younger players and it gets taller as the age group grows. Also, the net height for women is slightly lower than that for men’s volleyball, because females are typically smaller in height. The net is positioned at a height regardless of your age that requires a reasonable jump to get above it (unless you are unusually tall). For a tall Volleyball player, usually they can just reach the top of the net without jumping, but you wouldn’t be able to block or hit the ball over straight down without jumping.


What this means is that you need to learn to jump as high as possible. In fact, the taller that you can reach the more chance you have of getting the ball down on the opponent court. Some of the tall players in volleyball are able to jump up a meter in the air, meaning that their total reach is often near 3 and a half meters! The full net height for males is 2.43 meters, and for females it is 2.24 meters. The net height is adjusted by loosening the net with the winch, undoing the pin that goes through the net pole, sliding the net up and then fitting the pin in again. From there, you simply wind the net back up so it is taught.


You might think that just because you aren’t tall that you have no chance of being a good spiker. In experience, those that are smaller have bigger jumping abilities, meaning that they have about the same height jump as someone who is tall. Of course, being tall has its advantages for blocking and spiking. You can always increase your vertical jump, but you aren’t always able to grow more!


Check out Holyhoe’s volleyball nets for selection. Holyhoe provides the complete solutions for the sports’ nets and accessories and we have been supplying high quality products to the international customers around the globe. Welcome to contact us to learn further details about volleyball nets!



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Fishing Waders Help Keep You Dry

Getting a good start in fly fishing as a new hobby can be as easy as making a list of all the equipment you will need. Keeping dry while wading is very important so a good place to start would be with fly fishing waders.


This all important piece of equipment is a pair of overalls with straps that go over your shoulders and cover your chest with a pair of rubber boots that fit over your feet keeping them dry. Hip waders are also available with rubber boots.


When looking at hip waders keeps in mind they look like two large rubber boots that fit up to the hip. These waders will help keep the fisherman dry while offering support from the padded reinforced knees. This feature comes in handy if the fisherman takes a fall or needs to kneel down. Discount fishing waders can be found in both chest and hip fishing waders.


Hodgman pants are one of the popular brands chosen by fly fishermen. When shopping for waders, hip or chest online it is important to have measurements for chest, outseam, inseam and shoe size. If shopping at the local sporting goods store the salesman will be able to help with measurements or the waders can be tried on before buying.


When shopping for waders check out simms fishing boots. The simms fishing waders are made with five layers of material that prevents tears around the chest area, is waterproof, and comes with hand warmers and a zippered chest pocket.


PACIFIC EAGLE Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a specialized OEM company. We have engaged in manufacturing of neoprene, hunting and fishing field products for over 25 years. If you are interested in learning more information about simms fishing waders or other waders, welcome to visit our website or fill out the form at Pacific Eagle for any technical support or requests for quotations.



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Cassette Sprocket Buying Guide

What is a bicycle cassette?

A bicycle cassette is the cluster of sprockets on your bike. The cassette is normally situated on the rear hub of your bike; slotting onto a freehub body, and held firmly in place with a threaded cassette lockring. Depending on the ‘speed’ of your bike, your cassette could have anything between a 5 and 12 sprocket; most modern bicycle drivetrains utilize either 9, 10 or 11 speed cassettes.


Why are cassettes important?

Cassette sprockets provide you with a range of gearing options that your chain can run on. The range of gear ratios allows you to vary your pedaling cadence (revolutions per minute), to achieve optimum efficiency.


Running your chain on one of the larger sprockets (more teeth) on the cassette will provide an “easier” gear; letting you turn your legs faster. Running your chain on a sprocket with a lower number of teeth, will allow you to keep pushing power through your drivetrain, without “spinning out” (pedaling at an uncomfortably high number of revolutions) on a downhill section or sprint. A good range of gears on your cassette, therefore allows you to select the optimal gear to use; to keep your pedaling as smooth and as fluid as possible.


How do you choose the right cassette sprocket for your bike?

The choice of a cassette sprocket can appear overwhelming at first glance. There are different combinations of sprockets, to suit different tastes and terrains; with a significant difference between the cassettes you would use for a triathlon bike, compared to a mountain bike cassette.


The main thing to consider is the spread of gears on the cassette sprocket. The closer the highest and lowest number of teeth is, the smaller the jump between gears; facilitating a smoother gear change. However, having closer geared sprockets will normally decrease the size of the largest sprocket on the cassette; leaving you with a gear ratio that may be less suited to climbing and tough terrain.


G-MA Engineering Co., Ltd. provides wide range of bicycle parts for clients. Cassette sprocket, bike seat post, MTB crankset, and so on titanium bike parts all can be found on our website. If you are interested in G-MA’s cassette sprocket or other products, welcome to browse our website or contact with G-MA directly!



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The Right Tennis Nets – All about Selection

The process of choosing tennis nets is dependent upon various factors such as the kind of court you have, how often you play, and the likes. Durability and quality is a must when hunting around for tennis nets, most especially if you play frequently or if the playing season is long.


Tennis nets are generally made out of polyethylene material, stretched from one post to another. Other accessories that form them are dowels, cables, bands, etc. The said objects may be classified into portable, match/competition, recreational types, etc. Proper selection usually relies on how big the court is as well as the kind of game being played.


There are different classes of tennis nets to choose from, the most common being the ones for leisure and the ones for challenge. Mesh for recreation is normally made from intertwined material e.g. polyethylene, more often than not, with the width of 2.5 millimeters; a netting created for the purpose of competition is also made out of interlinked textile, generally polyethylene, measuring 3.6 millimeters in terms of width.


You will notice that most tennis nets are braided and comprised of the material: polyethylene. The reason behind the braiding process is that it helps make the mesh stronger. As for polyethylene, it may be considered the best material for nettings because of how well it can withstand various weather conditions.


Aside from nettings for recreation and competition, the present market also sells tennis nets that are transferable from point A to point B to point C—in other words: ‘portable’. The said type, of course, boasts of added convenience for players. Another type is made with a changeable height, allowing people of all ages to play. For example, for children players, the height of the mesh may be lower compared to adult players.


When deciding on which tennis nets to buy, there are some pointers to apply. First, the material that makes up the tennis grid should be durable enough to withstand changes in the weather. Mildew resistance should also be present. Another tip on buying nettings is to ensure that the product you bring home has the correct dimensions, especially if it will be used for formal matches. The accepted measurement is usually three feet high at the middle.


Other things to keep in mind when purchasing tennis nets most especially the portable types, is to look into stability and how you can safeguard your floors from scuffing. Mesh that has steel frames is more long-standing even when strong winds pass by. Portable netting with its feet made of rubber will maintain shiny floors and give protection from scratches.


Once you have procured tennis nets, you also have to know how to make them last longer. See to it that they are properly installed and supported well by their posts. Remember as well that no matter how durable your tennis nets are, they cannot always take ugly weather, so it is necessary for you to uninstall them and store them until better weather resumes.


Holy Hoe Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the qualified tennis nets manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Providing tennis nets which with features of extra durability, anti-UV and cold-resistant for customers. Suitable for various courts tennis nets all can be offered by Holyhoe Taiwan. If you are interested in learning more details about Holyhoe, welcome to browse our site and feel free to contact with us!



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