Does Automotive Wheel Machining Benefit From a Purpose-Built Wheel Machine?

Victor Taichung Machinery Works, based in Taiwan, makes a wide variety of machine tools, including turning machines and multi-purpose milling machines, but an interesting specialty application of the company are wheel machines.


In the video above, we speak with Wayne Hsueh, director of overseas marketing division at Victor Taichung Machinery Works about the difference between wheel machines and general purpose multi-axis machine tools.


“The car wheel machine is for clamping the part, because for the part to be clamped, you need a special chuck,” Hsueh explained.


“Usually for special purpose machines, the chuck is the key component to reduce setup time and for clamping efficiency. Wheel chips are also different from steel chips, so even a chip conveyor and the protection of ball screws are also somewhat different. For special purpose machines, you should pay attention to the kind of part you’re making, what kinds of chips are produced, what kind of coolant you use and how you dispose of it.”


Hsueh explains that Victor Taichung’s special-purpose wheel machines are actually modified general-purpose machines – this saves costs for the company as well as its customers.


“We can mass produce all the machine parts, as 80 percent of parts are compatible (between machines),” Hsueh said. “We have some customers that want special-purpose machines only and we pay a lot of attention to them. If we increase production of our general-purpose machine, the special-purpose machine would also become cheaper. We like it cheaper for mass production. That’s why we have a special machine for wheels, but wheel machines are heavy duty for heavy cutting. You need a very reliable machine base and fortunately at Victor Taichung Machines, we build the machines this way from the beginning.”


For more information, visit the Victor Taichung Machinery Works website.



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Factors You Must Consider When Purchasing a New VMC

In a typical production machine shop, the processing capabilities required can vary greatly between applications: some value power and torque over rpm, others value spindle speed more than torque or power. To ensure the highest level of productivity in all cases, all of these factors must be evaluated when considering a new investment in a vertical machining center.


With numerous different manufacturers of vertical machining centers (VMCs) on the market today, selecting the right VMC for a production environment can be a challenging and stressful endeavor. Each machine is designed and built differently, with unique features and characteristics. The key is determining how each impacts performance.


In order to cut through the clutter to find the right solution, manufacturers must first learn how to effectively evaluate machine performance by understanding key differentiating characteristics. Several factors to consider during evaluation are parasitic times, cutting times, thermal control, machine construction and production support features.



Today the average non-cut, parasitic time of a typical production machine shop consumes approximately 30 percent of the machining process. Part designs continue to grow in complexity, with a higher volume and diversity of closely spaced three-dimensional features. In order to minimize parasitic time and optimize production capabilities, evaluation of axis motion and tool-change technologies are critical in the selection of a production VMC.



There are substantial differences in the axis motions of modern VMCs, even when evaluating just the top tier of machine tool manufacturers. We conducted a recent comparison test to evaluate the differences in axis rapid traverse rates of several leading VMCs that demonstrated variations as high as 41 percent. A similar evaluation was given to axis acceleration and deceleration rates, resulting in a 45 percent difference between averaged rates. The Z-axis acceleration and deceleration rates in particular, which are crucial in drilling, pocket milling and tapping operations, resulted in performance variations as high as 75 percent.



The second key factor equally as crucial to parasitic time is tool change. When considering a VMC, manufacturers should examine the full tool change time from the moment the spindle stops to leave the work zone to the point at which it returns to the desired position and speed. While spec comparisons between leading VMCs might indicate minimal differences in tool-to-tool time, a true comparison that includes chip-to-chip time reveals variations as high as 18.4 percent.


In essence, the differences in axis motion and tool-change performance of production VMCs can have a significant impact on a manufacturer’s profitability.



Alternative to parasitic time is the actual time a vertical machining center spends cutting. With parasitic time consuming 30 percent of the machining process, the remaining 70 percent of the machine process is spent in the cut. Cutting times are generally examined by spindle capability, in which there are three primary factors to evaluate: power, torque and speed.


To ensure the highest level of productivity in all applications, manufacturers considering new investments in VMCs must evaluate all factors with equal importance.



Another key factor to evaluate while selecting a vertical machining center is thermal control. Modern thermal-control technologies have made significant advancements in both the productivity and accuracy of machining centers. Some key thermal-control characteristics to consider are spindle warm-up times, spindle growth and temperatures of linear axes.



Additional means for evaluating the accuracy of a vertical machining center would lie in the construction of the machine. Manufacturers should be wary of thin frames, structures with overhangs and unsupported components or motion. Machines with these components can face distortion, deflection, inaccuracy and vibration dampening when machining. Manufacturers should also pay attention to the weight and mass of the machine and how the machine is arranged to provide stiffness, rigidity and ultimately accuracy. If a vertical machining center is not rigid and stiff, the X-, Y- and Z-axis thrust can suffer, resulting in lower positioning accuracy and repeatability.



The last key factors for manufacturers to evaluate before investing in a vertical machining center are general production support features, which encompass chip and coolant management, ergonomics and ease of operation.



By evaluating VMCs based on the factors discussed above, manufacturers can ensure the ideal solution for their production environment. Each key factor holds a tremendous impact on productivity, quality, efficiency and ultimately profitability. No two VMCs uphold the same standards, even among market leading machines. In order for manufacturers to see through the clutter, it’s important to keep in mind the factors that will make the biggest impact on their ability to compete globally.


If you are interested in learning more information about vertical machining centers, I can recommend you to visit the website of Victor Taichung Machinery Works. They are Taiwan professional machining center series manufacturer. Kinds of quality lathes all can be found at their company. Try to check out Victor Taichung Machinery Works product category to find machinery you need!


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A Brief and Fast Introduction about CNC Milling Machines for Newbies

When it comes to fabricating components, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine is one of the most important CNC machine tools which are widely used in many industrial businesses. It has been effectively used to increase one’s profitability as well as productivity in performing repetitive high precision and difficulty milling operations including drilling, slot and keyway cutting and many more, which these tasks could not be possibly done manually over a long period of time. Therefore, these CNC milling machines are a compulsory tool in most industrial businesses which has succeeded the traditional milling methods.


If you are a newbie and you would like to know what this particular milling machine capable of – here are some things that you should know:


  1. There are existed as two distinctive types of milling machines – These machining centers are differentiated based on the positioning of the spindle motor (or orientation of the cutting tool). These machines are called horizontal milling machines because of the cutting tool is positioned and operating horizontally and vertical ones vice versa. Hence, it is common to see two types of these machining centers in most manufacturers – either in large or small manufacturers, as these machine tools are capable to perform milling operations in different directions.


  1. Most of these CNC milling machines can perform versatile cutting and drilling operations – There are several types of these CNC machining centers that are well-known as multiaxis machining centers including 3-, 4- and 5-axis machines. Certainly, those machines which have the higher number of axes are cost higher than lower numbered axes because these machines are able perform intricate parts production. Thus, normally large scale manufacturers own 4-and 5-axis machines as both machine types are able to boost their productivity and profitability over a certain period of time.


  1. These machines have integrated control software – Basically, CNC milling machine operations are controlled by its own distinctive control software. Operators need to be proficiency in CAD and CAM programming skills in order to control the computerized machining centers when performing high precision milling operations. As compared with traditional milling machines (or manual machines), most CNC machining centers are able to perform high precision milling operations and to reduce unnecessary wastage.


  1. Most of these machining centers are ergonomically designed – Based on its ergonomic features, operators will not be forced to bend, crouch and contort your body during setup. Furthermore, the cutting tool is operating within an enclosed area is an effective preventative measure of avoiding unwanted accidents resulted from direct exposure of milling operations.


  1. Wastage is not a big issue for CNC milling machines – As mentioned earlier, most CNC machines are capable of fabricating components without sacrificing precision and quality. Thus, using such CNC machines can effectively reduce one’s overhead costs.


  1. CNC machining centers are also available in job shops – It is not necessary that a manufacturer has to machine components on their own. In most cases, they would outsource specific tasks – i.e. tasks which involved CNC milling process, to CNC service providers.


Be sure that you understand the benefits of having CNC milling machines before you start purchasing them. And then, if you are interested in or need further details about milling machines, welcome to visit the website of Jiuh Yeh – the professional milling machine and machining center manufacturer.



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Seven outstanding manufacturers of machinery

1. Machining Center by Jiuh-Yeh

Jiuh Yeh is a primary machining center manufacturer in Taiwan. We supply high-quality machining centers, vertical machining center, and horizontal machining center. Our cutting edge technology and complete customer service have made us a reliable manufacturer and earned us a well reputation worldwide. We treat our business and business of customers’ seriously. Our R&D continues to develop innovative products and keep our customers updated to the latest market trend. We look forward to creating a real value for our domestic and international customers.

Vertical Machining Center

Main Product:

  • Vertical Machining Center
  • Horizontal Machining Center
  • Bed Type Milling Machine
  • Knee Type Milling Machine
  • Milling Machine


2. Rotary Die Cutter by Kingdom Machinery

Kingdom machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, which is a profession manufacture of rotary die cutter. Embossing rollers, Frame set(cutting Unit) rotary capsule mold and other customized machinery models. Kingdom Machinery Co., Ltd. is the biggest base to fabricate the rotary die cutter in Taiwan. Due to our advance machinery equipments and experienced techniques, we have gained a strong business support and high reputation from our customers among Taiwan and overseas. Our mission statement in business are”Precision, Quality, Service and Innovation, we will still support the high quality products, it would be grateful to achieve the company’s bussines goals by cooperating with our bussine partners. We specifically produce rotary die (die cutter), embossing roller and other customized machinery models. Our mission statements in business are “precision, Quality, Service, and Innovation.” Due to our advanced machinery equipments and experienced techniques, we have gained a strong business support and high reputation from our customers among Taiwan and oversea.

Main Product:

  • Medical Dressing Machines
  • Rotary Die Cutter
  • Embossing Roller
  • Frame Sets


3. Chain Link Fence Machine by Jiu Tai

Chain link fence machine manufacturer and exporter Jiu Tai is a specialized of chain link fence machine, welding machine, automatic chain link fence machine and barbed wire machine since 1983. Established in 1983, Jiu Tai Precision Industries Corp. is a remarkable welding equipment manufacturer specializing in wire ribbing machine and pvc wire coating machine which are outstanding among the counterparts. Sticking to the business concept of making the best better and pursuing perfection, we dedicate to product research and development all the time. Its excellent quality, great trustworthiness and moderate price earn us scores of praises. In 1992, concerning the further improvement of quality and quantity as well as efficient services, we moved to a new premise occupying more than 10,000 square meters in Douliou Industrial Park and recruited professionals to upgrade production techniques.


Main Product:

  • Mesh Making And Fence Weaving Machinery
  • Spot Welders
  • Welding Machines & Equipment
  • End Item Manufacture
  • Mobile Security Barrier
  • Machine Development


4. Extrusion Machine by Shang Ta Chia

Shang Ta Chia was established as an extrusion machine manufacturer since 1984. Our business range covers various extrusion machines, including PP/PC hollow profile extrusion line, PP/PC/PVC corrugated sheet extrusion line, PP film extrusion line, etc. Shang Ta Chia offers high quality extrusion machines and manufacturers to commit your requirements. Our extrusion machine contains two main advantages of manufacturing process, to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses. As to the quality of extrusion machine, Shang Ta Chia is a famed extrusion machine manufacturer who not only has a wide experiences on the techinics but also strive to research and innovate our machinery.

Main Product:

  • Plastic Extruders
  • Extrusion Machine


5. Used Printing Machine by Yu Mao

Yu Mao has specialized in used offset printing machine since 1984 and accumulated years of experience. The machines of Yu Mao are from different top brands, such as Akiyama, Hamada, Sakurai, Heidelberg, Komori, Roland, Mitsubishi, etc. Our offering includes 1 to 10 colors of printing machinery, screen printing machine, gravure printing equipment and so on. To provide the best quality of used offset printing machine and let customers feel satisfied with printing colors are our main goal. Be one of the leading dealers in used printing machine field. We always hold to the principle that providing reasonable prices and high quality used machines with the honest service, and let our customers feel satisfied with the cost efficient performance. In the future, Yu Mao will not only keep offering the efficiency used printing machines in the whole world for every customer but also excellent after sale services.

2006 Diamond 3000 TP

Main Product:

  • Used Printing Machine
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Printing OEM


6. Baling Presses by Godswill

Godswill specializes in recycling machine, recycling equipment for high quality baling press machine, box making machine and prefeeder. Godswill’s recycling machine have reasonable price and they provide the specific information to offer the best after-sales service. We satisfy our customers with quality, security and service since 1987 and has an excellent reputation in paper machine field. Keeping innovative mentality lead us to develop new products and manufacture excellent quality machine. So that, we have started to use computer assist system to build CAD, CAE and CAM since 1996, that improve research ability and shorten develop period. Computerized management MIS also offers efficient process and quality control, and build in-house standard-parts system to provide the best after-sales service.

Automatic Baling Press Model GB-0505F

Automatic Baling Press Model GB-1111F(S)

Automatic Baling Press Model GB-7575F

Main Product:

  • Baling Equipment
  • Box Making Machine
  • Prefeeder


7. Wire Straightener by Chung Yu

Chung Yu company was founded by Mr. Huang Yu-Kuan, the president in 1982, and now is the most professional manufactory of metal line straightening machine in our country. In order to provide our customers with high quality product, we keep on presenting new items by research and development under the leading of Mr. Huang Chien-Hung, Vice Manager of R&D Dept. and have obtained CE qualification in 1998 among all competitors, ISO 9002 certification in 2000, upgrading to be ISO9001 in 2002, and more than 10 types of new invention patent in the overseas. Our metal fully automatic wire straightening &cutting machine has won a goodwill for high precision quality to evidence by excellent sales result and widely export to the countries in the worldwide. Working range of our metal line straightening machine can be available from 0.5mm-18mm with all materials, and more excellent and stable model if compared to other similar types produced by the competitors.

CYA-100 Standard Wire Cutting Machine

Main Product:

  • Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine