Benefits of Well-Designed Medical and Dental Computer Mounts

The need for better monitor and computer mounting solutions

There has been a dramatic increase in the need for correct monitor and hospital arm in medical and dental settings. Placing a monitor and keyboard on a counter or shelf is no longer acceptable for the following reasons:


  • Computer use and MSDs. Awareness of the relationship between increased computer use and Muskuloskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in healthcare and dental environments has brought proper ergonomics to the forefront when selecting computer mounting systems.
  • Limited space. The growing use of computers, monitors and carts has created space restriction problems.
  • Meeting patient needs. Whether entertaining patients or presenting them with information, one static location for a monitor or TV will not meet the needs of every patient.


The importance of proper ergonomics

With better knowledge of workplace-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back, neck and shoulder pain, healthcare and dental managers are recognizing the need to provide ergonomically correct workplaces for their staff. The simple definition of ergonomics is the adaptation of the workplace to the worker. Mounting systems need to adapt equipment to the people who use it.


Because people’s physical proportions vary considerably, mounting systems need to easily adjust for each caregiver. Administrative and patient care tasks are handled more safely and efficiently with ergonomically designed computer and monitor mounts. Proper ergonomics can also save money through fewer missed days due to injury and increased productivity because employees are comfortable in their work environment.


Considerations for space-constrained environments

Often the first question that comes to mind before the purchase of a computer or monitor mounting system is, “Where will we put it?” In medical and dental environments, space is a valuable commodity. In an administrative or IT area, if a keyboard is placed at the edge of the table and a monitor behind the keyboard, the actual usable workspace has been greatly reduced. In some instances a second or third monitor is needed, compounding the problem.


In hospital patient rooms and dental operatory, it’s often impractical to use a second cart or cabinet for a computer, monitor, keyboard or laptop. Every square inch of floor and desk space has already been allocated for other equipment and tasks. Stowable mounting solutions provide complete workstations that mount in minimal space and fold up and out of the way when not in use. Desk and floor space remain clear.


Adjustable mounting arms can enhance patient care

Articulating monitor mounts in medical and dental settings enable caregivers to easily share information with patients. Appropriately selected monitor and computer mounting solutions can improve caregiver efficiency by streamlining workflow and maximizing the area they have to do their work.


Ergonomically designed mounting solutions increase the comfort, health and safety of staff in clinic and patient rooms, nurses stations, administrative areas, diagnostic sites and operatory.


A monitor mounted to an adjustable arm makes it easy for a patient to enjoy television even if his/her mobility is limited. The patient no longer has to be moved to see the screen because the screen can be moved to where the patient can view it.


An extendable monitor arm can enable a caregiver to use the monitor to educate a patient about a treatment or help him/her view x-rays from a bed or chair. This mounting system makes it easier to engage a patient in the treatment process. The same mounting system can then lift the monitor high enough to be used by caregivers or colleagues to discuss treatment plans.


Finding the right mounting solution

There are many hospital arms and stands on the market designed for an array of applications in healthcare and dental environments. It’s important to know exactly what mounting solution will match facility and caregiver needs. The following are points to keep in mind when looking for a mounting system.


  • Present needs may change in the future. Find a system that is designed with this in mind. Ask, “How easy will it be to add a keyboard to this monitor mount in the future? Will it be necessary to buy a completely new system or can this one be upgraded?”
  • The monitor and/or computer mount should be designed to adjust easily by the people who will use it every day. Ask, “Can caregivers and staff easily adjust the height and position of this mount?” In the case of an articulating mounting arm, think of the farthest point it will be required to reach. “Will this arm extend to where it is needed?”
  • There are compatibility standards set forth by VESA, the Video Electronics Standard Association that determine how a flat panel monitor can be mounted. Be sure to find a mounting interface that’s VESA compliant and compatible with the monitor. Also keep in mind the weight of the equipment that will be mounted and choose a mounting system that meets the load capacity.
  • Find out how the monitor and computer mounts under consideration have been engineered and manufactured. Ask, “Is the mounting system designed to be durable? Is the mount built to last at least as long as the equipment that is mounted on it? Is this system safe to extend above and over a patient? What kind of finish does it have? Will the finish fade or chip after frequent cleaning? Will the manufacturer stand behind this product?”


The right monitor and computer mounting system can transform a healthcare or dental practice. It can enrich the experience of patients and create a safer, more efficient workplace for employees.


Modernsolid Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hospital arm. The hospital cart features built-in gas spring which is simple to move whenever you want it to be, special coating and antiseptic process comply with medical requirements, as well as hidden cable management makes performance under security. If you would like to learn more about the company and products, please send you e-mail anytime. We will reply you ASAP.


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Anti Glare Film and Its Number One Function

An anti glare film is actually a shield which covers the screen of an electronic device to protect it and reduce glare so that the operator can make use of it much more comfortably. A variety of companies manufacture screen protection products which can handle glare, which includes bright sunlight and severe overhead office lighting. These products vary in style, which includes temporary screen protectors and more permanent shielding that’s meant to last for the life of the particular device. These types of products are frequently available in hardware and electronics stores.


What’s the function of a screen protector? With a touch screen phone like an iPhone being such a huge investment you want to make sure that it’s protected as much as possible, although most people don’t realize that you can buy protectors for the iPhone. The screen protectors for the iPhone are meant to keep the screen from being marked, chipped, or damaged from daily use while being so comfortable that you will not even realize that it is there. They are created out of a paper thin clear plastic material that won’t affect the normal use of your iPhone.


Anti glare films are designed to diffuse sunlight or unnatural light so your shiny screen does not reflect light back into your eyes. Such screen protectors will often appear with a matt or frosty finish and under a microscope will contain small lines. Their key purpose is to make sure your screen is viewable or readable in direct light, but they also have the extra bonus of decreasing fingerprints and also smudges to some extent. On the negative aspect, the matte finish can look a bit fuzzy and can also decrease the clarity of your screen slightly. Likewise, these protectors are usually a little bit thicker than other ones and the surface could be a little rough, meaning your finger will not slide as easily on the screen. If, nevertheless, you use your phone outdoors the majority of the time, then these types of protectors would be your very best choice.


Besides an anti-glare film are mirror screen protectors. Mirror protectors are made to turn your phone screen into a mirror whenever the screen is not lit up – ideal for rapidly checking your hair or makeup when out and about. The downside is that they can create a considerable amount of glare and can mean the colors of your screen may not be as bright as they should be. They’re more suitable for those who use their phone primarily for calling or sending text messages. When you look at pictures or watch videos with a mirror protector, they can be slightly more difficult to see, depending upon the light conditions.


A few companies create products like an anti-glare film that has a custom fit for certain devices like certain models of cell phones. Consumers also can purchase a flat sheet and then cut it to size. It is very important measure very carefully, as a screen protector that doesn’t fit can produce a lip. The lip might attract debris and dust and cause it to stick to the screen. Consumers should also be informed that thinner anti-glare films tend to be more prone to ripping away from the screen with longer use.


The anti glare film is now considered an absolute necessity for individuals who own a touch screen gadget. This is a method of guarding their beloved gadget from any damage, marks, or cracks. Also, the LCD protector is a good investment to make your mobile phones and other gadgets last a little longer.


If you need further details about anti-glare film, welcome to visit PROCHASE’s website. We are the expert of manufacturing protective films. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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Google Flight Simulator Vs Pro Flight Simulator

In recent years, these free flight simulators have even been significantly improved to rank equally with their commercial counterparts in terms of graphic design and features. One such online simulator that has caught the attention of many flight enthusiasts is the Google flight sim. This application is actually one of the surprises that you can find in the version 4.2 of Google Earth. Let’s take a closer look at this simulation tool to see how it measures up to commercial simulators.


In terms of aircraft selection, the Google flight simulator leaves much to be desired, as it only allows you to choose between two planes: an F16 fighter jet and an SR22 propeller airplane. This selection definitely pales in comparison to the hundreds of aircraft options in commercial simulators such as the Pro Flight Simulator. Pro Flight even lets you fly several helicopter and glider models, in addition to over a hundred different types of plane.


In terms of selecting your starting position, the Google simulator gives you three options: First is to start in your current view of Google Earth, which means that you are automatically in the air. The second option is to choose from 27 available airports. Third, you can start from the point where you ended your previous session. In contrast, the Pro Flight simulator lets you choose from over 20,000 airports located in any country all over the world.


All in all, the Google flight simulator is a relatively simple tool as compared to its commercial counterparts. What makes it stand out is the experience you get of flying over real pictures of your chosen locations. While the pictures and graphics may be far from perfect, they are definitely as visually good as those of commercial simulators. In fact, the Google flight simulator even presents real objects better than most commercial flight simulation software in the market.


Outstanding graphics and real pictures notwithstanding, the Google flight simulator still can’t really measure up to commercial standards, especially when compared to the Pro Flight software. Pro Flight also offers very realistic graphics and terrain based on US military mapping. In fact, everything you see in Pro Flight, from the cockpit controls to aircraft reactions to planetary alignment and movements is based on actual and current world data. There both good but Pro Flight tops it for accuracy and controls.


When you fly with the Pro Flight simulator, you will be able to take advantage of real-time synchronization. This feature lets you fly in exactly the same situation as when you are flying in real life. For example, if it’s a rainy afternoon in Sydney right now, then you will be flying in a rainy afternoon if you locate yourself in Sydney for your virtual flight. So, while it’s okay to practice on a free online simulator, it’s still better to get a commercial simulator such as Pro Flight for the ultimate virtual flying experience.


Carbon-Based Technology, Inc. was established in March 2007 and devoted in complete system design, integration, manufacturing, and global marketing of Unmanned Aircraft System.


We not only can offer high reliability Unmanned System as a platform for “Intelligence Gathering”, but also can offer total solutions for various aspects. Through this Hi-tech and Hi-reliability UAS platform which is 100% researched & developed in-house, it can integrate with techniques of data processing and analyzing for relative study fields such as GIS and Remote Sensing, Team Carbon-based can offer our clients with totally intact and useful intelligence on the ground as well as in the air. Especially for fields of anti-disaster and geographic spatial application, we have assisted clients from various professions to acquire priceless feedbacks. This also has proved core values of Unmanned Systems of Carbon-based Technology!


If you need more details about flight simulator and UAVs, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Carbon-Based!


Carbon-Based Technology Inc.

Central Taiwan Science Park / 3F, No.30, Keya Road, Daya District, Taichung City, 42881 Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-2565-8558

Fax: +866-4-2565-8559



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Rackmount Chassis to Protect Your Electronic Modules

Used for holding electronic modules like hard disks, and processors, rackmount chassis are frames that can fit into 19-inch racks. They can also hold visualization walls and I/O cards and can fit in one rack unit or 2 or more shelves.


Different types to fit your needs


Depending on your needs or specifications when it comes to the safety of your electronic modules, you can choose from the following different types of rackmount chassis:


o 1U: This can fit in a single shelf on the rack. They are able to support single and dual processors since they are 1.75 inches high. They also have the lowest chassis profiles.


o 2U: This type can cover 2 shelves on your rack. They are capable of supporting quad processor systems and they also have twice the capacity of the 1U. Their depth is almost 24 inches and they are 3.5 inches high.


o 3U or 4U: If you need 3 to 4 shelves, then the 3U or 4U chassis is for you because they are perfect for cluster applications that require the use of many I/O cards, video cards, and high-speed networks.


Things to consider


Whether it is a 1U, 2U, or a 3U/4U, try to make sure that it is compatibility with your rackmount server. You also need to consider the kind of cluster application that you have before you buy one. Furthermore, choose a chassis that is made of aluminum or steel to ensure resistance to heat and extreme changes in temperature. Remember that a durable chassis can do more for the protection of your electrical modules especially during shipping and handling.


For over 20 years of experiences in custom-design, JOYANCE R&D production department pays a lot of attentions to the meticulous design for the internal structure as well as the external physical attractiveness of each of our products. Care has been taken that our products are safe from electromagnetic interference and radiation. In addition, our products (operating in full system) pass various international standards, such as shock test and CE certification.


For more information about JOYANCE’s rackmount chassis, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact us!



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CPU Cooler

Founded in 1988, Coolmosa specializes in CPU Cooler System manufacturing. Our cooler is applying the advanced Fins Skiving Technology which enables greater surface area to increase cooling performance. Please click the links below to learn more information of our products.


As one of reputed CPU Cooler System experts, Coolmosa is committed to providing highest quality CPU Coolers, CPU Heatsinks, CPU Covers through our state-of-the-art technology. Our Cooler is manufactured using Fins Skiving Technology – one of the worlds most advanced Technology, a new concept developed and produced by CoolSonic.


Coolmosa has more than 10 years of experience in Cooler field. Here we design and offer a wide selection of Coolers that fit various devices. Our CPU Cooler applies the advanced Fins Skiving Technology to reach the best performance.

Rackmount Cases – Which Rackmount Case Should You Buy?

Rackmount cases are made to fit into the standard 19-inch racks. They can be used to house any electronic modules like disc players and power units, and can be mounted vertically unto rails made of metal on each side of a shelf. Depending on the purpose, some cases can fill a whole unit while others either fit into half a unit only or even two or more. Because rack mount cases originated from mounting systems found in railroad signaling relays, some still call them relay racks. The 19-inch rack format however has remained to be constant even with the changes that have happened with the technology mounted within it. While usable for any purpose, the 19-inch rack is most widely used in the telecommunications, audio, entertainment, computing, and other related industries.


Hard-mount rack case: A hard-mount rack case is placed on a rack unit with walls touching the case directly and are best for use with interconnected devices like several power modules needed by UPS systems.
Shock-mount rack case: A shock-mount rack case has a one-inch to two-inch layer of foam in between the rack walls and the case because they are designed to be used on sensitive equipment like optical drives and lead-acid battery modules.

Buying a rackmount case

When looking for rackmount case to buy, take careful consideration of the material that a rack mount case is made from. Depending on what you’ll be using it for, choose a rack mount case material that is best suited for your purpose. For example, if you’re using power modules, aluminum is a good choice as it has better cooling capacities compared to steel ones. You would need a rack mount case with better cooling capacities because power modules generate a lot of heat.

Complete information / Buy top-rated rackmount cases

A complete Guide to RACK MOUNT CASES is available in Picky Guide, one of the fastest growing online magazines giving free consumer advice and product information.

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Coolmosa – a leading stamping parts manufacturer

Coolmosa offers metal stamping parts, metal parts custom stamping, precision stamping parts for cooler field. Have ISO 9002 approval, we always do our best to control quality seriously. We provide the most comprehensive stamping parts solutions in the industry. For more metal stamping parts information, fill out the online contact form and Coolmosa will be happy to answer any questions you might have. With a long reputation as a chief manufacturer of stamping parts, Coolmosa will your right choice on your business needs.

We strive to be the professional metal stamping product provider. Coolmosa can supply all kinds of metal stamping for stamping parts, stamping mold, stamping cooler, stamping cooler heatsink, stamping cooler cover and other metal stamping products. Product experience, low price, availability and best service are the cornerstones for a foundation based on Coolmosa to our customer. Have ISO 9002 approval, we always do our best to control metal stamping quality seriously.

Coolmosa has strong R&D team, enable us to constantly develop the top quality CPU cooler and PC thermal cooling products for the market requirement. Our mission is to provide exceptional satisfaction to our customers by understanding their needs and thus, keep on developing high performance and innovative cooling products. Our cooler is applying the newest “Fins Skiving” Technology for top performance, this technology enables greater surface area and thus increased cooling performance.


Staping Parts Series:

Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 004Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 005Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 006

Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 007Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 009Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 010

Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 014Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 026Picture of Stamping Parts for Model No Num 029

JOYANCE specializes in designing quality monitor and LCD rackmount enclosures

Rackmount Enclosure Series:

LCD Rackmount Enclosure
LCD Rackmount Enclosure

  • 19″ LCD rack mount enclosure 8U
  • Dimension: 15(D) x 42.65(W) x 35.48 (H) cm
  • Design for 15″ LCD
  • Do it yourself

614 Monitor Rackmount Enclosure
Monitor Rackmount Enclosure 614

  • 19″ Monitor rack mount enclosure 8U
  • Dimension: 45 (D) x 42.65 (W) x 35.48 (H) CM
  • Design For 14″Monitor
  • Do it yourself

617 Monitor Rackmount Enclosure
Monitor Rackmount Enclosure 617

  • 19″ Monitor rack mount enclosure 10U
  • Dimension: 45 (D) x 42.65 (W) x 44.25 (H) CM
  • Design For 17″Monitor
  • Do it yourself


The Architect of Computer – 19″ Industrial Rackmount Computer Series

For over 20 years of experiences in custom-design, JOYANCE R&D production department pays a lot of attentions to the meticulous design for the internal structure as well as the external physical attractiveness of each of our products. Care has been taken that our products are safe from electromagnetic interference and radiation. In addition, our products (operating in full system) pass various international standards, such as shock test and CE certification.

We fully invest our human resources in design, prototype, tooling, stamping, electro-plating, painting, injection molding throughout the production assembly. Our integrated manufacturing capacity assures JOYANCE customers an efficient control over quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes. We are positive about our outgoing quality, product reliability, and prompt delivery.

Facing rapid changes in the global envirnments, such as technology monetary factors and consuming habits, and etc. We continue to innovate, improve, and enhance as well as integrate the resources internally and externally to strengthen the flexibility of our company and the competitiveness of our products.

Wide selection of computer server rack with Jaunty-Fabricator

Jaunty-Fabricator was striving to provide a wide selection of computer server rack products and accessories, items including 19 inch rack, enclosure, rack-mount chassis, wall-mount server rack, IPC and other optional accessories. Jaunty was established in 1999, at beginning, we struggle hard to create a presence in the market of server rack products, and insist that all of the products manufactured by Jaunty-Fabricator must be underwent a strict quality control process to add customer value. Nowadays, as a well-known computer server racks manufacturer, we continuously develop new products with innovation and the latest technologies. That is why Jaunty Fabricator can offer the best what customers need, and have more competitive advantages than others.

All of the products manufactured by Jaunty-Fabricator undergo a strict quality control process. Only after the products have passed these quality control mechanisms, then can they be sent to Jaunty-Fabricator clients. Employees of the company are available to service clients worldwide to help solve any questions or problems. The Jaunty-Fabricator Research and Development department will adjust designs or create new models based upon different customer needs.

Server Rack Series:

**19 Inch Rack**

SJF Series 19 Inch RackEric Series 19 Inch Rack

The 19 inch rack manufactured by Jaunty-Fabricator undergo a strict quality control process. Only after the products have passed these quality control mechanisms, then can they be sent to Jaunty-Fabricator clients. Employees of the company are available to serve clients worldwide to help solve any questions or problems. The Jaunty-Fabricator Research and Development department will adjust designs or create new models based upon different customer needs.


** 42U Rack**

JDO-4 Post 42U RackJ2 42U Rack

Jaunty Fabricator specializes in 42U rack in specifications according to customers’ requirements. Being one of the leading 42U rack manufacturers, we employ well-qualified team of professionals dedicated to the latest technology of computer peripheral and hardware. The 42U rack products manufactured and distributed by Jaunty are 100% in accordance with the international standards and the updated technology. We firmly believe that quality is our top priority to be succeed in the computer field of operation. It makes us capable of providing satisfactory products and services towards our customers with demanding requirement.


** Wall Mount Rack**

19" Model Wall Mount Rack20" Model Wall Mount Rack


Fortron Provides Professional Custom Cable Assembly Service

Fortron is a leading company who engaged in custom cable assembly for decades. The vast experience and knowledge about the industry have helped Fortron to figure out the market trends and produce the quality custom cable assembly products to meet customers’ demands. In addition, Fortron has put much effort in R&D for innovative cables. In terms of infrastructure, it is well equipped with latest and sophisticated machinery and testing equipment. We are capable of providing standardized as well as customized cable assembly products to our clients and welcome your drawings and exact specifications. Fortron will strive to translate your requirements into perfect solution. Welcome to use online inquiry form to contact us for more details about our custom cable assembly service.


Custom Cable Assembly Series:

Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS001Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS002Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS003

Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS004Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS005Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS006

Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS007Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS008Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS009

Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS010Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS014Custom Cable Assembly Model CUS015



FORTRON provides a variety of cables and custom cable assembly services. Asking for any engineer within Production, Purchasing, Marketing, and R&D department must pass Material Estimation, Production Technology, and Quality Control training to enhance personal strength on products and to guarantee our customers always getting satisfactory cables both for quality and price.