Global Water Purifier Market 2017 : Dynamics, Scope, Competition, Analysis, Value

The competitive framework study Global Water Purifier Market is an in-depth study that covers all the aspects of the industry. The research report delivers key insights verified by key industry participants. These include market-leading participants, key clients and consumers, and product types and applications.


As per the world economic growth, the Water Purifier market size is estimated from 8310 million $ in 2013 to 10550 million $ in 2016 .The Water Purifier Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 13140 million by 2021 at a CAGR of 8.28% in the given forecast period.


This Water Purifier Market report provides:

  1. An overview of the global market for Global Water Purifier Market and related technologies.
  2. Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2013, estimates for 2014 and 2016, and projections of CAGR through 2021.
  3. Forecast horizon for geographical segments (regions) as well as sub-areas will expand at the most elevated rate.
  4. Primary strategies for development, and the demand for new products and new applications.
  5. Pricing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Target Clients.
  6. Competitive landscaping of major market players.


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Well, maybe you also want to understand where you can find quality and reliable water purifiers. Here, I recommend a manufacturer to you – that’s TRIWIN Watertec Co., Ltd.


Taiwan Recommended RO Water Purifier Manufacturer – TRIWIN Watertec


Triwin Watertec is a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment. They mainly offer a full line of RO systems, water filtration system, water coolers, POU water dispensers, accessories/components and so on.


With the advance technology and rich experience, Triwin Watertec has verified by BV (Bureau Veritas) on-site checking & inspection and to be qualified as an assessed supplier of Water Purifiers. They always fulfill the needs for top quality products and equipment in the water treatment industry worldwide.


If you have any water treatment question or Water Purifiers requirements, please feel free to visit Triwin Watertec:



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How to Choose a Right Reverse Osmosis System?

The water filter market is saturated with competition and whichever type of water filter you’re looking to buy, you’ll be met with an abundance of options. It’s difficult to decide on a brand or a filter model, especially if you’re new to the topic of water filtration. Choosing a reverse osmosis water filter is all the more difficult, given that there are systems with different filtration stages, membranes, filtration capacities, etc. To help you get more familiar with your options and understand the differences you may encounter in your search for a reverse osmosis water filter, we offer a quick RO filter buying guide that you can consult while you’re trying to find the best reverse osmosis filter for your home.

Triwin RO System


RO Filter Buying Guide Quick Facts


There are certain questions that you need to address before buying any RO filter for your home, office, restaurant or dental practice:


  • What is my water supply like?
  • What is my water pressure like?
  • How much space do I have?
  • What is my budget?


Water Quality and Pressure


By answering the questions related to the quality of your water, you’ll know what contaminants you need to remove from your tap water, and this will give you further information about how many filtration stages should your RO system have or whether or not you need an alkaline filter too. If your tap water has many types of sediment, it’s chlorinated and acidic, you may want to look into a reverse osmosis filter that is equipped with sediment pre-filters and activated carbon filters that can help reduce sediments and get rid of chlorine from your water supply. This will not only improve the overall quality of your tap water, but it will also make sure your RO membrane will not clog and stay in top shape. If your tap water is acidic in its unfiltered state, you’ll need to invest in a reverse osmosis system that contains a remineralizer filter or alkaline filter as well. RO produces slightly acidic water, so an alkaline filter can replenish your water with trace amounts of healthy minerals that were removed during the filtration process, thus, correcting the pH balance of your RO water.


If your water pressure is not at optimum levels (look for the water pressure requirements of the RO system you’re thinking of buying), you’ll need to invest in a system with a booster pump.


Space and Budget Considerations


The size of an RO filter depends on many factors (how many filters it contains, how big is the RO storage tank, etc.), but you need to make sure you have enough space wherever you’re thinking of installing it.


Another aspect to consider is your budget. There can be very huge price differences between RO systems depending on their intended purpose, filtered water output, complexity, etc. Commercial RO systems can be double or even triple the price of domestic water filters, but they also have an hourly filtered water output that can amount to hundreds of liters of water. You also need to think about maintenance costs, which usually mean the costs of replacing the pre and post-filters and the RO membrane. It’s a good idea to run the numbers and see how much you’ll need to spend annually on filter replacements.


In a nutshell, these are the most important aspects to consider before buying a reverse osmosis filter. Hopefully, we’ve managed to make your search for an RO filter a little less daunting and a little more efficient.


Recommendable RO System Supplier


Triwin Watertec Co., Ltd. is the professional RO system manufacturer in the industry. If you need more information about RO water purification, please do not hesitate, send inquiry or contact with Triwin for more details you need. Click here: to obtain pure water!



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The Benefits of a POU Water Dispenser

A POU water dispenser stands for Point of Use water cooler. This is a kind of water dispenser where the filtration method to make the water clean happens right where the consumption happens.


This opposed to putting up a filtration system that is centralized throughout the entire house. There are many kinds of filtration methods that are used for point of use coolers, such as boiling, ceramic pot filtration, chlorination, cloth filtration, natural or chemical coagulation, pasteurization, sand filtration, and even solar disinfection. There are many benefits to having this kind of filtration system as opposed to the conventional centralized kind.


First of all, a POU water dispenser will definitely be cheaper than having a centralized system put in. That is because you do not have to have construction done on the inner workings of your house. Also, you can just buy one water cooler for an entire house, especially when you do not need that many because there are only a few of you living in the house or because you live alone.


Aside from having a lower price, a POU water dispenser is great for underdeveloped countries that do not have drinkable tap water. As a matter of fact, plenty of charitable foundations have begun making it a point to try and provide these kinds of water dispensers for places that do not have clean drinking water. These kinds of water coolers have the capability to turn ordinary and non-potable water into clean and filtered drinking water. As for people who can afford it, they still have to go through the hassle of getting water bottles delivered to their homes because their tap water is not clean. A POU water dispenser would be able to get rid of that spending once and for all. And not only that, but you also save yourself the trouble.


And last but not the least, you definitely need to get a POU water dispenser because of all the hassle that it saves you. No longer will you have to deal with instances like running out of water at the most inconvenient times because you did not realize that you were out of water, and you also do not have to deal with deliveries that take forever. While it may not sound like much, this can definitely be a big hassle when the time comes that it does happen to you.


When you finally do decide to buy POU water dispensers, there are a few things keep in mind. Make sure that you pick the right size for the space that you have. While a bigger cooler will definitely be able to filter more water at one time, you do not always necessarily need this kind of filtration power. If you do not have enough space or if there isn’t that many people who will be using this filter, opt for a smaller model. This will save you money.


Make sure to buy those that come with the proper filtration method that you want. There are many different kinds of methods, but only one will truly suit you. Figure out what this is and make sure to buy a water cooler with that method.


Founded in 1984, Triwin fulfills the needs of top quality products and equipment in the water treatment industry world-widely. Our main products — residential RO systems, commercial RO systems, industrial RO systems, soften water systems, pure water systems and all water treatment components. If you need more information about POU water dispenser or other RO systems, please feel free to contact Triwin!



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Drinking water without worry – introduce RO System of Easywell

RO System Series:

RO System

RO System Products

  • Compact R.O.
  • Residential R.O.
  • Quick Change R.O.
  • Commercial R.O.
  • Water Dispender
  • Direct Flow R.O.


Water Filter System

Water Filter System

  • Under Sink
  • Counter-Top
  • Fridge Filter
  • Tap Water Filter

Shower Water Filter System

Shower Water Filter System

  • HSF-126
  • SF-12FM
  • SF-122FM
  • SF-123FM
  • SF-125
  • CC-4C
  • CC-35CS
  • CC-15CS



Pitcher Series Water Filter System

  • PI-02
  • PI-2SC
  • PI-03
  • PI-3SC


Water Filter System Components

RO System Components

  • Ball Valve
  • Water Drinking Faucet
  • Diverter Valve
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Filter Housing
  • Membrane Element
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Spout
  • RO Accessories
  • Filter Media


RO System Manufacturer & Supplier – Easywell

Easywell insists on produce its RO system with high quality, honesty and honor. Its unique design features make installation easier and operation reliable. Easywell main goal is to deliver the excellent RO system, which comes with best quality but reasonable price. We began our business in 1986 by producing angle valve and from 1992 we successfully switched our product line to RO systems and water filters. Nowadays easywell has become one of the leading reverse osmosis manufacturers and suppliers which certified by ISO9001 & ISO14000.

Make it Easy, do it Well, Easywell Water Systems, Inc. was officially founded in June 1986 by Mr. Rodger LIN, a hardworking rural young man of resilience. Before that, Mr. LIN had opened Gao Yin International Ltd., a joint venture with Mr. Nicken Chen, a friend of his and all he dreamed of was making money and having his living improved.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lin dropped out soon for troubled management of the business and spent the following years without a steady job. On invitation of Mr. Lin Hongyao, a younger brother of his, the two went home to develop Easywell Industrial Co., Ltd. which later became known as Easywell Water Systems, Inc.

In 1990, Easywell had its own land of 680 M2 for manufacturing, 2 years later in 1992, the business became confronted with an overwhelming competition waged by the manufacturing industries in Southeast Asian nations and Mainland China and sales of Angle valves withered. As everything seemed doomed the still young business, God reached out to the struggling Easywell, when Mr. Tony Special from Cuno Company in the U.S. invited Mr. LIN for a meeting at the WQA Show in Florida, U.S.A., an event that allowed the opportunity Easywell could not let go – the Angle valve began its application in the household water treatment business and Easywell saw assistance rendered by Mr. Michael Chou from Gentle Wind International Corp.

To be responsible to our customers, suppliers and employees, easywell insists on manufacturing unharmful water purification equipment.When we plan to develop a new product, our first concern is if the new product is unharmful to the human body and the environment. The efficiency and cost will be estimated only after we make sure the reliability of new products. Easywell was established in 1986.Although our growth was not fast in the past 23 years, we still insist on doing business honestly and concentrating on our professional field. We continue investing 3~5% of the turnover in R&D and employee training annually. We are confident we will do better and better in the competitive market.

The RO System and RO Water System Manufacturer – Easywell

Founded in 1986, Easywell is a dedicated professional ro water system manufacturer & service provider whose factories & sales office/channel are located worldwide, Taiwan, China, Europe & USA. We are also devoted to making customer’ designs easier by providing an all-inclusive personal technology support that combines the functions of several part assembling into one powerful solution. Complete product range with professional technical support meets the demand of “one-stop shopping”, Easywell has become one of the few ro system supplier who is capable of providing full range of product. The stable quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, kindness service are our advantage and we will be your good partner. If you are interested in our ro system and ro water system, please feel free to contact us now!

RO system

RO system

Address: 222-2, Chia-Tung Rd., Sec. 2, Changhua City, Taiwan, 500.
Website E-mail :
TEL: 886-4-7363332
FAX: 886-4-7363776

Best RO System: Triwin Watertec

Triwin Watertec Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of RO System, RO Water System and accessories inTaiwan. We mainly produce variety kind of water purified equipment and accessories. The water purifier products include RO System, water dispenser, water vending machine, water softener, and more. We have established ourselves successfully in business by providing special quick delivery, top quality, most competitive price and experienced professional service. We are committed to providing our worldwide customers with the best solutions, products, and work processes. If you are looking for an experienced supplier to help you extend your business especially in the water field, we are no-doubt your only choice for sharing with you good profit and after service. If you have any questions regarding our RO System or products, please feel free to contact us now.


RO System

RO System



No. 3, Lane 45, Section 3, Dafu Rd., Tanzih District, Taichung, Taiwan 427

Tel : +886-4-2531-1188

Fax : :+886-4-2531-0606

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