Drinking water without worry – introduce RO System of Easywell

RO System Series:

RO System

RO System Products

  • Compact R.O.
  • Residential R.O.
  • Quick Change R.O.
  • Commercial R.O.
  • Water Dispender
  • Direct Flow R.O.


Water Filter System

Water Filter System

  • Under Sink
  • Counter-Top
  • Fridge Filter
  • Tap Water Filter

Shower Water Filter System

Shower Water Filter System

  • HSF-126
  • SF-12FM
  • SF-122FM
  • SF-123FM
  • SF-125
  • CC-4C
  • CC-35CS
  • CC-15CS



Pitcher Series Water Filter System

  • PI-02
  • PI-2SC
  • PI-03
  • PI-3SC


Water Filter System Components

RO System Components

  • Ball Valve
  • Water Drinking Faucet
  • Diverter Valve
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Filter Housing
  • Membrane Element
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Spout
  • RO Accessories
  • Filter Media


RO System Manufacturer & Supplier – Easywell

Easywell insists on produce its RO system with high quality, honesty and honor. Its unique design features make installation easier and operation reliable. Easywell main goal is to deliver the excellent RO system, which comes with best quality but reasonable price. We began our business in 1986 by producing angle valve and from 1992 we successfully switched our product line to RO systems and water filters. Nowadays easywell has become one of the leading reverse osmosis manufacturers and suppliers which certified by ISO9001 & ISO14000.

Make it Easy, do it Well, Easywell Water Systems, Inc. was officially founded in June 1986 by Mr. Rodger LIN, a hardworking rural young man of resilience. Before that, Mr. LIN had opened Gao Yin International Ltd., a joint venture with Mr. Nicken Chen, a friend of his and all he dreamed of was making money and having his living improved.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lin dropped out soon for troubled management of the business and spent the following years without a steady job. On invitation of Mr. Lin Hongyao, a younger brother of his, the two went home to develop Easywell Industrial Co., Ltd. which later became known as Easywell Water Systems, Inc.

In 1990, Easywell had its own land of 680 M2 for manufacturing, 2 years later in 1992, the business became confronted with an overwhelming competition waged by the manufacturing industries in Southeast Asian nations and Mainland China and sales of Angle valves withered. As everything seemed doomed the still young business, God reached out to the struggling Easywell, when Mr. Tony Special from Cuno Company in the U.S. invited Mr. LIN for a meeting at the WQA Show in Florida, U.S.A., an event that allowed the opportunity Easywell could not let go – the Angle valve began its application in the household water treatment business and Easywell saw assistance rendered by Mr. Michael Chou from Gentle Wind International Corp.

To be responsible to our customers, suppliers and employees, easywell insists on manufacturing unharmful water purification equipment.When we plan to develop a new product, our first concern is if the new product is unharmful to the human body and the environment. The efficiency and cost will be estimated only after we make sure the reliability of new products. Easywell was established in 1986.Although our growth was not fast in the past 23 years, we still insist on doing business honestly and concentrating on our professional field. We continue investing 3~5% of the turnover in R&D and employee training annually. We are confident we will do better and better in the competitive market.