Choose The Right Paper Towel Dispensers!

A paper towel dispenser is an essential element in any sanitary restaurant kitchen or office restroom. The mounting style and type of dispenser will affect how paper towels are stored, as well as how they are dispensed. Choosing the right paper towel dispenser for your business may seem difficult, but this guide will explain the different designs and types of dispensers so you can make the best choice!


Mounting Styles

If there isn’t much room in your bathroom or kitchen, then a surface-mounted or recessed paper towel dispenser would be the best fit. By mounting it to the wall, you save precious counter space and provide convenient access to paper towels right by the sink. The sleek design of recessed models is perfect for tight bathrooms and kitchens where it is best to avoid bulky or cumbersome paper towel dispensers. Both surface-mounted and recessed dispensers are ideal for dispenser / trash can combinations.


Countertop paper towel dispensers work well for more spacious bathrooms. With the freedom to pick up countertop dispensers and move them around your hotel or office bathroom, your options are virtually limitless.


Dispenser Types

When choosing the right type of dispenser, it is best to think about what type of paper towel you will be dispensing in your commercial kitchen or bathroom. Each dispenser has its benefits and certain paper towels are better suited to fit each dispenser. Paper towel options include standard rolls, center pull rolls, perforated rolls, and folded paper towels.


Standard Rolls

Large, standard rolls are perfect for high traffic areas. See the chart below for the dispensers most compatible with this type of roll.


Lever / CrankSB-8522 Paper Towel Dispenser This style is a convenient way to dispense a variety of paper towel lengths; however, these dispensers are not as sanitary as hands free dispensers due to the physical contact between each user and the lever or crank.
  • Allows you to dispense the desired length of paper towel
  • Ideal for light-traffic environments

Hands Free

SB-9523 Auto Paper Towel Dispenser

This dispenser allows customers to pull or tear a desired length without touching the exterior of the dispenser. Motion sensors eliminate the need to pull on a lever or crank, ensuring that each paper towel is only touched by one user and germs are not transferred from user to dispenser.
  • Most hygienic solution
  • Dispenses a set length of paper towel to limit waste



Center Pull Rolls

Center pull paper towels are a cost-effective and sanitary option. The large roll accommodates high-traffic environments, while the pull-down dispensing method ensures that each paper towel remains clean and unused until it is dispensed by each customer or employee. By removing the center roll, you can then pull each paper towel down from the inside out, further contributing to the sanitary qualities of this paper towel roll.


Center PullCenter Pull Paper Towel Dispenser Customers and employees can pull a single paper towel straight down from the center of the unit. Featuring a large capacity barrel, this dispenser is ideal for high traffic environments.
  • Dispenses single sheets to minimize waste
  • Each user only touches 1 towel
  • Great for high-traffic kitchens or bathrooms


Perforated Rolls

With perforated sections, customers and employees can easily tear the desired amount to clean up spills. These rolls are ideal for soaking up messes around your school, office, break room, or kitchen. Soft-to-the-touch, perforated rolls feature a combination of strength, absorbency, and comfort.


CountertopCountertop Paper Towel Holder Made of rustic-looking wrought iron, this paper towel holder is a sturdy yet stylish option for your restaurant or bar.
  • Perfect for individual tables at busy bars and restaurants that serve crab legs, barbeque, and wings
  • Great for countertop applications
Surface-MountedSurface Mounted Paper Towel Holder Easy to mount, this paper towel holder is perfect for dispensing standard, perforated paper towel rolls at the back of the house for commercial kitchens or next to sinks in healthcare facilities.
  • Mounts to walls for convenient placement near sinks



Folded Paper Towels

Folded paper towels can be used for both countertop and surface-mounted dispensers. Folded paper towels include C-Fold and M-Fold styles. Centerfold paper towels are made to lie on top of each other, while multifold paper towels are made to interlock with each other. The interlocking nature of M-Fold paper towels allows you to fit more paper towels in each dispenser, whereas C-Fold paper towels are easier for guests to separate. Great for dispenser / trash can combinations or countertop baskets and holders, the chart below includes additional information on the benefits of each folded paper towel dispenser.


C-Fold / M-FoldC-Fold / M-Fold Paper Dispenser Conveniently dispenses paper towels one at a time to cut down on waste.
  • Paper towels remain enclosed and sanitary inside the dispenser
  • Easy to separate paper towels
Holders / BasketsPaper Towel Holder / Baskets Guests can easily reach in to access the top paper towel from the holder or basket. Holder/baskets allow for convenient placement near bathroom sinks and they can be easily moved to wipe down counters.
  • Great for countertops
  • Easy mobility
  • Ideal for light-traffic environments
Dispenser / Trash Can CombinationsDispenser / Trash Can Combination This style dispenses paper towels and collects waste. Guests can easily grab one paper towel at a time and quickly dispose of it in the trash can space below. With the ability to dispense and dispose of paper towels in one convenient location, you’ll save space and promote a sanitary environment
  • Great for restrooms
  • Saves space
  • Promotes the highest level of sanitation


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Kingsway, as a professional sanitary products manufacturer, it provides high quality sensor taps, foam soap dispensers, toilet flush valves etc. for you to choose. Also, it manufactures series of washroom accessory, which including paper towel dispensers, roll paper tissue dispensers, and standard soap dispenser. For more details, please feel free to check Kingsway website:



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Ergonomic Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

The word “ergonomic” originated from the Greek words “ergos” meaning work, and “nomos,” meaning natural laws of. In essence ergonomics is the study of how we can manipulate our work environment to better suit our bodies while we work. Humans were not designed to sit for 8 plus hours a day! Knowing this ergonomists have spent decades studying how to better support the body during this unnatural process of seated task work.


There are many aspects involved in creating a functional, ergonomic work environment. There are so many we cannot cover all of them in one article so we’ll focus on the most important piece of ergonomic furniture in your office – YOUR CHAIR. There is only one piece of ergonomic furniture you will always be in contact with and that is your ergonomic chair. Whenever you’re sitting at your desk your body is in constant contact with whatever form of office seating you’ve chosen to use. It’s important that the seat and back surfaces are constructed with materials that reduce pressure points and follows the contours of the body. “Continuous Support” is the foundation of every ergonomic office chair.


For years manufacturers focused on using multiple layers of foam with different densities. In 1994 Herman Miller introduced the Aeron Chair using mesh for both the seat and the back. The use of mesh was genius and sparked a revolution in the design and manufacture of office seating. The introduction of mesh to the seat and back yields perfection in continuous support. The mesh follows every curve of the body and cradles the user. The lumbar area of the back is of particular advantage because each user’s body is of different proportions. The mesh gives in the scapular areas and remains tight in the lumbar region which improves posture immensely. This can be achieved with a foam chair but the chair would not be perfect for every user. A chair with mesh on the seat or back can be used by a wider range of body types and can provide continuous support to all of them!


Ergonomic mesh chairs are not only looking cool but as you can see they have functional purpose as well. A mesh office chair ability to provide ergonomically correct support to the users is unsurpassed by any other material. There are now many manufacturers providing chairs with mesh used to upholster the seating surfaces. Chairs with mesh seats are generally more expensive because they’re more complex and expensive to manufacture. Many office chairs have mesh backs only and a traditional foam seat. This makes for a more affordable ergonomic mesh chair. Either option is generally better than a traditional office chair with foam cushions because of the properties of mesh upholstery.


Leading supplier of mesh office chairs, VOXIM manufactures mesh chair series with years of experiences and insists to provide quality products to clients. We provide two series of mesh office chairs: V-Mesh series and NEUVO series. Their primary feature is to provide a minimalist design in the visual appearance. If you need more information and specification about fashionable and comfortable mesh office chair series, please feel free to contact Voxim.


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Available Types of Nails

Nails come in an amazing variety of size and application range. They range in size from tiny panel pins needing gentle tapping with a small hammer to enormous ones used to affix railway lines to sleepers, which are driven home with sledge hammers. They are used extensively in industry, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and home use. The common variety is found everywhere from supermarkets to hardware stores and are mostly made of mild steel wire, flattened on the one end and sharpened at the other – you know those objects that cause blue swollen thumbs and foul language? It is however the non-common variety that is so interesting. They can be made of hardened steel, brass or copper and may have decorative heads and grooved or ringed shanks and they are used from furniture upholstery to roof trussing to fixing horse shoes. Some are even – maybe inadvertently – used to flatten car tires or fixing iron rims to wooden wheels. Yes, they are common and sometimes even lowly, but they are also exalted.


They also have some amazing names. Consider: Cut clasp, slate, upholstery, clout, ring shank and bright ones among others. They can be driven home by a hammer or a pneumatic tool. Brad nails are more often than not applied with such a tool. The nails are clued together in a string and inserted into the pneumatic tool. The nails are then shot into board or other material using the tool. The heads of brad nails are designed to slightly counter sink and the ensuing hole is later filled with wood putty to conceal the nail. Specialist hardened steel nails used to penetrate concrete is often shot into a wall or roof using a special gun that fires nails rather than bullets. The gun fires blank.22 cartridges which propels the nail into the wall.


Clout nails are long, thin ones with a flat large head and are used to fix ceilings to the roof or thin metal to wood. The large head avoids the nail to pull through the material and act as a fastener. Upholstery nails are used for decorative purposes, particularly in the use of leather as a means of upholstery. These nail have large rounded heads which are either copper or brass plated. They are used close to one another so as to create a special luxurious and rustic effect. Clavos nails on the other hand are crafted from iron, are decorative and used mainly as a decorative fixture to rustic doors – think Henry the 8th and the doors to his castle.


Roofing nails used to fix corrugated iron to wooden trusses are long shank ones with a large head and fluted shaft, designed to have a lead washer attached. The fluted shaft prevents the nail from loosening in the wind and the washer acts as water proofing. The ones used for fixing asphalt tiles or shingles are also specially designed for the purpose, both with large flat heads. Drywall installation requires special skills and tools. Nails designed for dry walling have rings along the shaft that prevents the nail from pulling out of a dry wall. The heads of such nails are also indented. Picture nails or masonry nails are made of hardened steel and designed to penetrate brick and concrete. These nails are not intended to support heavy weights but pictures etc.


Shuen Fuh offers many types of upholstery nails and decorative sofa nails. The material is steel, and the color and size of products can be produced as your requirement. We keep on consistent performance, cost reduction and quality perfection to meet the highest standard of customers’ satisfactions. Welcome to visit the website of Shuen Fuh to browse more upholstery nails and decorative nails relative products.


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Mesh Office Chair of Taiwan Fuh Shyan Professional Mesh Chair Manufacturer

Fuh Shyan mesh office chair manufacturer is a professional supplier of mesh office chair has been insisting on providing customer classic quality, good price and excellent service. Fuh Shyan had set up a tool mould department in 2003 with 30 staff work online for fast customer service to new sample development & tool molding. Thus, the ODM & OEM mesh chair cooperation is also very welcome.

Wen Ping Chairs Co., Ltd was established in 2008 under Fuh Shyan Co., Ltd in Chia Yi. The founder, Mr. Tsai following his principles of “Integrity, Sincerity and Sustainable Operation,” laid down long-term company strategies and goals, expanded business territories, and explored new market, and Wen Ping had been growing steadily ever since.


SL-A1 Mesh Office Chair
SL-B3 Mesh Office Chair
SL-F4 Mesh Office Chair


Fuh Shyan is an old injection factory for the component of mesh office chair. Most of products had past SGS (BIFMA) testing. The answer right and advise proper products to solve customers’ problems from Fuh Shyan. Our sales keep possessing up-to date industrial information and acquire supplier’s technical support at the same time.

Fuh Shyan is a leading distributor and devoted to opening the market for these mesh offic chairs and chair parts. Based on “Good quality, good price, and good service” for the customer, we act immediately and efficiently to the clients for build up a dependable and long-term partnership with our clients. Fuh Shyan is the best partner for you.

Fuh Shyan Office Chair Manufacturer has insisted on its policy of providing customers with top quality products and integrated services before / after sales. We can supplies satisfy customer’s demand ergonomic mesh office chair size, type, shape, material available. We provide the best combination ergonomic mesh chair with high safe quality and competitive price.

mesh chair having a resilience tilt-adjusted device of a backrest includes an upper and a lower casing put together to cover an elastic adjuster which can press one end of elastic members with difference forces. Another end of the elastic members leans against an axle rod which is disposed at the lower end of the backrest supporter. The two ends of the axle rod pass through the casing. The lower end of the backrest is pivotally connected to a predetermined area within the casing as a pivot for swinging. A positioning rod having a rack is passed through the center of the axle rod so as to insert the rack onto the guiding groove of the casing. A positioning piece is arranged upon the rack and can be controlled to move up and down for inserting its end, into the rack. Therefore, when the positioning piece is inserted into or exited from the rack, the backrest supporter can be positioned in a desirable angle after tilting. Also, when the positioning piece is away from the rack, the user can have a different level of resilience against leaning on the backrest by the adjustment of the elastic adjuster as well as the elastic members.