How to Make Beaded Safety Pin Jewelry

Why Safety Pins Are A Fashion Staple


Safety pin jewelry doesn’t sound super sophisticated, but even the high fashion world has embraced the trend. For years, safety pins have cycled in and out of style, which makes them an accessory staple. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a couture version of the look, nor do you have to go bare bones with safety pins like the punk rockers that sported them in the 1970s and ’80s did.


For just a few bucks, you can make your own beaded safety pin jewelry, be it a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.


It’s a fun and easy craft to make and even more fun to wear. With these instructions, you’ll transform an ordinary safety pin into a fashion statement. It’s as simple as slipping some seed beads onto the pins. They make great gifts for tweens and teens or for the adult who’s perpetually young at heart.


The Supply List

The supply list for safety pin jewelry is pretty simple. In addition to the pins and the beads, it is helpful to have needle-nose pliers and a small flat-head screwdriver. You can find all of these items at a chain craft store like Michael’s. Art supply stores also carry these goods.


How Many Safety Pins Do You Need?

How many safety pins you’ll need depends not only on the pattern you choose but also on the kind of jewelry you want to make. The typical safety pin jewelry project will require between 10 and 14 small pins.


From there, you can open the pin, and slip the seed beads onto it. Once all beads are in place, close the safety pin. You may want to use the needle-nose pliers to pinch the end of the safety pin so it will not pop open later. Repeat this step until all the safety pins are beaded.


Connecting the Small Pins to One Big Pin

Now you are ready to put all the beaded pins onto a larger safety pin.



Open the large safety pin (the size you need that will be stated in the pattern you choose). Use the flat-head screwdriver to slightly pry apart the coils at the end of the large pin.


Slip the loop of the first beaded safety pin onto the large one. Pull it down to the loop at the base of the large pin. Pull it around the loop and up through the backside of the pin. Repeat this for each beaded safety pin.


Once all your beaded safety pins are on your larger pin, use the pliers and squeeze the loop to close it. You can now affix your new safety pin jewelry to your shirt, hat, shoelaces, etc.


Shuen Fuh Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides kinds of safety pins for customers. Their factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to develop and manufacture high quality safety pin products in assorted sizes, styles, and shapes for your applications. If you are interested in learning more information about safety pins, welcome to visit Shuen Fuh’s website to browse more relative products.



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To Have Comfortable Working Environment, Choose Right Office Chairs First

Many people don’t realize the importance of a good office chair. That is, until you sit in a bad one for 40 hours a week. Chances are that it isn’t necessarily that you are sitting so long; but that your chair is not made to give you the most ergonomic seat and that can lead to a lot of fatigue.


You will want to take into consideration how tall you are how wide of a seat you want and what kinds of support features you like.


First look at the height of the chair. You should find one that has easily accessible controls for moving the seat up and down. Typically, your feet should touch the ground with your legs horizontal to the floor and your arms at the same height, or higher, than your desk. Good chairs also feature controls for seat tilt as well. This will help you get the right angle so you are in the correct position to support your back. Rounded seats will be much more comfortable on the backs of your legs as well. Back height adjustments are great if you will be sharing this chair with others in your home or office.


A good ergonomic office chair will offer you a lumbar support of some kind. This will keep your lower back arched the way it is supposed to, to avoid aching in that area.


Pay attention to the material that the chair is covered with. There should be extra padding on the seat, and/or backrest for ultimate comfort. Leather chairs are often softer and plusher, as well as being easy to clean. Mesh chairs breathe well and will keep your back from sweating.


The last thing to consider is mobility. Does it swivel? Does it weigh too much to easily move along the floor? Most chairs are made to be lightweight enough that you can roll without much effort.


Taiwan local company Fuh Shyan Co., Ltd. and VOXIM Co., Ltd. are professional and reliable office chairs manufacturer in the industry. They can offer you kinds of office chairs including executive desk chairs, lounge seating, public seating, mesh chairs, ergonomic computer desk chair etc. To have the most comfortable working environment, please choose right ergonomic office chairs first. Welcome to visit the website of Fuh Shyan and VOXIM to find out the most suitable office equipment.



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Plastic Badge Holders – How to Choose the Best Style for Your Needs

When considering the size, you want to make sure the holder is not too bulky for continuous wear. If a larger holder is needed for brochures, leaflets and things of that nature, consider partnering it with a lanyard so it can be worn around the neck preventing the holder from weighing down the event goers clothing. If the plastic badge holder is to be worn daily, you will likely not want to go any larger than 3″x4″ for ease of movement. Many business card size holders are available which is a great size for wearing on a daily basis.


Plastic Badge holders also come in a variety of thicknesses of vinyl. 10 gauges is a common thickness that you will find in most badge holder styles. This thickness is suitable for limited or occasional use. 10 gauge holders should hold up well for the duration of an event or meeting. If you are looking for a holder to be used daily or that will experience harsher wear and tear, consider a heavy duty style with a thickness of 30 gauge or higher. You may also consider acetate material or rigid holders for high use environments.


When choosing your fastener type, you will need to consider your employees and/or guests. Keep in mind what will be most comfortable and practical for the use of the holders. A standard pin is common and generally is the least expensive option. Pins are secure to the clothing, however, they can sometimes cause damage with pin holes or possible ripping if the holder is caught on something. Bulldog clips are another option. Clips are a great alternative to prevent damage to clothing, but you do need to ensure uniforms will have an appropriate place for attachment such as a pocket or collar.


You can also find badge holder styles referred to as “combo” which include both a clip and a pin. This gives your event goer an option to choose which fastener they prefer to wear. A most popular option is to attach the badge holders to the end of a lanyard. Lanyards are worn around the neck eliminating the attachment of the holder itself to the clothing. Lanyards are generally offered with key ring, bulldog clip, or swivel hook fasteners. Most badge holders come with either an oval slot and/ or a circle in the top for fastener attachment. Bulldog clips work perfectly with most oval slots while swivel hooks are a better option for circle holes. Key rings can be used for either style, however, they are a bit more time consuming to attach. You can also find badge holders that have an elastic style lanyard already attached to the lanyard on each end. These are an easy and convenient option because there is no need for assembly.


Many plastic badge holders are offered blank without customization which are great for a quick turnaround and are certainly more cost effective. Customization is often offered on a variety of sizes. You may want to consider customizing with text and color for easier identification at your trade show, meeting, or even your workplace. “Exhibitor” and “Attendee” are popular titles that are used for customization of your plastic badge holder. You may also choose to include your company name and/ or logo. Choosing to add customization adds a special touch and importance to your badge holders while also making your guests more easily recognizable.


Shuen Fuh is specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of plastic badge holders to protect and to display your ID cards. Plastic ID badge holders are ideal for advertising and promotional purposes, such as trade show, office, school and other events. For trade shows or conventions use, you can consider using ID badge holders with a pin or strap clip to save budget. If you need more information about plastic badge holder, welcome to check out Shuen Fuh’s website now!



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Experienced Badge Holders Manufacturer in Taiwan – Tay Young

Established in 1969, Tay Young Badge Holders Manufacturer is now one of the leading suppliers and marketers of advanced technical skill and modern facilities. Our products are now sold in different countries global. TAY YOUNG’s ID Badge Holders have high quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery competitive advantage. If you are interested in our badge holders, welcome to visit our website to learn more vinyl badge holders and custom plastic badges holder specifications. Tay Young would be your best partner in the future.


In badge holder series, Tay Young provides vinyl badge holder, rigid badge holder, and custom print badge holder for customers to choose. Pictures of our products are below and further details please visit our website.


Vinyl Badge Holder
Vinyl Badge Holder

                                                       Rigid Badge Holder
Rigid Badge Holder

Custom Print Badge Holder
Custom Print Badge Holder

For any further inquiry or suggestion, please feel free to contact with Tay Young and you will sure find it worthwhile.


TAY YOUNG Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Advantages of Using Card Holders

All of you must have heard about the plastic card holders. They are used to protect the ID card while still clearly showing the front of the badge. You can attach them with a strap clip, lanyard or badge reel.


Many companies provide customized plastic card holders. They are made up of clear and rigid plastic. Buy them in bulk to get discounted prices. Ask the experts to write your company’s name or logo on them. They can be used for different events, and workplaces. Browse the web to check the selection of card holders and find the perfect style for your needs. These cards are quite useful in everyday lives and have a myriad of benefits, including:


  • They can keep your ID cards clean and unbent
  • They are compact, and can be kept in pockets, purse or bag as well
  • Plastic card covers come in different colors and sizes
  • They are used to display, present and protect essential badge
  • They are light in weight and occupy less space
  • You can tailored them according to your requirements
  • They protect your cards from liquids
  • They are durable, and an easy way to keep the badges for longer time
  • They are open faced for easy access to entry cards, employee passes and identification cards


Plastic card holders are quite preferred by many businesses. They are an important part of many people’s eventful and a great medium for an effective advertising concept. They are more than the identity of an individual as they create a word among the others about the company as well. When you wear it with a lanyard, people come to know your name as well as from where you have come. This will build up your position in the region and enhances the growth and success of your business, which will ultimately aid in producing great profits for your company.


The need and importance of card holders cannot be neglected as they are very useful for keeping the badges in A-one condition. Plastic holders are widely popular as they do not deteriorate with time, and thus, you will not require changing them frequently.


The variety when it comes to selecting them is almost unlimited and you can find the apt ones, fulfilling your requirements. Search for a card holder manufacturer that can verify its true purpose by being hard-wearing and practical.


Shuen Fuh is specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of plastic badge holders to protect and to display your ID cards. Our plastic badge holders are available in vertical and horizontal styles to suit different card orientations. In addition, our ID badges holder can be made of different materials, such as PVC, PET, PEVA, ABS and PS upon customers’ requirements.


To learn more information about card holder manufacturer, please do not hesitate to visit our website and feel free to contact Shuen Fuh!


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Types of Badge Clips

With lanyards and ID cards becoming so popular, it is important to have a secure way for the badge to be fastened to the person wearing it. The type of clip used is the key factor in the whole design of identification cards and badge holders, because it is what prevents the card from being lost or damaged. If the ID badge clip is weak or fails to work properly, it will be insufficient and not work the way it was intended.


The identification card could be lost or damaged if the clip breaks or becomes too weak to securely hold the ID card in place. This is why companies offer a variety of different types of ID badge clips that will work in most any kind of environment, ranging from factories, hospitals, construction sites to office settings.


Right Way to Choose Badge Clip

You will need to choose the type of badge clip based on the type of environment it will be worn in and where it will be attached to the wearer. For example, will they be clipped onto a belt, shirt, jacket or so forth? This does make a difference. If it’s going to be hooked onto a place where it can be hit or caught on something, then it needs to be strong enough not to fall off each time it gets bumped.


Some clips are lightweight and others are designed to be heavy-duty. If your employees work in an office setting, then a simple and lightweight design will be fine. However, if the employees wear suits and other expensive clothing, you don’t want a clip that will cause damage to their outfits. Instead, you may want to choose one that is attached to a lanyard or some other type of holder.


If they work under rough conditions where it will get bumped and knocked around often, then a heavy-duty clip would be your best option. You need to choose something that is strong and has a good grip so it won’t come loose easily.


Basic Information

When choosing a specific style, you should make sure that the badge clip you choose is convenient for your employees to use. Some of the styles can be a little difficult to clip on. If the ID card needs to be taken on and off a lot due to security reasons, this could end up being a big problem.


A few of the different types of badge clips that are available on the market today include the alligator style, bulldog, plastic, steel badge, pressure sensitive, thumb-grip, slide-type, rubber tip and the smooth face badge clip. There are still many more to choose from so you should spend a little time examining the difference between them. This will allow you to wisely make an informed decision.


The badge clip may seem like a simple and insignificant item, but in reality it is a vital part of the ID card and should be considered carefully. Take your time and think about everything involved before making your decision.


Established in 1969, TAY YOUNG Industrial is a professional name badge clips manufacturer and supplier with more than 30 years of mature experience. TAY YOUNG’s plastic badge clip and strap clips have high quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery competitive advantage. Welcome to contact us for more ID Badges clips specifications. TAY YOUNG would be your best partner in the future. We also offer various and customized products. Please contact us for more information.


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Retractable Badge Holder Styles and Uses

Wear your office uniforms in style; if your kind of company is a bit boring to start with, look for a way to liven things up. A great way to start is with how you dress when you go to work. Have fun with what you wear and suddenly work itself will be far more enjoyable. A retractable badge holder is one way to bring comfort and style into your office look. This is a wonderful accessory that has so many uses.

Firstly, it allows your identification badge to be carried around easily without any of the bothersome strings or chains that normally attach your card to your clothing. It has a reel that can be unwound to a certain length away from the body to facilitate ease of identification card use when swiping your card or simply presenting it. Then all you need to do is let it go and the reel automatically snaps it back into place without any further effort on your part. As a result the retractable badge holder can even be easily hidden under a jumper or coat if you so desire, though with all of the different designs that are available, I can’t think why you would possibly want to do that.

A retractable badge holder is made to fit with clips so you can fasten it most securely onto your neckties, collars and belt loops. Many companies provide customized retractable badge holders to their staff that have the company logo printed on them. They often present these to the staff attached to lanyards that have the company colors. They are also a great way to present your company logo during trade shows and staff can even showcase their company and its services to their acquaintances just by showing off their badge holder.

Retractable badge holders come in endless designs and in an array of colors that cater to every person’s preference and style. The market offers different shapes and sizes of retractable badge holder including square, round, translucent, chrome, heavy duty, reinforced reels, lanyard reels, and swivel badge reels with others being custom made versions of these. People can get hold of these fashionable accessories from their nearest stores or on the web where they can easily look at all of the different varieties on offer and compare prices. So get one today and make a statement with your badge that not only spells convenience but also style.

Having been someone who was often required to present my identification card, it is amazing just how convenient it is to have retractable badge holders when in this situation as they make presenting your card a simple process rather than having to detach your card from clothing. These types of badge holders also go well with neck lanyards to hold them around your neck. I enjoy writing about these nicknacks if it’s possible that they may reduce the stress levels of others in their day to day work lives. For more information of retractable badge holder, please contact us!

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Protecting Your ID Card With Badge Holders

Badge holders are usually made of plastic and are used to hold as well as protect your paper name badge. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes with different attachment options. It is very important to design your custom id badge keeping in mind the size of the badge holder you have. When buying a badge holder you should always consider whether you need it separately or with a complete kit. Badge holders with complete kit include the attachment device and blank name badges. They infect include everything you need but it gets a bit hard to compose your name on them using the word processor if you don’t have a template already designed for them.

The attachment options basically have four main categories. These are lanyards, pins, stickers and clips. Normally your choice would to be based on the period you would use the badge for, the availability of the options and your budget. The best feature of the badge holders is that they can e reusable. You can replace the badge from event to event provided that all of them fit into the holder you have. This would definitely saves you money and you also would not require to create the name plates every now and then as you will have a template saved for the size of you holder.

The custom id badges are the ones used for a variety of reasons. The general use is for the security purposes in your office, the identification of your employees and can also be used as the entry card for visitors. When designing the custom id badges for an office you would always want to punch in the employee name, job title, department and company logo and in some cases the photo as well. Mostly with these kinds of badges the holder are attached with neck lanyards or clips in a way that they are primarily visible.

Custom ID badge holders also offer an easy and inexpensive way to promote your company image. Their variety in styles is l capable to suit anyone’s requirements as for identification of the trade and the employee identification in the office. They are also used as to display the company information and the color theme of the company. It is widely noticed that the badge holders and the lanyards exhibit the colors of the company logo, which not only make them look good with the badge but also reflect the company colors.

Some companies assign different colors for visitors and employee. Besides that the lanyards could also differ in color in regards to the position the employee stands in the hierarchy. Besides the shapes and styles that these holders offer, their feature and materials they are made of also vary. Numerous companies all over the world use different badge holders. A few of the most loved ones are vinyl plastic holders, Proximity Card, rigid badge holders and magnetic ones. They come in both vertical and horizontal shapes offering the user to more options of designing the badge. They can be seen attached to an employee frond pocket, hanging in the neck, and in security services they are mostly seen attached to the arm using an armband.

Rick Gambino is the author of this article for more information about id badge holders and other supplies go to

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Neck Lanyards Are an Inexpensive and Convenient Accessory

Neck lanyards are a popular accessory for people of varied occupations, including business people, students, military personnel, people involved in sports, and others. These accessories come in a range of designs and colors, which makes it easy to choose the one that will serve you best and that will not look too obtrusive with your clothing.

You can find blue, red, black, white, and silver lanyards. Their badge reel can be round, rectangular, square, or custom shaped. You can even have a logo, name, or image imprinted onto the strap and reel. Your accessory can be customized for you or someone you would want to make a custom and affordable gift to.

Regarding the affordable cost; you will get the best price if you choose to purchase these accessories in bulk. Thus, if you are looking to provide a sports team or a group of students / employees with these, you may want to look for the suppliers that offer bulk discounts.

When choosing neck lanyard, it is important to review several design aspects, which we will discuss. First, choose the right type of string. Some lanyard straps come as cords, while others are thicker threads. The former option (the cord) can help to make the accessory look less obtrusive on your neck; the cord can also have a safety breakaway rubber tube. The latter option (thicker sting) may be more comfortable for your neck, if you plan to carry heavier items (cell phone, tools). See whether the length of the cord or string can be adjusted, which can help you achieve the best fit.

Another important aspect is the holder. The modern day neck lanyards offer a number of holder options to choose from, including key rings, hooks (spring, swivel), holder straps and clips. For instance, if you plan to carry a time card, an ID card or a keycard that does not have a plastic holder, then it may be best to choose the item with a clip. If the card has a hole in it, you can carry it with a lanyard that has a key ring or hook. If you want to carry the card in a plastic holder with a slit, then it is probably best to choose a lanyard with a holder strap.

Yet another point to consider is the weight capacity of the accessory. This is important if you plan to carry heavier items on it, such as a cell phone, small electronic devices or tools. In this case, you may want to look for the items made of heavy duty materials. If it’s a unit with a retractable reel, then check the sturdiness of the material used for the retractable cord – the best material for a cord meant to carry heavier items is steel.

Neck lanyards are an inexpensive accessory that can make anyone’s life a little easier. Whatever you choose to carry on your new accessory, you can have the needed item (keys, cards, call phone) in your hands in seconds. This is much more convenient than having to search through your purse or pocket each time.

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The Advantages of Badge Reels

One of the simplest and most useful devices ever designed is the badge reel. This item consists of a plastic or metal case that is very stylish and can even be custom designed. The case has an attachment that allows you to hook it to your clothing, belt or pocket. The end of the cord has an attachment that holds the ID card.

It has a metal spring and a retractable cord on the inside of the case. The spring is what controls the release of the cord and what draws it back in again when not in use. The cords are normally made of nylon.

Uses of the Identification Badge Reel

Badge reels are easy and convenient to use. You simply give the ID card a tug and the retractable cord allows you to extend it so you can swipe it through a card reader system or to provide proof of who you are to security. They can extend approximately thirty inches and when the card is released the cord will automatically reel back inside its case. These devices help to speed up the time it takes to present the identification card, which increases productivity.

Most ID badges are worn around the neck, wrist or fastened to clothing. To present the ID card to security or to scan it in a magnetic badge reader the card had to be removed. After using the card it then had to be reattached again. This took up time and often ended with the badge being stuck in a pocket or not fastened back securely. Sometimes they ended up misplaced or lost. The badge reel has eliminated this problem by keeping the ID card in arms reach at all times.

When large groups of people are passing through security it makes a big difference in how fast and orderly badges can be checked or swiped which saves on time and energy. No one will be fumbling in their wallets, purses or searching their pockets for their identification card. It will be available within seconds with a simple flick of the wrist.

Types of Reels

The retractable badge reel keeps the identification card secured in a convenient area that is easy to reach but where they are not in the way while performing normal duties. There are two main types of reels available. One is a simple economy size that is best used for lightweight duties. This is the type that is used the most and they are the least expensive. These economy reels are normally the ones that are used for promotional items.

The second type is the heavy duty badge reels. These are perfect for employees that work in rough conditions such as construction or with heavy machinery. They are a little more expensive and don’t come in as many colors and designs but their high impact plastic cases will hold up under most any condition. The cords and attachments are also designed to be durable as well.

From chrome to translucent there are many designs and styles to choose from when you order identification badge reels. They come in a variety of colors and sizes that are all stylish and durable. Order yours today; it will be one of the best investments you ever made.

Check out ID Superstore for low prices on metal badge reel stock, including heavy duty badge reels.

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