Employing Lifting Magnets for Material Handling Operations

Magnetic lifters are a lightweight and cost-effective way of transporting heavy materials in situations where another method of material handling would be difficult, dangerous, or expensive.


These lifters use magnets to hold heavy materials securely without requiring clamps, slings and other holding equipment. They are most beneficial in situations in which another method of material handling would be difficult, dangerous, or expensive.


Lifting magnets vary widely in size. Usually, the larger ones are hung from a chain on a crane that is able to move the lifting magnet into the location necessary to retrieve the material. This type of lifter can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including automobile junking, construction, and demolition and cleanup.


How Lifting Magnets Work


There are two types of lifting magnets: permanent magnets and electromagnets. Permanent magnets use permanently magnetized material to create a magnetic field. They can be used to lift loads up to 2,200 pounds. These lifters can be moved easily to various work locations. However, one disadvantage of permanent magnets is that they have a restricted lifting capacity. If a variable lifting capacity is required, the optimum choice is the electromagnetic lifter.


Electromagnetic lifters use an energized electrical coil wound around a steel core to orient magnetic domains within ferrous materials in a common direction, thus, creating a magnetic field. Unlike permanent magnets, electromagnets require a constant DC power source. Hence, a power failure can be a safety issue with electromagnets unless an emergency power or backup supply is integrated with this type of lifting system.


Permanent magnets are favored (1) when electricity is not available, (2) when power failures are a common occurrence, or (3) when adjustable magnetic force is not necessary. Electromagnets are the choice for applications where varying strength or remote magnet control is required.


Suitable Applications for Lifting Magnets


Smooth, Flat Surfaces: Permanent lifting magnets are manually operated. They create a very strong but low magnetic field so they are sensitive to air gaps between the magnet and the load. When an air gap increases, the magnetic force will be significantly reduced. They work best on smooth, flat surfaces rather than rough and irregular ones.


Type of Material: While ferromagnetic materials are inherently magnetize-able, paramagnetic materials, such as aluminum and magnesium are not. (Diamagnetic materials, such as copper, lead, and silver, do not magnetize.) For materials other than iron-based materials, a reduction factor must be calculated to determine the effective holding force.


Thickness of Material: The thickness of the material to be lifted also plays a role factor in selecting a lifting magnet. Thick materials are the best candidates. Materials thinner than the specification for the lifting magnet will have a much lower level of holding force.




Lifting magnets save time by reducing and sometimes eliminating blocking and slinging. They can also eliminate or decrease waste. They reduce product damage commonly caused by chains, hooks, and other mechanical grabs. But the significant advantages of lifting magnets are ease of operation and cost-effectiveness.


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Advantages of Magnetic De-burring

Manufacturers of small, non-ferrous precision parts are often faced with the challenge of de-burring the part — the process of removing the raised edge or small piece of unwanted material that may remain attached to a part after a modification process. De-burring is especially important in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries, where precision is critical and there is zero-tolerance for burr-ridden components.


Magnetic De-Burring

Burrs are traditionally removed manually, but this process is labor-intensive and time-consuming. A more convenient method is magnetic de-burring, which uses magnets and stainless steel media to polish and de-burr the parts without affecting the tolerances or inflicting damage.


The bottom of the deburring machine’s plastic container is first covered with stainless steel pins, and the parts to be de-burred along with the deburring solution are then added — the solution is a soap and water mixture, which helps to suspend the pins during the process.


Magnetic De-Burring Machine

The machine is then switched on. A magnetic disk in the machine below the container changes polarity constantly, agitating the pins in a whirlpool effect. This creates a ‘brushing’ action that polishes the parts and removes the burrs, but does not damage the part. Once the de-burring cycle is complete, the parts are separated from the pins through a strainer.


Advantages of Magnetic Burring

One of the greatest advantages of magnetic burring is the time saved on the deburring process, as it enables rapid deburring of the parts. In addition, the magnetic process allows for the simultaneous deburring and polishing of the parts, and since the media used are stainless steel pins, there is no residue left behind as in other deburring processes — secondary cleaning of the part is therefore not necessary. The tiny stainless steel pins used in the process can also reach areas of the part that other tumbling media (such as rocks) cannot, and magnetic action ensures that the pins do not become lodged in the part as rocks/stones sometimes do. Magnetic deburring also enables the deburring of areas such as blind, through- and cross-holes or threaded features that traditional deburring processes cannot accomplish.


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Earth-Chain: Magnetic Workholding Equipment Producing Specialist

Established in 1988, Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. has manufactured magnetic workholding equipment for years, and won the 16th Taiwan Excellence Award. With the development of industrial magnetic application, we have researched on designing a high-performance magnetic workholding machine for many years. Now our magnetic workholding systems have been proved to be able to reduce setup times and provide flexible workholding solutions.


Earth-Chain’s MagVise magnetic workholding holds all ferrous materials for general milling or other types of machine operations. It helps company to build an efficiency process. And we have several typical series here, including electro-permanent magnetic chuck, and electro-permanent magnetic index table. These magnetic workholding machines are suitable for big size of workpiece, CNC horizontal, horizontal milling & boring, etc. And we have “Special Made EEPM Chucks” for special custom needs, which is suitable for all size of workpiece.


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The Built-In Safety of Permanent Lifting Magnets

Failsafe operation is the unique advantage of permanent lifting magnets. They are immune to power failures.


Permanent lifting magnets provide a quick and efficient way to lift, lower and vertically or horizontally transport sheet, flat and round steel, such as plates, forgings and die castings. Since they do not require electricity to operate, they have a built in failsafe feature that eliminates the work safety hazards caused by power failures.


Overview of Permanent Lifting Magnets


Permanent magnet lifters are made from two types of magnets: Rare Earth and Ceramic. Lifting magnets have a very strong but low magnetic field and are capable of safely lifting loads in excess of 2,000 pounds, which can be diminished under certain load conditions. These magnets are sensitive to air gaps between the magnet and the load. This means that when the air gap increases, the magnetic holding force will be reduced due to a lower density of magnetic flux between the magnet and the load. Air gaps are created in different ways. A few examples are paint, dust, and heavy mill scale. Badly machined surfaces also create air gaps. Full lifting capacity can only be obtained when the magnet makes full contact with the material being lifted.




Permanent lifting magnets do not require electrical power to operate. They are operated manually with a lever mounted on the lifter. However, they cannot be operated remotely. Permanent lifting magnets are easy to operate. With the lever in the off position, the load should be placed on the lifter, eliminating as many air gaps as possible. When the magnetizing lever is placed in the “on” position, the load will be magnetized and ready for lifting. Attempt a trial lift to ensure the load can be lifted safely. When the lift is completed, and the load has been placed completely and safely in a resting position, move the lever to the “off” position to release the load from the lifter. For long and heavy loads, multiple magnets can be used in tandem to extend the lifting capacity.


Immune to Power Failures


Failsafe operation is the unique advantage of permanent lifting magnets. They are immune to power failures. The electromagnetic lifter does not have this safety feature because electromagnets require continuous electrical power to operate. Electromagnetic lifters would require the integration of an uninterruptible power supply to produce a failsafe operation. This would, of course, increase start up, maintenance and operating costs. On the other hand, the electromagnetic lifter is the most cost-effective “magnets per pound of lift” since they can extend the lifting capacity beyond what permanent magnetic lifters can handle. The electro-permanent magnetic lifter also possesses the failsafe feature but this type of lifter requires electrical power to turn the lifter on or off. The power can be supplied by a battery. The amount of power consumption to turn the electro-permanent lifter “on” or “off” is nominal. However, the battery will need to be charged periodically.


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Great Marketing Appeal by Flexible Magnets

Smart marketers who want a great way to ensure their products and services get maximum exposure in homes, offices and even on the street are turning more and more to flexible magnets as a viable and cost-effective solution for advertising. Permanent magnets of the “flexible” variety are ideal for marketing and they do not necessarily break a budget even when professional design, artwork and production is desired.

The flexible design of permanent magnets meant for marketing makes them ideal for use in a number of different scenarios. Generally magnetized on one side with vinyl on the other, these magnets open the door for a variety of customized designs, looks and purposes. Some of the most popular permanent flexible magnet applications for marketing include:

  • Business cards. Flexible magnets that are cut and printed to replace traditional business cards offer a great opportunity for businesses to really tout their services. Many who receive these put them on their home refrigerators or place them on filing cabinets and in other very visible locations. Not only do these permanent magnets serve to remind a homeowner or office worker of a product or service, they are generally spotted by anyone who visits or passes.
  • Refrigerator door fliers. Many businesses are using flexible magnets printed with specials and other pertinent information to replace fliers sent out in direct marketing campaigns. Since these often make it to the refrigerator doors in homes that receive them, this marketing vehicle has real staying power.
  • Metal door signs. When signs are needed for doors, flexible magnets work wonders. Offering the platform for printing just about any text, logo or design, these are ideal for businesses that do not want to shell out a fortune for signage, but who still desire a professional look. They work well for both interior and exterior doors that are metal of nature.
  • Automobile signs. Many businesses are turning to magnets to ensure that company vehicles are properly marked or that promotions are advertised while fleets are out on the road. Rather than the expense of a custom paint job, these easy-to-replace flexible magnet signs make it very easy and even cost-effective to change out signs with the coming and goings of new products, services or specials. The beauty of these signs lies in the fact they are “seen” everywhere an employee’s vehicle or company fleet vehicle goes. Even a simple logo can provide constant exposure for a business.
  • Displays. Printed permanent flexible magnets are also spectacular for use in trade shows and public displays. Rather than having to worry about Velcro or tape coming loose, these magnets ensure a tight fit on the right backing and a display that is eye-popping and solid.

Although a bit more costly than regular paper printing, flexible magnets tend to have a strong appeal for businesses that want to market their goods, services or even special promotions. Since they tend to “stick” around in homes and offices that receive them, the residual benefits are nothing to sneeze at. Whereas paper business cards and fliers get lost or thrown out, permanent magnets tend to become a part of the landscape. For automobile and other signage, they also provide a cost effective means of advertising.

Check out more Flexible Magnet

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Magnetic Workholding: Faster Setup and Improved Productivity

If reduced setup times and increased productivity are critical to your operational success, then you should consider making the change to magnetic workholdings.

Magnetic workholding overcomes many of the intrinsic problems associated with the manual clamping of components by multiple vises, toe clamps, strap clamps or other forms of tactile workholding. But the benefits extend well beyond the shop floor where ease of use and quick changeovers rule the workday. Improved ROI and productivity are two bottom-line benefits this type of workholding solution.

Magnetic Workholding Essentials

Workholding magnets are an alternative to mechanically holding work-pieces in machining operations. They are constructed of a series of magnetic poles, pods, set up blocks, pole extenders, or modules. As more pole pieces make contact with a work-piece, a stronger magnetic clamping force results. They are controlled in such a way that clamping power is both uniform and instantaneous.

These workholders use either permanent or electro-permanent magnets. The permanent magnet workholder does not require power while the electro-permanent magnet uses power in order to energize the magnet via an electronic control. This electric power is only used during start up, so a continuous supply of electricity is unnecessary, hence, power outages or brownouts are never a safety issue. Depending upon the application, workholders using magnets can exert a uniform and instantaneous clamping force of 12 tons per square foot. Recent advances in magnetic materials have increased their clamping power while reducing their footprint.

Magnetic Workholding on the Shop Floor

Reduced setup times and faster changeovers are two benefits that this type of workholding brings to the shop floor. Unlike mechanical clamping that requires adjustment, there’s no need to adjust the workholders so time is saved. But the benefits do not stop there.

Vibration reduction is a complementary benefit. Since the magnetic clamping force is instantaneous and uniform, vibrations are minimized. With less vibration, work-pieces are machined with greater precision, more repeatability, less scrap or rework, and less deformation of cutting tools.

Operational and Economic Benefits

Because of their intrinsic benefits, magnetic workholders are a boon to productivity. Fifty percent reduction in setup time has been attributed to this type of workholding in some instances. Cycle time improvements from less vibration and uniform holding force are added benefits causing an extension of tool life and spindle up-time. These benefits translate to better profit margins and ROI paybacks in record time. The technology of practical magnetic workholding is in place now.

DocMagnet Inc. designs and supplies Magnetic Workholding equipment. DocMagnet Magnetic Chucks have all metal surfaces and are built and tested to the highest quality.

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How magnet sheets of Jasdi are applied for living stuffs?

Magnet Sheets

Magnet sheets from Jasdi for printing are permanent flexible magnetic sheeting laminated with vinyl or paper. Printable magnet letters are very good media for disseminate messages. Our magnet sheets are usually applied for living stuffs, such as advertising signals, car signage, craft magnets, photo frames,business cards, refrigerator posts, decorative sticks. It’s easy to stick, remove, and stick again. You may like to use Post-it as a reminder, and even better you can try more durable magnetic Post-it, magnet sheets, which can be printed like a paper.

JASDI’s magnet sheets support a full magnetic printing solution for you, including, screen printing, wide format printable sheets, offset Printing, Desktop, Pre kiss-cut papers.

Our products are sold across 5 continents,with branch offices worldwide to support our international customers. We value a long-term relationships with customers, that is why we only offer quality products, services at reasonable cost.


Magnet Sheets Series:

Color Magnet Sheets
Magnet sheets

  • Colorful papers appeal to people. With kinds of background color, our customer usually take it as fridge Magnets, or promotion signals, words from the car(sign), craft magnet, and so on.


Solvent Ink Jet Printable Magnet Sheets
Magnet sheets-Solvent Ink Jet Printable

  • Sheets with white uncoated vinyl laminate make you the great use of creating your own postcards. Because it’s compatible with solvent inkjet printers, you can do works at home anytime, or create some private magnets. Just like printing pictures at home, now you can produce your own appealing posts beside your bed.


Ink Jet Magnet Sheets
inkjet paper-Magnet sheets

  • Don’t have a solvent ink jet printer? We’re proud to show you the magic papers here. Print anything on the magnetic paper by your desktop inkjet printer. It’s that easy you can have your notes sticked on your metal cabinets. Next time, you don’t need to burn your head to find a magnet to stick your daily schedule on refrigerator. Just make your notes magnetical at first, and enjoy the following convenience.


Off-set Printable Magnet Sheets
Off-set Printable Magnet sheets

  • Calendars -Schedules -Business card -Refrigerator decorations -Indoor signs -Educational tools -Labels -Home/office/school accessories -Full-color pictures


Kiss-Cut Color Magnet Sheets
Magnet sheets

  • The best timesaving solution for your business promotion.


Kiss-Cut inject Magnet Sheets
Kiss-Cut Magnet sheets

  • Create your won magnetic business cards and postcards