Earth-Chain: Magnetic Workholding Equipment Producing Specialist

Established in 1988, Earth-Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. has manufactured magnetic workholding equipment for years, and won the 16th Taiwan Excellence Award. With the development of industrial magnetic application, we have researched on designing a high-performance magnetic workholding machine for many years. Now our magnetic workholding systems have been proved to be able to reduce setup times and provide flexible workholding solutions.


Earth-Chain’s MagVise magnetic workholding holds all ferrous materials for general milling or other types of machine operations. It helps company to build an efficiency process. And we have several typical series here, including electro-permanent magnetic chuck, and electro-permanent magnetic index table. These magnetic workholding machines are suitable for big size of workpiece, CNC horizontal, horizontal milling & boring, etc. And we have “Special Made EEPM Chucks” for special custom needs, which is suitable for all size of workpiece.


You can visit the website of Earth-Chain to obtain more details about magnetic workholding. Just click which picture appeals to you, and welcome to contact us if you still need further information. We are glad for having the chance to provide you solutions.


Here’s a wonderful Magnetic Workholding that would hold firmly our double-win business relationship.



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