RENRGIZ supplies LED Ceiling Lights and LED Troffer with high uniformity

Feature: High uniformity / Wide angle lighting / Low glare / Low optical loss



We are using the original elements of creation concern: People, Product & Environment, to be the purpose of our reconsideration and new vitality.

The concept of RENRGIZ comes from observation and innovation in daily life. We deeply believe that People, Product and Environment interact mutually. Therefore, we continuously study the demand and the concern of the user, the product innovation and the environment in order to find the best solution.

RENRGIZ is the core brand in the lighting affairs of RENRGIZ Technology. Our R&D team is mostly composed of specialist in Upper, Middle and Lower Stream of LED industry , specialist for product innovation and creation as well as specialist in Marketing.

Along with our vertically integrated factory, and our proactive vision, we invest in manpower and production equipment so as to design, produce and promote all kind of LED.

For several years now, we have been promoting LED in order to replace traditional lighting. We have been actively developing LED backlighting for these following markets: automobile application, informative product, residential and commercial lighting, mobile application, traffic lights, daily products etc. It is our goal to turn towards to be a bellwether lighting brand and professional LED factory.