What about Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins are badges that are custom made, for specific occasions such as, team promotions, awareness programs, award ceremonies, community campaigns and other special events. Lapel pins are available in different varieties. These include, offset printed, photo- etched, laser printed and enamel plated, to name a few. They come in various finishes and attachment accessories that help the pin to remain attached and firm. These attachment accessories come in different shapes and sizes too.

Various ornate artwork and designs can be etched on these pins, as they are meant to depict the message of the organization or event that they symbolize. Different shades and color combinations adorn the face of the lapel pins. The colored areas of the pin are etched on the metal, separated by the rest of the surface, to make the colors stand out. Lapel pin comes in various shapes and sizes and are adorned with glossy finishes, to protect the coloring from fading or cracking. Enamel is the most commonly used material for making lapel pins. They are decorated with different colors, images, insignia or emblems and are molded into various shapes and sizes.

Several lapel pin manufacturers and dealers supply custom-made lapel pins. Customers can go through the varieties and then order according, to their specific need and choice. Dealers offer free artwork and designs, depending on the number of orders. They also offer free shipping in selected parts of the USA. Information and descriptions on the pins and the processing involved are available on the websites. The processes include die struck soft enamel processing, laser printing, offset printing and photo etching. These products are rated according to their quality and popularity. Dealers can be contacted on the telephone or by e-mail. A little research helps to ensure a good deal, prior to a purchase.

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