A Few Different Mobility Carts To Know

When people get older or get into some sort of accident, it may be hard for them to get around. They may not be able to drive a car, walk long distances, or even get around the house. This could cause a lot of problems, because they may have to have someone with them all the time to make sure they’re OK. However, now days there are mobile carts that make it possible for people with limited mobility to get around. This article will discuss three different carts available today.

The Legend 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter is one of the best mobile carts on the market today. It weighs over 200 pounds, so it’s a heavy duty machine. It can reach a top speed of nearly six miles per hour. It has a carrying capacity of about 350 pounds. This model even has some headlights, so it can be used during the darker times of the day. It even looks good, so anyone looking for a cart with some style should look at this one. This particular product sells for about $2,100 brand new.

The Destiny 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter is also one of the best mobile carts available today. It has a top speed of about five miles per hour. It has a great suspension system, a full angle adjustable tiller, and an adjustable armrest width and height. It has a carrying capacity of about 300 pounds. Also, it’s really easy to move this cart around, because it can be taken apart. This means that it can be taken on vacations or anywhere else a person with limited mobility needs to go. This particular model can be found for sale at a price of about $1,800.

The Spitfire 1410 Handicap Mobility Medical Cart Scooter is also a great model. This particular model has a comfortable seat with hand rests. It is very durable. However, one of the best things about this cart is that it has a basket on the front of it. This makes it easy for a person with limited mobility to go get groceries or bring something to or from a friend’s house. This model can be purchased for about $850. I hope this article has been beneficial to those looking for mobile carts for a person with limited mobility.

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