Product Introduction: About PROCHASE’s Anti Static Film

Anti static film is a packaging material with property to disperse static electricity. Static electricity is accumulated on the surface of objects as a result of friction one over another. Extraordinary properties of the film enable to protect statics sensible objects from negative impact of the parasitic electromagnetic fields during continuous storage or transporting.


This film can be applied for protection products against dust and small debris, that obligatory will be attracted to other types of materials under the impact of static electricity.


Prochase provides FAP-8611-J model anti static PET protective film for customers. Our anti static films which coated anti-static adhesive onto PET film surface under clean room, there is anti-static effects in adhesive. Due to low adhesion, therefore it can be laminated with plain and smooth substrates, more further its appears will be no residue when you peel off and no static occurred.



Glass penal, LCD screens, protection of electronic products, protection of optical film, protect dust contamination or adsorption under manufacturing processing.


Prochase is the leading manufacturer of protective films in Taiwan. A variety of protective films such as anti static film, anti fingerprint film, anti fog film, anti glare films etc products can be found on our website. If you are interested in anti static film series products, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Prochase.


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