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YUHCHANG Electric is a professional capacitors manufacturer with almost 60 years’ experience. Since, establishment, we emphasize the technical development, completeness of service and product quality. Nowadays we have up-to-date production technology and been acquired ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9002 for capacitors. Our low voltage power capacitors main include two types: Oil-Type and Gas-Filled Dry-Type.


Oil type

Oil type low voltage power capacitors use metal case. Capacitor elements are impregnated in high vacuum, low temperature rise, thus they have long life expectancy and can be operated at high ambient temperature. Some other features as following:


  • Self-healing mechanism, low dissipation factor, low temperature rise, long service life.
  • Good electrical characteristic, the best heat dissipation, and long service life; particularly suited for use in filter circuit.
  • Safety: Internal protective device to prevent capacitor from bursting and avoid the relative disaster.
  • Use environment friendly insulation oil (non-PCB).



C-series dry-type low voltage power capacitor uses aluminum can having compact volume, anti-fire and against climate change character. This is the best design for saving space and cost down. There are following merits:


  • Dry-Type, N2 (nitrogen) filling, and non-pollution of environment friendly products.
  • Safety: Self-healing mechanism, internal protective device (Overpressure tear-off fuse) with overload and failure protection for every phase.
  • Against electric shock terminals, easy connection.
  • Low dissipation factor, low temperature rise, long service life.
  • The bottom of the can has a mounting stud for mounting and earthing at the same time, easy for installation.




The improvement of Power Factor in low voltage power system, or use in power filter circuits.


If you need more information about power capacitors, welcome to visit the website of YUHCHANG – superior quality of high voltage power capacitors and low voltage power capacitors can be manufactured by YUHCHANG power capacitor manufacturer.



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