Simple Introduction of Butt Weld Fitting and Where to Find The Best One?

Have you ever heard or seen the butt weld fitting? If you haven’t, that’s OK. I will have a simple introduction for you. Let us learn some information about butt weld pipe fitting below:


What is A Butt Weld Pipe Fitting?

Wellgrow Butt Weld Fittings
A butt weld pipe fitting is designed to be welded on site at its end(s) to connect pipe(s) together and allow change in direction or pipe diameter, or branching or ending.


This fitting then becomes part of a system for transporting fluids (oil, gas, steam, chemicals, etc.) in a safe and efficient manner, over short or long distances.


Other types of fittings can be threaded or socket welded.


What is The Application of Butt Weld Fitting?


Butt weld fitting keeps better strength, good for high pressure or high temperature pipelines. So it is used when a welded joint with strength not lower than that of the base metal itself is needed.


The Feature of Butt Weld


Butt weld is the “best” in terms of strength, fatigue, and corrosion resistance, and temperatures compliance. However, it is more difficult to fit-up and weld properly, needing skilled welder and much time.


Where to Find The Best Butt Weld Fittings Manufacturer?


When mentioned the stainless fittings manufacturer, I will think of Wellgrow Industries Corp.


Wellgrow is the company of specializing in high quality stainless steel and carbon steel butt weld fittings, cast pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings, sanitary fittings, and much more. With over 26 years’ experience in manufacturing and strict control system, Wellgrow always offers the highest quality fittings, best services, and the most competitive price to you.


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