Touchless Faucets for Kitchens: How to Choose Smart, Motion Sensing, Electronic Taps?

Touchless faucets are the latest thing in kitchen fixtures. They are a good midpoint between traditional faucets and completely touchless systems. These ones turn on and off with a single touch, anywhere on the faucet. That really cuts down on germ contact, and gives you a lot more flexibility for tapping water on when you have your hands full or dirty.


Why Choose a Hand-Free Faucet?


  • Convenience:


First and foremost, it’s simply more convenient to have water turn on when you have your hands under the faucet. There’s no knob to turn, and you don’t have to worry about having a hand free or making some awkward maneuver to get water going.


We also love that you never have to worry about making sure you turn the water completely off when you’re done. We’ve all been in a hurry and forgotten to check the faucet. All those drips waste a lot of water when you’re out of the house all day! That’s not a problem when your fixture shuts off automatically!


  • Less Mess:


Since you’re not touching the faucet often, it stays much cleaner over time. You’ll see fewer spots and prints on the finish, and have a lot less cleaning to do. That segues very nicely into the next benefit of touchless models, which is:


  • Sanitation:


We all go to the sink to wash our hands. That means our hands are dirty. Whether you’ve been working with money all day at work, cleaned up after a pet mess, or been handling raw meat, the dirt and germs on your hands isn’t something you want on your faucet.


Annoyingly, by having to touch your faucet, you’re in a never-ending cycle of spreading those bacteria and nasties. Unless you’re careful to clean the faucet after each use, or to touch it with a clean part of your body, you can’t help getting something bad on the surface.


A touchless faucet means fewer germs and bacteria in your kitchen, and safer food prep for you and your family! It’s a win-win for cleaning and food safety!


  • Futuristic Style:


Finally, who wouldn’t want to have a kitchen fixture this futuristic? Touchless faucets might not be an absolute necessity, but they’re incredibly cool to use. Plus, they’ll impress guests every time you have people over.


How to Choose the Perfect Sensor Faucet


  • Decide On Your Budget:


Touchless models are always going to be a bit more expensive.


The more expensive options are generally more reliable, although that’s not always the case. You’ll also pay more for all-metal build quality, as well as smart features like locking sprayers and multiple spray modes.


  • Think About Durability:


Touchless faucets are, on the whole, less reliable than traditional fixtures. That’s because in addition to the usual pipes, valves, and joints, there’s an electronic system to think about. In fact, it’s usually the electronics that give out.


Because issues are par for the course with most models, you should make sure you’ve got a lifetime warranty. Double check the terms before you buy, to make sure all the parts (including the electronics) are covered.


You’ll also want to cover all the bases you’d cover with a normal fixture. Look for the maximum amount of metal parts, and make sure all the fittings are built to last.


Pay special attention to the handle and the pull-down sprayer, since these parts generally take the most beating. Some companies skimp on them by using plastic, so that’s something you’ll want to watch out for.


And just like with a traditional fixture, avoid chrome finishes like the plague. They’re a sure sign of plastic parts and cracks to come.


TIP: One really great thing that’s come out of online shopping is add-on warranty coverage. A lot of times when you purchase appliances or equipment, you can add a few years of coverage at the checkout. It’s provided by a third party who only does warranty claims.


So, if something happens during that add-on period, you can just call the warranty provider and have them take care of things. You don’t have to worry about some arduous runaround from a fixture company, or long waits and hassles to get a simple fix.


Since touchless fixtures can be so unreliable, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of money on some extra insurance for you if that’s available. We don’t think extra warranties are worthwhile for traditional fixtures, but they’re always the safest bet with emerging gadgetry!


  • Measure Your Space:


Before you buy any fixture, and especially something as expensive as one of these models, make sure you know exactly what your space requires. Measure all around your sink, taking account of the backsplash, the clearance you want above the sink, and any other shelves, sills, or obstacles you need to be aware of.


  • Think About Power:


The choice here is between battery packs and A/C power. Batteries are easy to install, since you don’t need wiring under the sink. That can be tricky to install and waterproof properly.


However, batteries eventually die. You’ll have to replace them, and risk having to do so in the middle of something important. Given that they last a year or so, though, there’s probably just as much a chance of A/C power cutting out with the same frequency.


If you’re in an area of the country that experiences power outages somewhat regularly, you’ll want to know whether your touchless faucet has any manual override settings. Many touchless models won’t work without power. Look at battery back-ups, or consider whether you’ve got a generator on your property.


Some more expensive options will work without any power, so you can always be sure you’ll have water. Of course, that will also depend on your water pump.


Where to Find Right Automatic Faucets?


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