What Is A Tap Reseating Tool?

Tap reseating tools are plumbing tools used to repair water taps. They are hand tools, but there are attachments available that adapt them for use with a drill. There are two different designs of tap reseating tool, but the variation does not affect performance. They are for use on different tap designs.


Tap reseaters are used to fix one of the possible causes of a leaking tap. A leaking tap can be caused by multiple things and is dependent on the type of tap you have. A leaking tap is most commonly caused by general wear and tear of its parts.


Tap reseating tools repair compression washer taps. The flow of water from a compression washer tap is stopped and started by the movement of a rubber stopper (washer) against a hole (seat) inside the tap body. Tap reseating tools repair the seat of a tap.


What Is A Tap Reseating Tool Used For?


Tap reseaters fix that leaking tap that gets on everyone’s nerves. There are several things that can cause a dripping tap such as a damaged seat. A damaged seat can be easily fixed using a tap reseating tool.


The tap seat is subject to constant use. It is directly below the washer, which is moved up and down every time a tap is used. This movement, along with its constant contact with water, wears down the seat and causes corrosion.


The tap seat is especially delicate in hard water areas where lime scale can build up. The tap reseater can be used a number of times to grind down the seat, but eventually the whole tap will need to be replaced.


Tap reseating tools can also be used for repairing stopcocks in the same way they repair taps. Stopcocks are used to turn off the water supply to internal outlets.


How Does A Tap Reseating Tool Work?


A worn down or built-up seat causes unevenness. This means that when the washer is down there may be room for water to trickle through; causing a drip.


The tap reseating tool grinds away any unevenness on the seat so that it is smooth. This means that the washer is able to sit flush on the seat and there are no gaps for water to pass through.


Where to Find Excellent Tap Reseating Tools?


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