A Brief Introduction to the Planetary Speed Reducer

The planetary reducer is an industrial product which has a wide range of applications. Its property can compare beauty with other military speed reducers, but its price is equal to the price of the common industrial goods. Therefore, it is very popular in a lot of industrial fields.

In the passage some basic concepts of this speed reducer will be introduced in order to help people get a general idea quickly. What comes first is about its series. It refers to the series of the planetary wheel. Sometimes, because a set of planetary wheels can not meet the relatively big transmission ratio, there is need to increase one or two sets of the wheels in order to satisfy the requirement of the transmission ratio. With the increase of the gears, the length of this speed reducer will correspondingly be increased and the efficiency will be reduced to some degree. The next concept is about backlash. The so-called backlash means a tiny angular displacement. The unit for this backlash is “minute”, which means sixtieth of one degree. Back clearance is another name.

Since people get some ideas about this speed reducer, it is turn to talk about its functions and features. As far as we know, the main transmission structure of the planetary speed reducer includes planetary wheel, sun wheel and outer ring. Compared with other speed reducers, the planetary reducers are characterized by the following features, such as high rigidity, high accuracy, and high transmission efficiency, high ratio of twisting moment and cubage and maintenance for life. On basis of these features, most of the planetary reducers are installed on the stepper motor and actuating motor.

Their main functions are to reduce the rotating speed and increase the torquemoment. They also play an important role in matching the inertia. What’s more, it has also other unique features besides for the above-mentioned merits. Its cubage is quite small, its weight is light, its loading capacity is high, its service life is long and its operation is very stable without loud noise. Owing to its different features, it is indeed very popular in different fields, such as engineering plant, metallurgy, mine, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, light industry, automobile, ship and weapon. The temperature of this reducer ranges from -25 to 100 Celsius degrees. At the same time, the working temperature can be changed through changing the lubricating grease. All in all, this reducer is very popular in the industry.

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