Best Desk Fan

The Best Desk Fans

If you are searching for a friend fond of the retro style, you might want to look at one of the models of portable chrome fans available that truly remind us of a different era. These fans are often clean and shiny to look at. They also come with up to three fan speeds and will run you between thirty and fifty dollars.

Unlike larger fans, however, these small, retro fans may not be able to cool off the entire room. But they still offer terrific cooling power because you can angle them how you wish.

If the new college grad has a particularly small desk, you might run into the issue that they have a desk unable to accommodate a desk fan with a wider base. If that is the case, you may want to consider slimmer fan models or those with a clip allowing attachment to a desk blotter or computer. These smaller model fans typically feature plastic blades and are powered via USB so they simply have to be plugged into one’s desk unit or tower.

There is little doubt that the purchase of a desk fan is going to be one that will be appreciated for a long time to come by the recipient.

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a new college graduate? For advice to help you select the best fan, check out this insider’s guide to desk fans and this office design cheat sheet.

There is no question that it is a nice idea to get a new college graduate with a good luck gift for their new adventures in the work place.

One of the best gifts that a college grad can receive is a brand new desk fan. Not only will it keep them cool at their desk in their new job, but it will also remind them of your thoughtfulness and how you remembered their big graduation day.

There are some folks who might think that a fan isn’t an appropriate gift because it is a bit of an impersonal one. Some people turn to old standby gifts, like a plant or flowers.

In reality, however, a fan is the perfect gift for someone starting out in their career. Moreover, the recipient is going to continue to reap the benefits that their fan will give them for years to come.

And these days, there are so many lovely desk fans from which to choose that your gift will also serve as a beautiful piece on their desk. In fact, there are a variety of models available with styles and colors to match all decors. Finally, fan technology has improved in recent years and these units are quieter, smaller, and more beautiful than ever before.

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