Choosing a Vertical Milling Machine

There is really not a lot to know about how a vertical milling machine operates. It is really quite a simple process and very easy to understand. It simply uses a rotating cutting tool that makes machined surfaces. It does this by removing material from the workpiece itself. It also has the capability of a drill because its spindling device is perpendicular to the table. The drill can then be driven into the workpiece.

This type of machine is run by various control functions. Machine mills include start and stop buttons, forward and reverse levers which control the spindle’s rotating direction, a braking device for the spindle, a spindle speed regulator, a handwheel which moves the table both in and out and a handcrank that raises and lowers the table. Other control features include a handle to move the spindle and a lock that activates when the milling process begins. There is also a spindle stop, feed level and selector available on many models. Often vertical mills are completely automated, making the entire process free of manual labor.

One of the best companies manufacturing milling machines today is Bridgeport. This excellent company offers a complete line of vertical mills. It stands by all of its products and prides itself on the affordability of its products and its high performance standards. With a Bridgeport mill, the customer always comes first and is assured that all parts will be completed with perfection every time. A Bridgeport is built for accuracy and will last for many, many years. The customer can be confident that a Bridgeport vertical mill will give outstanding and reliable performance via its quick traverse rates, durable spindles and innovative control systems.

A vertical milling machine today contains the most up-to-date features and often is digitized for even better performance. Its digital readouts increase the accuracy of cuts and enhance overall productivity. With these readouts, the table movement can be accurately measured to 2/10,000 of an inch. Additional features of these readouts are that they can run with either relative or absolute measurements and can display information in millimeters and/or inches.

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