Automation Systems: Truth of Industries

Automatic is the feature which has engrossed our lives as well the industrial processes. And now breathing without this feature is impossible as everything now has turned automatic. Imagining world without washing machines, auto start vehicles, and hi tech mobile phones. All these machines are alive and hold importance due to mechanism of automatic which is induced in them through experts. The advancement has stretched its wings to aid various industrial processes resulting in upliftment in the development of nation and a benediction for mankind.


The technology have given birth to many equipment which have eliminated the use of manpower and performance of these machines are decorated with efficiency, pace, excellence and less time consuming as well. Just roam in manufacturing plant and closely watch the entire process from production to packaging. Factory automation equipment has largely dominated the contemporary scene of the manufacturing companies and is of great vitality as well. Elimination of tedious and repetitive works is now possible with the introduction of various machineries.


But the scene was entirely different prior to industrial revolution; there was only mechanization as human part was performed by machines. The invention of pulleys and lifting machines which give the evidence that since very beginning men have lightened their workload by introducing these simple machineries. Bygone are the days when factories workers have to perform the same work endless time which ate hours and even days. Besides efficiency was rammed as there are heavy tasks which are beyond human capabilities.


But advancement in information and technology brought in many changes which can be well reflected through use of factory automation systems which reduced the workloads of manpower. Automation has benevolently affected assembly procedures in factories. Material handling systems have substituted human resource with the efficiency, reliability, excellency and speedy output. To talk about few handling systems, chain conveyor and belt conveyor having capability to perform work consistently and can produce maximum output.


Like modular workstations which engineering techniques to construct larger systems by integrating smaller subsystems. The compactness of these workstations has made them applicable in many industrial sectors. Less space is consumed by them and they can fit in small spaces as well. Likewise, the advancement of this industrial automation equipment have also reduced the size and made them compact.


The advent in Industrial automation transcended revolutionary consequences which have changed the face of society and also continuous reviving is also observed in the productivity and on lifestyles. Automation is to be credited for spreading more productivity, less time consumption, reduction in prices of the products, as production in huge quantity in cost effective way and minimum time is now possible. From electronic sector to communication sector to manufacturing plants, the use automatic machineries are boldly highlighted but in such influential era of machineries, human efforts and mind have no substitute.


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