About RJ11 Connector Jacks

RJ is the short form of Registered Jack. It is a physical network interface that is used to connect telecommunications or data equipment to a communications provider. They standard and form are regulated by the FCC. Each registered jack has a particular design and is named according to its design. There are many different types of registered jacks and the Connector is one Registered Jack type.


It is commonly used because it can be found in most homes and office. All single line (POTS) handset jacks here make use of the RJ11 Connector. The RJ11 connector has six positions, but out of the six only two is used or at the most four. The wiring can be in the form of Unshielded Twisted Pair or the Untwisted Flat-Satin cable. There are many manufactures of connectors.


Often there are comparisons made between the Connector and the RJ45. It is to be noted that the RJ45 serves the purpose of making connections between various systems in a network, while the RJ11 can make used to make connections between telephone systems. A unique aspect about the connector is that since only two out of the six positions in the jack are used, it can be wired to a 6P2C modular jack through this is something that is rarely done.


The powered variation of the RJ11 Connector has its two and five pins carrying 24-volt, DC power. The power supply to the pins comes from a plugged transformer. Since mostly two out of the six positions in the jack are used, the remaining positions are free. These extra connectors can be used for other purposes. For example, they can be used like an ‘anti-tinkle’ circuit that stops a pulse phone from ringing other extension bells.


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