What is a Hydraulic Power Pack Unit?

Hydraulic Power Pack Units are the main driving components of hydraulic systems. Consisting mainly of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump, these units can generate a tremendous amount of power to drive most any kind of hydraulic ram. Hydraulic power pack units are based on Pascal’s law of physics, drawing their power from ratios of area and pressure.


Hydraulic power pack units are used in a wide range of applications, including:


  • Machine Tools
  • Automation
  • Meat Processing Machinery
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Aerospace Test Equipment
  • Rolling Mill Machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Paper Mill Machinery
  • Government/Military
  • Oil Field
  • Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment
  • Industrial Process
  • Marine Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Theatrical & Production Equipment


Hydraulic power pack units can generally be used in any application that requires heavy and systematic lifting or other requirements for the repeated use of powerful and directional force.


Consider all of the ways that hydraulic power pack units are used in things you see every day. Drive past any construction site and you’re likely to see some kind of heavy construction machine, be it a bull dozer, an excavator or even a skid steer. All of these machines rely on hydraulic power units to do their work. Fishermen rely on hydraulic power units to lift their nets and pots. Your auto mechanic uses a hydraulic power pack unit to lift your car high enough to walk around beneath it and make repairs. The Jaws of Life, a tool that has saved many lives in auto accidents, relies on a hydraulic power unit for its incredible cutting power. Farmers use hydraulic-driven machinery to tend and harvest their crops. The garbage truck that picks up your trash uses a hydraulic power unit to compact the garbage it collects. Your favorite amusement park ride probably utilizes hydraulics to lift you high and fast into the air and give you a soft, safe landing. Remember when you stepped on the brakes to avoid that last small animal that ran out into the road? Modern auto braking systems rely on the power of hydraulics.


It’s easy to overlook the widespread and impressive utility of hydraulic power pack units, but listing all of their applications it becomes clear that we rely on them for so much of what makes our society run smoothly and efficiently.


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