Cyclocross Bike Frame and Its Related Simple Introduction

What is cyclocross?


Cyclocross is a discipline that combines both off-road and on-road cycling. Typical cyclocross terrain includes grass, woodland trails, pavement, mud and even sand!


Rapidly growing in popularity, cyclocross racing is primarily an autumn/winter sport – with tens of thousands of fans attending races in Northern Europe. The attraction of cyclocross racing is the fast and frantic pace, around a lapped circuit of 2-3km in length.


The good news is, you can do cyclocross all year round! A cyclocross bike is incredibly versatile, and can make the perfect commuter, touring bike or do-everything ride.


What is unique about a cyclocross bike?


At first glance, a cyclocross bike can appear to look like a road bike; however there are many features that make them uniquely different and more suited to the specific purpose of multiple terrains riding.


These differences include the tires, frame design, brakes, gears and pedals. Below we only introduce the cyclocross bike frame designs.


Cyclocross bike frame design


The frame of a cyclocross bike has been adapted from a standard road bike frame, in a number of ways:


  • Increased tire clearances on the frame and fork – A cyclocross bike frame have increased clearance for tires on the front and rear of the frameset. This is so that you can use larger volume tires, for increased grip and traction; as well as allowing the wheels to keep turning, even when they are carrying significant quantities of mud or trail debris in the tire tread.


  • Frame geometry – Cyclocross bikes often have more relaxed geometry angles, to give them a more upright riding position than a road racing bike. This position helps with shock absorption off-road, but it also allows you to utilize the bike across multi-disciplines, such as touring and commuting.


  • Frame material – Many modern high-end road bikes are now made of carbon fiber, due to its light weight and vibration absorbing characteristics. Cyclocross bikes have followed this trend too, with many high end models made of carbon. However, aluminum and steel frames are also still popular; because they provide a lower cost option, and provide a more durable frame if the rider wants to use the bike for touring or commuting.


Frame sizing on cyclocross bikes


As with all bikes, the sizing of cyclocross bikes is vital to maximizing comfort and performance when you are riding. This is especially important if you are going to be using the bike for long distance touring or winter training as well.



What else can I use a cyclocross bike for?


Cyclocross bikes are not just reserved for use off-road. The relaxed geometry, strong frame, powerful braking and good tire clearance, mean a cyclo-cross bike is highly versatile machine. ‘Cross bikes can easily be used for other disciplines within the sport; such as commuting, winter training, cycle touring and off-road adventures.


When you are considering our range of cyclocross bikes, you may want to consider what other uses you may have for the bike; some bikes have mounts for pannier racks and mudguards, as well as more powerful disk brakes that are ideal for touring with heavy loads.


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