6 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Drum Sanders

Drum sanders are powerful and versatile in that they can be used as floor sander or bench sander among other uses. The market has a wide variety of models and brands and this means you would need to be a little careful when making your choice so that you can get a good drum sander for your use.


  1. Quality

The quality of the drum sander cannot be ignored because it directly affects functionality and durability. The ones made from alloys tend to be quite durable and make great investments. Look at the materials used and make sure you get yours from a distributor you can trust with quality brands and models.


  1. Speed

A good drum sander should have a speed that is easy to control. Variable speeds are very important because not all uses can use just one speed, hence you are better equipped if you can adjust the speed to match the use. High speeds are great for more polishing but other applications achieve best results with slow or moderate speed.


  1. Platen

This is the recumbent part on the tool’s lowest part. Your drum sander should have a platen that is constructed to withstand friction and vibration of daily normal operations. Platen that measures around an inch wider than the drum in terms of width definitely makes a great choice.


  1. Drum

The drum is a very important part of the machine and should therefore be made from good materials. Aluminum that has self-cooling abilities is, for instance a very good material for the drum. This is because the cooling prevents heat damage to the sanding strip or wood under load. A unit that also has drum height that is adjustable is a good machine because it gives you more flexibility in using for various purposes.


  1. Dust collection

A machine that has a dust collection feature included is a good drum sander. The dust system helps in keeping the tool clean and safe in operation and also keeps dust from the hair and clothes of the drum sander operator. It is actually possible to find one that has a detachable vacuum system designed to make it more effective.


  1. Noise

Most drum sanders operate under distracting noise levels, but technological developments have made it possible to manufacture machines that have noise reduction features. A machine that has 95 decibels is considered to have non-harmful noise so be sure to check. Always look at the noise reduction features or noise levels before you go ahead and make your purchase.


Another important thing to consider when looking for a good sander is the levels of vibration. Important to remember is that excessive vibration can leave blabber marks on your stock or worse still it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. When buying, remember the weight can determine the levels of vibration with lighter drum sanders causing less vibration. You can also choose a model that has an anti-vibration design for safer and excellent operations.


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