Basic Overview of Sanitary Valves – Types, Specifications, and Body Material

Sanitary valves are designed for use in applications requiring clean or sterile processing. Sanitary valves are commonly used in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical applications. Common features include easy cleaning, crevice free, and polished contact surfaces. Valve types include globe, diaphragm, pinch, knife or gate, needle, butterfly, ball, and plug.




Important specifications when considering sanitary valves include diameter, working pressure, and operating temperature. The diameter is measured across the inlet or outlet port. The working pressure is the pressure at which the valve is designed to operate. The operating temperature is the full-required range of ambient operating temperature. Media types that sanitary valves can be configured to work with include gases, liquids, and liquids with suspended solids. The material temperature is the range of temperature that the valve can withstand and still function properly.  This relates to the media being transported, not the ambient or operating temperature outside of the system.


Body Material


The body material of sanitary valves can be metal or plastic. Metal choices include brass, bronze, copper, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, and steel. Plastic choices include PVC and CPVC. Common end connections include threaded, socket-weld or butt weld, push on, solder end, clamp, grooved end, flangeless wafer-style, lugged, mechanical joint and flanged. Sanitary valve actuation types include electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual.


ANSI Class ratings common to sanitary valves include Class125, Class 150, Class 200, Class 300, Class 600, Class 800, Class 900, and Class 1500. Other standards and specifications that sanitary valves can meet are API standards, MSS specifications, UL listings, ASME standards and federal specifications WW-V-35C.


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