The Secrets of Canning Machines

Canned foods are something that almost no one is willing to live without. Ever since the manufacturing of canned foods began in the late 1800’s, people have been relying on them as a way to keep vegetables and fruits for longer periods of time. The invention of the canning machine helped revolutionize this idea making canned foods available on a large scale.


Canning machines took traditional canning from the kitchen to the factory. Instead of using glass canning jars, canning machines typically used aluminum or metal cans to can food for lasting freshness. They are made to withstand canning multiple cans throughout the day without the user having to stop the process to add water to a canning pot. Instead, this machine and others each carry out a process similar to the processors completed within a pressure canning pot.


Canning machines work in stages with each stage corresponding to a step that is carried out within a canning pot. There is a part of the machine that fills the can while another part of the machine seals a can. Afterwards, another part of the canning machine uses heat and pressure to force excess air from the cans prior to a permanent seal being applied to the cans.


There are 3 specific pieces that belong to the canning machine. They are:


  • The Seamer
  • The Filler
  • The Labeler


There are various types of canning machines available on the market today. The type of machine that you buy depends are different factors; amount to be canned, size of the cans, type of food being canned. Although there are some canning machines that can produce canned foods in a variety of sizes, these are more expensive and more prone to breaking down. This is usually the result of canning a variety of sizes throughout the day.


Because they are put under stress and force every day, canning machines tend to be made of reinforced steel making them extremely heavy. This also helps in supporting the machine by providing structural strength that can be used on a long term basis.


Not all canning machines only use metal cans, and there are some using glass jars as well. These machines are made especially for working with glass and shouldn’t be used with metal cans.


Most canning machines are controlled by computers; however, there those which are operated by 2 or more people. These canning machine operators are in control of each aspect of the machine. Training on these machines can take up to 6 months depending on how much time a company is willing to spend on training.


Canning machines can be bought by companies and by individuals. However, they are generally more practical for use in a factory setting because of the size and weight. The average canning machine weighs in excess of 300 pounds. There are also better suited for a factory because of the speed of output which increases profit while lowering cost.


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