Features and Overview of Polygon Machines

Polygon machine is a unique machine tool designed to machine polygonal components or to enable multiple grooving by turning a cutter and a workpiece at the ratio of 2:1 based on the cutting principle of specific characteristics.


For hexagonal machining, for example, three cutters are mounted on the hexagonal machining cutter holder, a blank is chucked, and then the starting button is pressed. Afterwards, all procedures are performed automatically in one process, and the machine stops quickly in its original position.


Likewise, for polygon machining of one face, two faces, rectangles, octagons, etc., as well as multiple grooving are efficiently performed. Odd numbers of faces and clutch machining are also possible.


Features of Polygon Machines:


  1. Quick machining

No indexing is required. Compared with milling machines, polygon machines can process 3-5 times faster, while achieving a more accurate index angle.


  1. Beautiful finish

A beautiful surface finished with straight cutting lines can be achieved by cutter bits, thereby improving and the commercial value and quality of machined components.


  1. Accurate machining

A collet chuck is generally used, ensuring a high dividing accuracy.


  1. Simple operation

All you have to do is chuck a blank and press a button to start the machine, and then all operations are performed automatically.


  1. Speedy setup change

Easy and quick setup change. Also suitable for producing a wide variety of components in small quantities.


  1. Unmanned operation also possible

An automatic blank feeding system can be installed for mass production, and unmanned operation is also possible.


  1. A well-organized after-sales service system

Polygon machines have proved successful, have been favorable evaluated, and are relied upon by many users in Japan, and around the world including Europe, North America, South America, Taiwan, Korea, and other Asian countries.


Established in 1987, Chien Yih Machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of special purpose machinery and automatic polygon machines, including both ends simultaneous cutting CNC lathes (fastcut lathe), polygon CNC lathes, CNC polygon machine with turning function, twin spindle CNC lathes which attracting.


One of Chien Yih’s high quality machinery is CY-6501/6511 model polygon machine which is with rigid construction, high performance, and functions all in one. And its wide cutting range applies to even number polygon cutting, eccentric cutting, profiling cutting and 2 phase cutting etc.


If you need more information about our polygon machines or other cnc lathes, welcome to contact Chien Yih. We are very pleased to be of service to you at any time.


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