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Welcome to the professional manufacturer of PVC heat shrink film machines – Jumbo, providing high quality shrink film machines, and also having good reputation with high quality and high efficiency products and the best services. Furthermore, we have strong R&D team to keep improving our heat shrinkable film making machines to meet the highest standard of our clients. JS 336 model PVC shrink film machine is one of the high quality products that Jumbo takes pride in. Having a simple introduction about JS 336 model below:


JS 336 PVC Shrinkable Film Production Equipment
JS 336 PVC Shrink Film Machine

Screw Dia.: 55mm

Lay Flat Width: 200-700 mm

Output: 30-60 kg/hr.


PVC Shrink film offer many excellent benefits, such as glossiness, high transparency, durability, water resistance and easy control of shrinkage. They have been applied to a wide variety of product packaging, such as foodstuff, beverage bottles, sporting goods, etc.


Over 25 years, Jumbo Steel has dedicated itself to the research of production technology for shrink film machine. We have made great improvements in product prescription and machine performance, upgrading the quality and efficiency of PVC shrinkable films. We have a strong background and engineering experience for whole-plant planning and equipment supply. Jumbo Steel PVC shrinkable film production equipment has been sold worldwide, and has earned a reputation for its superior machine and outstanding production know-how.


In addition to supplying the most dependable machinery, we also place emphasis on the technological support and complete production upgrades. This allows our customers to start up or resume production very quickly.


Jumbo Steel has a proven tradition of pursuing excellence and improving the PVC Shrinkable Film industry, and it will continue to develop its engineering capabilities and raise industry standards.


If you need more information about Shrink Film Machine series, welcome to visit the website of Jumbo Steel to learn further details about our products. Any questions you have are also welcomed to contact with us.



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