What is a Die Sinker EDM Machine?

A die sinker EDM machine is an industrial machine, used to create highly precise forms and structures onto metal plates. A die sinking EDM machine is used to manufacture moulds and templates, as well as press and injection moulds. The mass production of metal reforming, or plastic products with consistent high quality and highly precise dimensions, would only be possible with a die sinker EDM machine.


Highly Precise Cutting Using Sparks and Arcs

Since the invention of electricity, it is known that sparks can leave marks on metal surfaces. The cutting effect of electric arcs was only first researched in detail in 1770 by the British scientist, Joseph Priestley. The idea of finding a practical use for it arose over 150 years later. Two brothers from Russia, B.R. and N.I. Lazarenko, researched electric discharging as a new processing method for metal surfaces. These basic technological principles for utilization that they developed are still valid today.


Wire Erosion Discharge Machining – The Opposite of Welding

In principle, erosion is very similar to build-up welding. However, the erosion process is done backwards. During welding, material is applied to a workpiece and during erosion, the material is (with help of a conductor and high levels of electricity) evaporated off the workpiece. Using defined intervals and transitions, the metal is broken out of the block of steel with micrometer levels of precision. Despite the small work stages, spectacular sparks are still visible. The accumulation of sparks has no influence, however, on the precision of the surface area. The principle behind this is very simple: different polarized potential is applied to the workpiece and the conductor.


The evaporation of the material always takes place, where the distance between the electrodes is the smallest. That is how contours are produced, that cannot be exceeded in terms of precision. Burn and corrosion damages to the conductor and the workpiece can be avoided, as long as the erosion process completely takes place in a conductive, liquid medium. Die sinking should not be performed by assistants or temporary workers. It is essential to have extensive training and a lot of experience, in order to successfully manufacture workpieces through die sinking. For this reason, working with die sinker EDMs should only be conducted by specialists.


What can be Produced Using Die Sinking?

When working with a metal workpiece, the processing options with a die sinker EDM machine are unlimited. The erosion conductor can be moved in every direction using its 5 axel head. This freedom of movement allows for the processing of highly complex forms. Die sinker EDM machines are therefore much more efficient than CNC-milling machines. The erosion process is contact-free, which means that expensive drilling, milling or rotating tools are not needed.


Even pressing and punching tools are generally made out of specifically strong steel that resists machining operations. With normal CNC-processes, this process will wear out and ruin the tools and machines. With the contact-free erosion process, the hardness and firmness of a steel work tool plays no role. Because of the contact-free erosion process, die sinking EDM machines are durable and steady.


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