Accumulators and Their Capacity

Piston accumulator is a kind of the fluid power component, and is the only one which can store the energy in hydraulic systems. The unique advantage of piston accumulators is energy storage in usually and used in emergency, it also has several functions, such as temperature compensation, leakage compensation, counter balance, shock absorption, transfer barrier, shock dampening and pulsation dampening.


Today even modern accumulators possess limited capacity although their parameters develop every day. Alkaline accumulators are most popular accumulators as power suppliers for portable devices. For the past 25 years the capacity of accumulators has increased 5 times (just compare: properties of electronic devices have improved in thousand times). Thus, the accumulator capacity is ultimate and limited by sizes of its case. New advanced technologies don’t increase the capacity considerably, moreover, newest scientific data does not expect significant increases in capacity among this energy sources in the nearest future.


Unfortunately, as long as accumulators are based on electrochemical processes, we will be limited by energy storage devices. We will have to use accumulators big in their sizes, heavy, flaky, unpredictable in operation, rather expensive and thus, with a rather short term of life. Moreover, attempts of increase in capacity, reduction of weight and sizes of accumulators have led to by-effects, such as: a shorter service life and an increased self-category, without mentioning higher working costs. The matter is that one of methods to increase the capacity of accumulators is the use of a thinner plate of a separator dividing the anode and the cathode and which collapses faster, a consequence of that is the increased self-discharge. It means that buying an accumulator with a maximum capacity, we obviously get an energy source designed for the minimum durability. Probably, some of you have ever noticed that many accumulators which were produced in the 80’s, 70’s and even in the 60’s are still in use, while those bought in the 90’s are already out of order.


Today developments of fuel elements (hydrogen, spirit, gas, etc.) are considered as the most perspective but they are still far from perfect and are inaccessible to ordinary consumers. Along with the improvement of energy products, modernization of power consumers takes place. Much less energy is consumed by modern electronic devices than by their predecessors. All these circumstances allow using advanced achievements of science and engineering in the field of electro-power supply for achievement of more essential results.


Ashun piston accumulators have three standard types, A280, B250 and C210, which are all certified by the EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (MODULE H1) with quality assurance. Their accumulators can be widely used in hydraulic power units of various types of machine tools, we also serve customization, welcome to contact with Ashun Fluid Power Co., Ltd.!



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