Application of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Do You Know What A Cold Roll Forming Machine Is?

Cold Roll Forming Machine is a kind of machinery which uses the cold roll forming technology to roll forming the sheet, strip and sheet metal and so on. It makes the metal panel to form a special section bar, so the use of roll forming machine is very wide.


Cold-formed steel products which is produced by cold roll forming machine, is a kind of structural member is more important. It is widely used in construction, automotive, electronics and shipbuilding, machinery and other industries. In some areas, it is so popular as it can replace steel, play the effect of saving energy and resources, it is developing more and more rapidly, technology is being improved.


The cold roll forming machine have many types, like the gutter roll forming machine, door frame roll forming machine, downspout roll forming machine, garage door roll forming machine, solar photovoltaic support roll forming machine, heavy truck fender roll forming machine, rack column roll forming machine, cable bridge roll forming machine, carriage board roll forming machine, and so on.


Well, Where to Find The Reliable Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer?


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