What Is an Air Filter Regulator?

Certain pneumatic equipment, such as air tools, valves and actuators, needs a specific pressure to work properly. If there is low pressure, the pneumatic equipment will fail to perform or even cease to function. If the pressure is too powerful, the seal may pop up, leading to leakage, and it may even damage the equipment if it bursts. Many reputable manufacturers choose compressors with an air filter regulator unit factory-installed, which helps to reduce pressure gauge issues.



Pneumatic filters, used in many industrial operations, remove contaminating fragments. These filters protect pneumatic equipment from damage that may result from these impurities, which may consist of dirt particles and aerosol or water droplets. The filters also remove impurities resulting from residue from lubricants emanating from the compressor and dust or oil vapors. Some industries may require an even cleaner environment, and therefore use a secondary pneumatic filter, which helps in the removal of impurities as tiny as 50 nanometers.



Air filter regulators protect and service the parts installed “downstream” in compressed-air systems. Whereas the air filter removes impurities from the pneumatic system, the regulator maintains and controls the specified air pressure required for smooth and efficient working of the pneumatic equipment on which the regulator is installed. A pneumatic filter is used to achieve a clean-room atmosphere in numerous industries, including aviation, agriculture and beverage and food packaging.


How It Works

Pneumatic filter regulators maintain the correct pressure going into the system. Even if there is an increase in the pressure emanating from the compressor tank, the device still regulates and maintains the specified pressure. This regulating device can only bleed the extra pressure that is above the required pressure. If the pressure is low, the device cannot compensate for the difference in the required amount of pressure. This air regulator has a built-in mechanism in the form of a release valve, which helps to let out the excess pressure and prevent damage to your equipment.



Failures due to pneumatic system errors are rare, but when they do occur, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, they are usually disastrous. You should be aware of your pneumatically powered systems and recognize early signs of failure. These signs can be subtle, but proper maintenance of your equipment, ensuring that you install a backup system and maintaining current knowledge of pneumatic systems can help to reduce failures.


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