Benefits of Having a Precision Lathe

For complex parts and components, you will always need professional precision CNC machining services. However, for prototypes, simple parts, and short runs, there are also benefits of owning a high precision lathe. Although the machine is automated, it gets its instructions from a human who enters written code. Therefore, to own a machine, you also need an operator qualified to provide it with instructions.


CNC machine programming may not be rocket science, but it does require knowledge and skill. However, being in control is the greatest benefit of owning a machine. You have the opportunity to produce what you need whenever you need it. Whether creating a protocol or processing a large run, you have full control. Just remember that there is a financial investment in buying a CNC machine. With many different types of the CNC machine, you can always purchase the one that you would use most and then hire a manufacturer for the other work.


Types of CNC Machines


Following are the five types of machines most commonly used, although there are others. As you can see, each machine offers distinct benefits.


  • Router – A CNC router works by engraving plastic, wood, or metal. Following the entered code, a router can perform simple and detailed engraving tasks.
  • CNC Laser – One of the more advanced types of machine, the CNC laser is similar to a cutter with the exception that it cuts wood and metal. In some instances, this machine also cuts plastic. Regardless of the material, the finished product is perfect.
  • CNC Milling – Widely used, the CNC milling machine moves cutters as well as other tools for cutting metal pieces into specified shapes and sizes. Based on the number of axes that a milling machine has, it falls under several classifications.
  • CNC Lathe Machines – These machines are extremely accurate, but also precise, easy to operate, and capable of producing repeatable parts and components. With CNC lathe machines, you can make 3D molds and shapes out of wood, plastic, and metal.
  • CNC Plasma Cutters – While similar to a CNC router, a plasma cutter setup is not as challenging. With this machine, you can produce 2D molds and shapes out of metal.


Seeking Professional Assistance


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