CNC High Speed Horizontal Machining Center Made By SIGMA Machining Centers Supplier

SIGMA offers advance CNC high speed horizontal machining center to many great clients. Our high-speed CNC machines give you the ability to machine your parts at much faster speeds and with greater accuracy than ever possible before.


If you purchase our CNC high speed horizontal machining center, you could cut your machining costs by taking advantage of high speed, 4-axis CNC machining compared to conventional CNC machining. Here are 3 reasons why:


  1. High spindle speeds. High speed CNC machining involves using spindle speeds well in excess of typical CNC machines, usually double or triple. Faster spindle speeds mean more material removal in less time.


  1. High tech tooling. Higher spindle speeds can take advantage of today’s high tech tooling that lower spindle speed machines can’t.


  1. 4-axis rotation. Most conventional CNC machines are only 3-axis. If a part needs work done on three different sides, it requires three different set ups. On a 4-axis machine, all three sides can be machined in one set up. This saves time, reduces handling and improves repeatability.


High Speed Machining

SIGMA SMH series CNC High Speed Horizontal Machining Center

SMH Series CNC High Speed Horizontal Machining Center


  • High Loading Roller Type Linear Guideways for Three Axes.
  • 4th & 5th Rotary Table (Optional). By Customer Request.
  • Belt Drive type Spinlde BT-50, 4000rpm.
  • Auto Tool Changer 40pcs (Optional 60 / 80 / 120pcs). T-T Tool Change 8 sec only.


If you are interested in learning further specification of SIGMA’s CNC high speed horizontal machining center, welcome to visit our website to see what excellent machining centers SIGMA can offer you!



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Lathe Chucks and Accessories – What do I need?

When you purchased your lathe, you might not have known just what you were going to do with it or what options were available. Now that you’re gaining some experience, you’re realizing that all of those different chucks and accessories that were available could be quite beneficial for a variety of purposes. However, sifting through the mountains of different parts, chucks, and accessories can overwhelm even the most experienced and harden lathe professional.


What is the Difference between Chucks and Accessories?

The chuck is the part of the machine that turns, providing you the opportunity to shape the product in the precise manner that you want. Different chucks will give you different options and opportunities for working the wood or metal (and yes, or the glass). Especially for metal working lathes, chucks can determine the threading spacing for certain projects, allowing you to create the perfect thread for the parts you’re attempting to create, such as bolts, camshafts, or other projects.


Accessories offer a breadth of options that can be added to your lathe or used to help enhance the experience, refine the process, or open doors to new opportunities to create even more exciting products using your lathe.


Different Choices for Chucks

Some lathe chucks use an integral thread for mounting it to the machine. These tend to be larger machines and are not likely to be used in a residential setting or by a hobbyist. Most other lathes use a back plate for mounting the chuck, which makes it easier to replace and try different chucks for various applications.


You can choose from:

  • 2 Jaw chucks
  • 3 Jaw chucks
  • 4 Jaw chucks
  • 6 Jaw chucks
  • Soft Jaw chucks
  • Independent jaw chucks
  • Combination jaw chucks
  • Drawtube actuated lathe chucks


The 2 through 6 jaw chucks are used with scroll type lathes and are manual actuated self-centering.


An independent 4 jaw chuck is not self-centering, but the individual jaws can be moved independently from one another. These chucks can be used to work on an irregular shaped part, or you can use it to set a piece off center for whatever reason that you would have in doing so.


Combination jaw chucks combine the self-centering action of the scroll chuck with independently moving jaws. This adds more flexibility with the ability to have the self-centering benefits. Drawtube actuated lathe chucks are powered using hydraulic or air cylinders to move the drawtube forward or backward. When the drawtube moves, it clamps or unclamps the jaws.


Each different type of lathe chucks can perform a wide range of tasks, opening the possibilities of incredible designs and processes. Many of the chucks mentioned here are more than the average beginner lathe worker will need or be able to get the most out of, but each one can be used in many standard lathe machines. The only drawback is that not all of these different types of lathes are available for mini or micro lathes.


Now, if you are interested in learning more information about 2 jaw chuck, 3 jaw chuck and so on chucks, welcome to visit the website of Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd. to see what high quality power chucks they can offer you!



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Taiwan Polygon Machine Manufacturing Expert – FASTCUT

“Outstanding Technology、Innovating R&D、High Precision”


Established in 1987, FASTCUT Machinery Co., Ltd. is specializing in manufacturing Polygon Machine and Special CNC Lathes.


Today, we are going to having a simple introduction of FASTCUT’s polygon machine – CY-6501/6511 model.


CY-6501/6511 Polygon MachineCY-6501 / 6511 Polygon Machine



  • Rigid construction, high performance, functions all in one.


  • Wide cutting range applies to even number polygon cutting, eccentric cutting, profiling cutting and 2 phases cutting etc.



If you need further details about polygon machine series, please don’t hesitate to visit the website of FASTCUT or contact with us directly for more information you need. It’s our deep honor to provide our customers high quality and efficacy.



FASTCUT Machinery Co., Ltd.

4-6, Lo Tien Lane, Feng Shu Li, Nan-Tun Dist., Taichung Taiwan.

TEL: 886-4-2479-0236

FAX: 886-4-2479-0188


Why Do Engineers Use Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

As time goes on engineers continue to develop new technology improving operation services for a variety of businesses in a wide array of sectors. The form of the stainless steel ball valve is no different. It has altered in shape and has been modified to achieve maximum results over the years. It is a reflection of the technological advances that have been made by engineers today.


A steel ball valve is located inside a tube and enables waste fluids to travel through a passageway. The valve works by placing an existing hole in the steel ball then the placement of the ball is what controls the function of this valve. Once the holes are proceeding in the same direction as that of the passageways the valve stays open. The fluid begins to stream out in an uninterrupted manner. This is vital to the function of the contraption because if the holes are not lined up correctly then the valve closes and the fluid remains encased.


Why Stainless Steel?


To effectively execute its function, the valve needs to be strong and untainted when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. Sometimes the metal valves connect joints that carry a maximum of 200 degrees. Thus, it needs to handle working under such circumstances without dissolving or bowing. Engineers found this metal to fulfill all of these requirements and then some.


It also comes in different sizes and shapes. This is for you to find the exact valve size you need for your operations.


Also, these are able to come in two designs, sanitary or industrial. The sanitary ones are designed for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, dairy and beverage industries. When you are looking to purchase one of these specify what industry you need the device for. This way you are guided towards equipment suitable to match your business needs.


In daily life, some recognizable valves are used in tap water, plumbing, dishwashers and hot water systems. It is easy to comprehend its mechanical function and purpose if you think about how veins and the heart work inside our own bodies.


Veins act as a valve permitting the flow of blood to the heart while maintaining a steady, correct pace. If you choose the right stainless steel ball valves for your business then it should act in the same manner.


Think about what type of business you are using the equipment for and narrow in on the products recommended, required by law and what material outlasts the rest.


Golden Highope Industrial Inc. Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing stainless steel ball valves since 1990, with years of experiences we provide only high quality ball valves to clients. Here we offer more various specification stainless steel valves for you to choose. Check the full Stainless & Carbon Steel Valve series on the website of Golden Highope and feel free to contact with us for further details!



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Selecting for The Best Road Cranksets

Cranks are the crucial levers that turn pedal pressure into propulsion and upgrading this transmission keystone is always a cosmetic and performance temptation. But what do you need to know to arm yourself with the right road crankset – cranks, axle, spider and chainrings – for your bike and riding?


Before you even start thinking about budget or clever design, you need to check which ones will fit your bike. Even though we tried to limit the axle types on test as much as possible, the sheer number of bikes we had to rope into our testing regime to find a home for all the different variants shows it’s no simple task. Even on same diameter axles, different details mean that different brands often need their own specific bearings to work. Adaptors and converters have made things easier recently but different bearing sizes and fitting standards are still a potential minefield so it’s still essential that you double check your chosen crankset will fit your frame before you part with any cash.


Don’t assume that bigger axled cranks are stiffer, either. Overall stiffness is governed by the entire structure, from the chainrings, through the spider and crank then across the axle to the offside crank. While they look fancy, don’t assume that carbon cranks are automatically stiffer than alloy ones either, as both materials use a range of manufacturing methods for a wide spread of results.


Don’t get hung up on weight either – cranksets sit in the most central, lowest point of your bike possible. This makes their weight the least obvious of any component in dynamic or handling terms, and it’s why most pro bikes use torque meters or even extra heavy axles to bulk their weight up to the minimum legal lever. Conversely, a lightweight crank that flexes so much it feels like your feet are bending under your bike is really demoralising when you’re trying to claw your way up a climb.


Key crankset components


Crank length: Cranks – the ‘arms’ – come in different lengths to match different length legs and leverage preferences. The average is 172.5mm but 170 and 175mm cranks are relatively common on complete smaller and larger bikes respectively, and you can get as short as 160mm or as long as 180mm.


Axle: Most road cranksets use an axle permanently fixed to the driveside crank and a left crank that bolts/clamps into place. Some brands still use a separate axle, while Campagnolo uses two half axles that join in the centre on its Ultra Torque designs. Most come with 24mm steel axles or 30mm alloy ones.


Spider: The four or five-arm piece that connects chainrings to axle. Some are moulded into the arms, some made separately but permanently attached, others are removable. Standard (53/39) chainrings generally have a 130mm bolt circle diameter (BCD – the fitting pattern for the rings), compact (50/34) 110mm.


Chainrings: Most chainrings are made from a single-piece reinforced disc with teeth cut into the edge. In many cases brands are interchangeable or replaceable with aftermarket options. Shimano’s ‘blended’ chainring/spider design demands specific replacements to keep aesthetic and functional form.


Material: Solid forged alloy cranks are the cheapest option but generally the heaviest. Drilled or hollow moulded alloy cranks then follow in the fashion (but not necessarily function) hierarchy. Carbon wraps on alloy armatures look good but don’t always perform well and even ‘full’ carbon cranks have to use alloy pedal and axle interfaces.


Bearings: As well as different axle diameters, different bearing shoulder dimensions mean most cranks will only run in bearings from the same brand or specific aftermarket options, though converters are reducing the number of ‘impossible’ combinations. None of our test cranks obviously lost spin smoothness during our test period.


G-MA Engineering Co., Ltd. is the professional road crankset manufacturer in the industry. If you need more information about these high quality bicycle parts, welcome to visit the website of G-MA to see what excellent bike components we can offer you!


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Excellent Quality RS-466 Model Straight Line Rip Saw in TRUPRO-TEC

Whether wood cutting, milling, profiling and jointing technology, TRUPRO-TEC stands for pioneering solutions in Taiwan. We are committed to ongoing quality improvement and excellence in service delivery. In order to meet all clients’ expectations and needs, we supply a comprehensive range of rip saw series, such as straight line rip saws, single- and multi- blade rip saws, thin cutting frame saw, etc.


Now, I’ll have a simple TRUPRO-TEC’s product introduction – about straight line rip saw.



Straight Line Rip Saw

RS-466 Rip Saw

Rip Saw Features:


  • The extra-heavy fixed anti-kickback fingers eliminate the conventional problem of bumping between the fingers and chain, providing added safety.
  • Pressure rollers. Supported on both sides, hold stock stably and evenly.
  • The 150mm extra wide chain block provides a smooth feeding effect.
  • Variable feed speed permits the cutting of a variety of stock, hard or soft, thick or thin.
  • This improved design provides solid support when ripping large panels.


If you are interested in learning more information about RS-466 model straight line rip saw, visit TRUPRO-TEC’s website to check out its details. Any questions you have concerning our products, please contact with us!



TRUPRO-TEC Industrial Co., Ltd.

No.90, Alley22, Lane 428, Sec. 1, Fong Yuan Blvd. Fong Yuan Dist. Taichung City, Taiwan, ROC

Tel: 886-4-25358299(Rep)

Fax: 886-4-25332009

CNC Boring Machining Services For Cost Effective Parts

The CNC boring machine has revolutionized many jobs in the machine shop through its ability to economically create parts with a series of precise, perfectly-positioned holes or cuts. Available in table, planer, or floor models, the boring mill often is used to increase the accuracy and tolerances of holes and cuts.


How CNC Boring Mills Work


The most popular type of CNC boring mill, the table type, can handle pieces as large as 66 ft. The table supports the items being bored, while three axes drive the part toward the work spindle and create the holes. The machine, controlled by computerized systems, may do the rough part of process or the more precise cuts.


Boring is used to create holes of different depths, usually by making a series of multiple cuts and retractions. During the process, the axes spin at a high RPM, which produces intense heat that is dissipated by pumping coolant through a channel that runs the length of the boring bar. Many machines operate on fixed cycles based on preprogrammed subroutines called G-codes to ensure that the results will be uniform.


Applications for CNC Boring


CNC boring machines are useful for creating precision gears for equipment. A gear blank is cut, ground, and machined with accuracy. Given the sizes that a horizontal machine can handle, the gears meet the needs of industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and defense, which require large parts.


Cost Effectiveness of CNC Horizontal Boring


Due to increasing metal prices, CNC machining is considered a cost effective way to produce gears and other parts with intricate precision cuts. Often made by forging or casting in the past, the cost of these parts has increased by 200-400% over the last decade. Though the machining process removes costly metal, it produces a more accurate part that lasts longer. The cost savings realized by machining has made many companies rethink how they manufacture and finish their original and replacement parts.


Selecting A CNC Machining Vendor


While many machine shops offer CNC machining, the one to choose is the one that has the proper equipment to do the job. For large-scale production, you need a facility that can handle the part size on work table sufficient to support its weight. Given that you will be working with costly materials, you want a company that is ISO 9001 certified, experienced in working with large parts in your industry, and staffed with trained machinists whose skills are continuously advanced through continuing education and certifications.


SEHO Industry Co., Ltd. is the supplier of used CNC boring machines. They are the professional second hand machinery company in Taiwan. If you are looking for ideal used machines in hurry, you can try to visit the website of SEHO to find the machinery you need.


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Taiwan Professional PVC Coated Fabric Suppliers – Jiunn Jang Textile Co., Ltd.

Outdoor Mesh Fabric at Jiunn Jang

PVC Coated Polyester Mesh is used for outdoor chair. The PVC coating makes the material waterproof and gives the material added strength and durability. The mesh can be custom made with adding UV resistant, Mildew resistant and Flame resistant. The color and the width can also be custom made.


Outdoor furniture such as beach chair, leisure chair, lounge, sun bed, garden gravity sun lounger folding sun bed relaxing reclining chairs, beach chair and other fields, plus UV resistant and flame resistant can be left outside all year round. It is has strong coated frame which means that it is both robust and durable. Weatherproof mesh product that is ideal for use on garden furniture. Also dry quickly and can be easily wiped clean.


Advantages of Outdoor Polyester Fabric:

1) High strength

2) Waterproof, UV-proof, oil

3) Abrasive resistant

4) Bright color and others

5) Durable

6) Comfortable


As one of excellent PVC coated fabric suppliers, Jiunn Jang insists to offer the best quality mesh fabric and industrial fabric to clients. If you need more information about Jiunn Jang’s textiles, welcome to visit our website ( to see what we can offer you!

How to Choose a Backyard Golf Practice Net

There is no denying that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, perfecting the skills in this game requires some level of skill which only comes with practice.


If most golfers just make it a point to practice more, and then golf wouldn’t be as challenging as it seems to be. A simple solution would be to bring your practice home – to your backyard. This is where a backyard golf practice net comes in handy.


If you are looking forward to buying a backyard practice net, then here are three important things to consider when choosing one.


Set up time is one of the most important features to look out for when shopping for a backyard golf practice net. Time is of the essence in everything, and you wouldn’t want to spend a half an hour assembling and setting up your golf practice net just and then only have ten minutes to practice. As a rule of thumb, make sure that the practice net is not an old fashioned design that would take ages just to set up, otherwise you may only use it once and never again.


Luckily, most designers have made nets that ensure you spend only a few minutes setting up the net if you plan to practice for ten minutes in the morning or after work. This is widely known as the ‘pop up technology’. This type of net does not require set up using fiberglass poles that can easily break. On the contrary, a pop up practice net enables you to set up and fold your tent within seconds.


The other important feature to look out for when buying a backyard golf practice net is the durability of the item. You definitely do not want to invest in a net that will not last even a year in your backyard.


There are three important considerations when it comes to durability. First, you should consider the type of posts the golf net has. A durable backyard golf practice net should have poles that can withstand taking bad shots.


The other important quality to look for is the netting. The best practice nets are those made of high density polyester material. Besides being durable, they are also resistant to UV rays so they won’t fray and very flexible.


The manufacturing quality of the netting itself is also a good consideration when assessing durability. It’s a waste of money if the net is not made by a team of skilled textile experts. A good net should have at least double stitching to ensure that it will last several years.


As important as the above factors are, pricing is another important consideration when it comes to choosing perfect backyard golf net. Even though you want to invest in a quality item, that doesn’t mean that you should invest all your saving in buying a net.


Visit the website of Holyhoe Enterprise Co., Ltd. to see what excellent golf practice nets and other sport net series we can offer you.



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What Is a Proximity Reader?

If you are in the process of updating your home’s or business’s security system or if you never had such a system and you are planning to invest in one, there are probably a lot of industry terms you don’t understand very well. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about two important parts of any security access system, the proximity card and the proximity reader.


Proximity cards, also referred to as prox cards, are different than the magnetic stripe cards, because they do not need to be inserted into the reader device to grant access in the secured area. We say “grant access” because the majority of proximity cards and proximity readers are used as a part of home or business security system. Other uses include library cards, contactless payment systems or in public transit fare. Proximity cards are practical due to the fact that they can easily be read through a wallet or a purse.


There are two main types of proximity cards: passive and active. Passive prox cards have a limited range and are widely used to grant access in office buildings. Active cards, also called vicinity cards, have a greater range (150 meters), due to the fact that they use and internal lithium battery. They can be used to easily access courtyards from inside of a vehicle or from automated toll collection.


Now, in case you were wondering “What is a Proximity Reader?” they are devices that can store details about the identity of the cards holders, granting them access to otherwise restricted areas. This system is similar to the “chip and PIN” bank cards, with the difference that the proximity reader grants access using radio frequencies and does not need actual insertion of the card. Also, they offer more security to their holders, due to the fact that they are harder to copy. Another great advantage of these readers is the fact that they are quite sturdy and do not need any maintenance.


Another term you might encounter when browsing for this type of access system in “Contactless Smart Card”, which is basically the same thing, with the difference that they use advanced methods of data encryption and authentication, meaning that they offer a higher level of security. Besides this general information, there are various technologies that are used in the manufacture of proximity cards and readers.


If you are planning to invest in such a system, you must know that the prices are very different from one product to another. For example, the price for a single card ranges from $2 to $200, while for the proximity reader you can pay from $100 to $400.


Before making any purchase, we advise you to ask the advice of an experienced security technician, just to make sure that you choose the right system for your needs. The good news is that the majority of shops, even online ones, have an assistant which can help you make the right decision.


Pongee Industries Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of proximity reader. If you are looking for the best proximity reader, don’t miss Pongee’s website, we can offer clients kinds of high quality products. Contact with Pongee to obtain further product information!



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