Tell You Something About Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Semi synthetic engine oil also frequently referred to as “synthetic blends”, are blends of conventional or “mineral” oils typically containing no more than 30% synthetic oil. Semi-synthetics have the ability to provide engine defense for somewhat higher temperatures and fairly heavy loads and they are not as subject to evaporation as the typical mineral oil.


Synthetic blend oils can be a good choice for drivers who put heavy loads on their engine during intensive usage situations like towing or off-roading. Semi-Synthetics are designed to have many of the benefits of synthetic oil such as extended lubricant life and improved viscosity indexes but are generally lower cost than full synthetic oil.


Min June Hong Inc. is the high performance engine oil manufacturer in Taiwan. We offer clients excellent quality semi synthetic engine oil which compliant with the highest level regulation SL/CL in API American Petroleum Institution.


Our semi synthetic engine oil contains cleaning synthetic additive that can prevent carbon deposition and keeping your parts as new as possible. Besides, outstanding wear-resistance, quick starts up at low temperature, and gives full scope to lubrication effect. And it made from special synthetic polymer with feature of highly oxidation-resistant. Endurable for running at thermal environment while keeping the slick touch.


Min June Hong’s semi synthetic engine oil specially designed for engine structure used in new automobile models so that it gives full scope to the best engine performance. Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines with turbo charge, fuel injection, multi valve and computer-controlled for new automobile models in Europe, America and Japanese brand.


If you are interested in learning more information about high performance engine oil, welcome to visit the website of Min June Hong to see what products we can offer you!



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