Basics of the Liquid Filling Machine

The preferred liquid filling machine in a factory is certain to depend on a variety of factors. It not only has to match the type of liquid and bottle, but should also complement the current budget and future growth. Here are a few things to help identify the right liquid filling machine:


Type of Liquids


A major consideration with the filling machine relates to the type of products that are being bottled. Liquids can be sticky, thick and semi-fluid in consistency, so it is essential to use a machine that matches. For instance, the thick liquid is best paired with the piston filling machine and the thin liquid goes well with the gravity filling machine. There are some liquids that can satisfactory use the same machine, but it generally benefits to always stick to the specific type of machinery to complement the product.


Unique Characteristics


There are plenty of liquids that can change consistency or thickness as the local temperature starts to change. Other liquids can feature particulates, such as liquid soaps and salad dressings. Any liquid with a unique characteristic can have an impact on the preferred type of filler. For the thick liquids like spaghetti sauce with pieces of mushrooms or vegetables included it is certain to benefit from a piston machine because it has the wide pathway. Using the wrong machine can soon lead to blockages, which means the problematic and slow filling process.


Type of Container or Bottle


The type of container or bottle is a further consideration in choosing the preferred piece of machinery. For instance, the clear bottle is often paired with the overflow filler to achieve the consistent fill levels. This gives the most attractive look when placed on the store shelves. Also, the size of the bottle will have an impact on the type of filler nozzle to use.


Bottles to Fill Per Hour


The level of automation varies with the different filling machines. The machine is built to be fully automated, semi-automatic or a tabletop. The fastest fill option is the automated machines that are significantly faster than the alternatives and require minimal operator interaction once the work is underway. The semi-automatic has a much slower production rate because it is necessary to manually switch on the filling process and clear the filled bottles as required. The preferred liquid filling machine should have the ability to meet the production demands for the size of a particular business.


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About Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid products play a big role in our everyday lives, there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t use at least some sort of liquid product including water, soft drinks, ketchup, oil, milk and washing up liquid. Ever wondered how these liquids are packed into their containers on a mass scale? Automated machinery is employed to do this work in the form of liquid filling machines. Liquid filling machine can pack liquid product into containers much more accurately and much quicker than any human could, thereby reducing production costs. Every modern manufacturing facility in the world that is producing a liquid product will have a number of liquid filling machines to get that product into its packaging, liquid filling machines can provide years of high quality service and more than pay for themselves in the production efficiencies they create.


Bottle filling machines come in many different shapes and sizes, primarily based on the amount of product it needs to fill in a set time frame. Some high speed machines can fill upwards of 8000 bottles every hour and some, high end machines, can fill much more than that. Even if you only have a relatively small capacity production environment it is still better to have a machine fill the bottles as doing it by hand can be costly and inaccurate, small capacity machines can be bought quite cheaply and are key components to an efficient production process.


When making the decision to invest in a, potentially expensive, piece of machinery you are going to need to do some research on your production capacity, financial budget and space available to site the machine to make sure what you are getting will be right for you. You should also bear in mind that if you anticipate an increase in future production will want the filling machine to be able to cope, this machine is a long term investment so it pays to look towards future requirements before buying. Knowing the type of liquids you are dealing with is very important (i.e. if it is highly viscous or not…) as the machine specifications will tell you what kind of liquids the machine deals with. Also, the size, shape and nature of your container should be kept in mind.


A bottle filling machine should be bought with present and future requirements in mind. Every detail of your production facility should be studied before you spend your cash on it.


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