How does RF Module work?

RF Module(radio frequency module)

K is one of the wireless telecommunication, data, video and multimedia products manufacturers in Taiwan. Specialize in wireless video sender, wireless baby monitor and RF module. We are committed to offer high quality and cost competitive wireless video sender, wireless baby monitor and RF module products. We sincerely hope our technologies and products will be of help to you. Welcome to contact us for more product details.

RF Module Company is a leading manufacturer which specializes in broadband wireless audio and video product, ranging from 2.4GHz up to 60GHz. Based on its home-grown RF technologies, K has successfully developed a series of rf modules products, such as:

  • RF module
  • OEM RF module
  • RF AV module
  • digital audio module
  • wireless baby monitor
  • wireless digital audio
  • wireless av sender
  • wireless audio video sender
  • wireless home surveillance system
  • multiple ports AV sender
  • wireless digital media product
  • millimeter wave fixed wireless module


RF Module Series:


Picture of 2.4GHz RF Modules

2.4GHz Types of RF Module


Picture of 2.4GHz Digital Audio Modules

2.4GHz Digital Audio Types of RF Module


Picture of 5.8GHz RF Modules

5.8GHz Types of RF Module


Picture of 433MHz FSK/ASK Modules (For IR Extender)

433.92MHz FSK/ASK RF Signal Modulation (for IR Extender)


K Technologies: The Best Rf Module Manufacturer

K is one of the leading professional RF module in the world and specialized in researching and developing in field of RF modules with many years experience, for the domestic and oversea markets. We are proud to be a premier source for receiver modules, RF transmitter module, 2.4 GHz RF modules, 5.8GHz RF modules, wireless RF module, digital RF modules,and etc. We are constantly dedicated in developing and designing innovative products. We also insist and emphasis on the principles of service, quality, innovation and business continuity and keep optimum status to provide the best service and products to our customer. If you are interested in any of our series, please feel free to contact us for details.


Rf module

Rf module