HMF Invests To Boost Production Capacity

Danish family-owned crane manufacturer HMF has invested heavily in automated production processes to meet increasing international demand.

HMF Pipe Bending Machine

The company has invested in a brand-new production line for knuckle booms, where the optimized flow ensures that knuckle booms are ready-manufactured in one single workflow, before sending them directly into the fully automatic paint facility.


In connection with the new production line, HMF is also implementing a brand-new welding robot that uses leading technology with adaptive welding and a fully automatic conveyor system. A new drilling center capable of handling very big items has also been added to the new production line for knuckle booms.


“In general, HMF experiences an increasing demand especially for larger cranes. Thereby the need for more jib extensions increases correspondingly as does the need for hydraulic pipes,” said HMF.


In response to this demand, the company has ordered a new fully automatic pipe bending machine for hydraulic pipes, which is to ensure the necessary capacity and delivery time. At the same time, the test capacity for large range cranes has been increased by 50%.


Concurrently with the increasing order intake, the number of employees has now exceeded 550 and in March HMF started using two newly refurbished office buildings. This made room among others for an extension of the R&D capacity with more than 25%.


The manufacturer is introducing a welding robot at the HMF Welding Academy as well, where the purpose is to train young metalworkers as well as upskilling their existing employees. Here HMF has also invested in analysis equipment for securing the quality of the weld seams.


“At the same time as we are investing heavily in new processes, facilities and staff, it goes without saying that we also optimize where we can. For example, we have gone through our entire range of sub-suppliers, and among others we have changed from yellow chromate to zinc-nickel treatment on sub-components to further enhance quality, just as we ensure capacity with our sub-suppliers – among others by Northern Europe’s most modern laser cutter,” said CEO Brian Stage.


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CNC16 Bending Servo Control Bender

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Something You Need to Know Before Purchasing Industrial Pipe Benders

Industrial pipe benders are integral to numerous industries as the right machine can perform heavy duty tasks with ease as well as with precision. The applications for pipes and tubes are numerous as you can find them in your car or even in houses to large structures. Special machines are required to bend the pipes at different angles. Depending on the type of projects at hand the machines have to be selected. There are machines that are used to bend small units of metal and machines that are used to bend larger pipes.


Machines could be automatic bending machines or semi automatic, machines with hydraulic systems or with foot pumps and more. So if you are shopping for industrial pipe benders you will have to take all your options at hand into account. You also need to consider whether the material you are using can be safely bent too. There are different grades of steel that can be bent whereas there are different types of aluminum that cannot be bent safely without causing any kind of damage. So you will also have to keep the bending tolerances into consideration while shopping for an industrial pipe bending machines.


You should also discuss and be aware of your needs while shopping for a machine. You will also have to look at the performance of the machine. It would be wise to consult people who have purchased a pipe bender earlier or even sellers as they will be able to give you suggestions on the type of machine bender you should invest in once you discuss your requirements with them.


Also while purchasing industrial pipe benders, be sure to invest in an advanced machine so that you do not find yourself at a disadvantage due to the technology that the machine bender is built on. Some of the machines work with a set of accessories and you will have to invest in them too. So before you go ahead and decide to purchase any machine, be sure to read up all there is to the machine and also the kind of service the supplier provides before and after the sale, and then make a choice.


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